The Government of Italy Should Ban Corrupt Cardinals from the Country

By John Zmirak Published on August 29, 2018

Say that, five years back, I’d seen an article saying that:

  • The highest echelons of the Catholic church had been hijacked by a coven of men who committed or winked at the sex abuse of children.
  • The same men shrugged at bishops sexually targeting seminarians, as long as they met the age of consent. As if that were one of the perks of the office.
  • These men would come to power after a pope read a devastating dossier about widespread, drug-fueled gay promiscuity inside his own papal Curia. Then resigned in disgust or despair.
  • The worst among these men, with the darkest records of abuse or coverup, would conspire to elect their ally as pope.
  • That pope would reward them by rehabilitating cardinals disgraced for abusing or enabling the abuse of children. He would annul any punishments for abusers, undoing the old pope’s (already insufficient) efforts. And punish faithful officials who tried to seek justice.
  • This pope and his closest advisors would mock sex abuse victims, call them liars, and promote abuse enablers as long as the press would let him get away with it.
  • When his long train of abuses was brought to light by a senior Catholic diplomat, this pope would stonewall like Nixon. Meanwhile his underlings would scramble to discredit their critics’ motives with charges of racism, and deflect the secular media by waving their favorite shiny objects: promises to do more to promote open borders to global Islam, and control over the world economy by globalist, atheist agencies.

 I would have been pretty darned skeptical. Heck, as a Catholic, I might even have gotten offended. “Them’s fightin’ words, Mr. Jack Chick,” I would have said.

The Hideous Truth

But the past five years have adjusted my expectations. So when a distinguished Catholic diplomat, the former Vatican ambassador to the U.S., Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, released an anguished letter confirming all the bullet points above and more, my reaction was different.

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I was happy. After five years of gathering darkness and doubt, I saw a break in the clouds. A glimpse of the gold light of heaven. If men like Archbishop Vigano are still in the Church, maybe I belong there too.

A Pastor with Courage

The 77-year-old Archbishop Vigano bet his reputation, his pension, his healthcare, and every friendship he ever made on a long list of specific charges. (Some say he risked his life; he is currently hiding in seclusion.) Not vague, sweeping generalizations, but factual assertions about particular people. He has told us where the documents exist which can prove or discredit his charges. They’re in his old office at the Holy See’s nunciature (embassy) in Washington, D.C.

Only Caesar can fix this.

My colleague Austin Ruse is right. A conspiracy to cover up the sexual abuse of American citizens on U.S. soil is a criminal matter. The U.S. Department of Justice should demand those documents from the Holy See, immediately. If Pope Francis insists on withholding them, shielding them behind “diplomatic immunity” like some Arab ambassador’s use of slaves? Then President Trump should act. He should suspend U.S. diplomatic relations with the Holy See and expel all its representatives. (Expect a dozen other nations to follow suit, by the way.)

At this point, perhaps only Caesar can fix this. In America, we need 49 more attorneys general to follow Pennsylvania’s example. Subpoena the sex abuse files of their local churches for the past 50 years. We need to see if patterns of criminal conspiracy pervade those churches too.

Italy Must Protect its Children

The government of Italy also has enormous leverage here. Why should it let cardinals who are or might be implicated in such a vast and sordid conspiracy against the innocence of children come and go as they please? Given Francis’ track record in how he chooses cardinals (see Abp. Vigano’s detailed, and still utterly un-refuted charges), why should a cardinal appointed by Francis be trusted to enter Italy?

Not for their ordinary work of consulting with the pope. And not for their crucial role of voting in future conclaves.

The government of Italy should demand from the Holy See the same documents that U.S. attorneys general demand from local dioceses. Italy should demand them for every living cardinal, for the purpose of determining which ones are safe to admit to the country. In the meantime, those who are non-Italians should be excluded from the country. Those who are Italians should be eligible for charges if they are guilty. It may be that such actions conflict with the Lateran Treaty. Let Pope Francis fire off a letter of complaint to the European Union.

Investigate Every Living Cardinal

I know what you’re thinking: This man just wants to undo Francis’ progressive stacking of the College of Cardinals. He wants to “fix” the next papal election. He’s counting on the fact that Francis has declared war on Italy’s patriotic government over mass Muslim colonization of Europe, especially Italy. Maybe even the fact that a priest at the Vatican was allowed to call Italian Interior Minster Matteo Salvini “the Antichrist” at Mass. With no rebuke or apology from the pope.

Given the illegitimate means which the pro-pedophile faction used to seize the Throne of Peter, I’m willing to see the laity use legal means to set it right. Remember that it was only the Emperor Otto the Great who saved the papacy in the 10th century, when papal elections were controlled by powerful prostitutes.

And you’d be partly right. Given the illegitimate means which the pro-pedophile faction used to seize the Throne of Peter, I’m willing to see the laity use legal means to set it right. Remember that it was only the Emperor Otto the Great who saved the papacy in the 10th century, when papal elections were controlled by powerful prostitutes.

But I’m not so crassly partisan as that. I don’t want the Italian government to investigate only Francis’ cardinals. I hope it investigates them all. There were cardinals appointed by John Paul II and Benedict XVI who proved themselves guilty. There may be solidly “conservative” votes in a future conclave who also need to be purged. The Church should not be governed by such men. The next pope should not be chosen by them. The people of Italy should not be exposed to them.

Constantine, a layman not even yet baptized, could summon the Council of Nicaea to address the Arian crisis. And the Church still thanks him for it. Surely the baptized Catholics who lead democratic Italy can protect Italian citizens, and (by the principle of double-effect) also serve the reform of the Church.

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  • John A.

    If Archbishop Vigano is in seclusion and fearful, perhaps you and others calling for radical reform should take care as well. As we are seeing in Washington DC right now, corrupt, powerful people do not just relinquish their power. They don’t cower before accusations, but rather fight back ruthlessly. The only question is whether this ultimately destroys the Catholic church. If masks are ripped off yet they manage to stay in power due to secular popular and political support, it will be unrecoverable.

    • The Church is indivisible and indestructible.

      God would end the world before harm would come to the Church, and it has come to being very close to that in the past.

      • Jim

        Your “church” is self destructing on its own. Pedophiles running rampant, massive cover up throughout the leadership, and people like you defending it. Hopefully the whole institution folds up and disappears

        • sodomites are in the Church, but at the lowest out of any institution. teachers and police have the highest incidence of abuse, Priesthood the lowest.

          As I said, the Church is indivisible (cannot contradict itself) and indestructible. It is founded/headed by God, and it is controlled by God.

          The only cover up is you trying to blame the Church for what sodomites do, which is pedophilia. The Chuch scandal was young men, not children.

          • Jim

            Sorry mr wizard, these were children raped your holy men. No getting around it.

          • What children? THe scandal was sodomites and young men. Trying to claim children were involved WILL NOT cover up what sodomites are known for doing.

            What precisely was Catholic or Priestly about sodomites? So what does this reflect on the Church? Where is your rejection of sodomy?

          • Jim

            These children were under the age of 18. They were ALL children! Your are a liar for your church. You are part of the problem.

          • Tortuingdg the meaning of child will not cover up what your favored sodomites do daily.

          • Jim

            Denial,youre in it

          • Ah, so it’s projection from despair you have.

      • GLT

        “The Church is indivisible and indestructible.”

        You’re right. But the Roman Catholic church is not ‘the’ church, it is only one institution which has obviously become quite corrupt in its governance.

        • Yes it is. Catholic means “Universal” and “According to the whole,” which means all is accounted for and nothing is taken out.

          The term “roman” was a slur added to the Church by the anglican heretics, to imply it was a mere national body. No, the Church is Universal, as I said before.

          The Church was founded by God Himself and Pentecost. God is the head of the Church and is in full control of he Church, so now you say God is corrupt?

          • GLT

            I do not intend the use of the term Roman to be derogatory in any way, I simply use it to distinguish one institution within the Church from another.

            You are correct, there is one universal Catholic church of which God alone is the head. However, there are many institutional bodies within that one universal church and it is unfortunately necessary to label them in order to understand the various dynamics which can come into play.

            As for you claiming I said God is corrupt that is an illogical stretch and palpable nonsense. I never said or even remotely implied anything of the sort.

          • There is only One True Faith, the Catholic Church. The one you have spent your whole life blaspheming against, and will be made to pay in full for that.

            By claiming the Church is corrupt, you claim God is corrupt as God is the head of the Church and is in full control of the Church.

          • GLT

            I think you need counselling.

          • To what end? you mean “reeducation” like in a gulag?

          • GLT

            No, I think you have an attitude problem. It is not in keeping with being a Christian to attack your Christian brothers by labeling them as blasphemers. If you want to have a civil exchange that would be fine with me, However, if you simply want to assert you are correct and be abusive in the process I have plenty of other people I can be involved with. It’s up to you.

          • I name blasphemers as blasphemers, they cannot serve two masters.

          • GLT

            “I name blasphemers as blasphemers,…”

            Guess what, Nigel, I don’t sit under your judgment so you can label me however or whatever you like, it means less than nothing. So, enjoy your delusions of grandeur.

          • I can point it out.

        • Cody

          The Catholic Church is truly the blind. leading the blind and both will fall into the ditch.

          • GLT

            Many of its leaders, both past and present have been blind and often willfully so. However, many of its people are good and God fearing Christians. I always try to separate the people from the institution and take the people on their own individual merits.

  • Paul

    Why not just ban the pope?

  • tz1

    At least the Borgia popes stayed away from doctrine.
    But there are two aspects. Which Cardinals are pedophiles – pederasts – did evil with (now ironically named) Seminarians, and which enabled, or merely ignored it.

    I remembered a very few articles on Bishops and Cardinals ACTING against this encroachment. It wasn’t exactly unknown (Remebering Milwaukee’s Weakland).

    Cardinal Dearden in Detroit in the Late 1960s-70s said the church should be more like GM. His prayers were answered. Both hated its customers, hated its vendors, hated its employees, went bankrupt and is getting a government bailout (Catholic Charities and Refugee Resettlement at a minimum).

    • Richard Malcolm

      The GM analogy is an apt one.

      A pity Cardinal Dearden is not alive to see it.

      • tz1

        Methinks if there is justice, there are windows, or at least video feeds in Hell.

  • tz1

    Another irony is Vigano is in seclusion and persecuted and fears for his life while the Ghomorra Cardinals walk free, have their wealth, and aren’t under any threat.


    More than 80% of the sexual crimes were committed by homosexuals against post pubescent males ,many in the 14-17 age bracket

    The problem is sodomy not pedophilia. The problem is not sexual crimes committed agains pre-pubescent children

    Dr. Z is supposed to be wise in the ways of the world but he uses the propagandistic category of the media that the problem is pedophilia. IT IS NOT

    STOP IT!!!!!

    • Jim

      It IS pedophiles. Yelling and screaming doesn’t make your point. Homosexuality and pedophilia are not related.

      • Aqua

        They are very much related.

        • Jim

          Not at all

          • Aqua

            No one is buying that. We see it. Sick of it.

            Homos prefer young boys. Pederasts are male homos, typically.

          • Jim


          • Aqua

            It is not laughable to the normals. No one is really laughing any more. The male on male buggering has been exposed because the lights got turned on in PA and some vile doo doo got exposed. Then Archbishop Viganó connected this perversity to the top. People are really pissed, I think.

            It needs to stop. Within the Catholic Church, it will stop. It’s over. We didn’t fully comprehend how evil our Priests and Bishops were, taken as a whole, until now. We can’t *not* know, now.

      • When over 80% of the victims are post-pubescent, the problem is sodomy.

        About 20% of the sexual crimes committed against prepubescent children were committed by pedophiles.

        The connection between sodomites and pedophilia is that about 3% of the population is homosexual but 33% of pedophilies are homosexuals.

        The problem in the Catholic Church is owing to sodomites.

        Keeping echoing the press though – they are your friends and they love the Catholic Church

        • Jim

          If they’re under 18, they’re children. Pedophiles. Say it slowly.

          • Yes, that is what sodomites are. Now reject sodomy.

          • Jim

            No they’re not.

          • Why are you covering up what sodomites do?

      • Richard Malcolm

        They are mostly adolescent boys. Not all, but most.

        We have that from John Jay, and now from the Pennsylvania grand jury report.

        Most of the problem is same-sex ephebophilia.

        But there is a larger problem, one which Richard Sipe, among others, has identified: presbyterates dominated by currently and previously sexually active (with adults), psychologically immature homosexuals, who are blackmailable, more willing to actively cover up actual abuse of minors by their colleagues, or at least to turn a blind eye of willful ignorance.

    • Aqua

      Wiki age definitions of the sexual psycho-disorders.

      Pedophile: 13 or younger
      Hebephile: 11 – 14
      Ephebephile: 15 – 19

      (Just for reference)

      The problem is *both* sodomy and pedo/hebe/ephebe. But, I agree, it is *primarily* sodomy. Sodomites almost always prey on children, of various ages. But not always. But it usually starts with sodomy. And with Priests, it’s likely 100%. Good point.

      I would say sodomy by a Bishop or Cardinal against young seminarians, even though technically they are not children, the age, power and spiritual disparity dimension in play makes it quite similar to adult on child perversion.

      • What precisely about the Church approves of it is conducive to sodomy?

      • Madeline MSG

        Let’s just cut to the chase. A person under the ago of 18 in the US is defined as a minor child. So in all three age categories, this is child abuse.

    • GLT

      Excuse me but I hope you are not trying to make a case that because the abuse is post-pubescent that it somehow better. Please tell me that is not what you’re doing.

      • It is about sodomites and young men. Not children. Why you blame the Church for what it isn’t doing is because you are trying to cover for what sodomites are doing.

        • Jim

          Nope. It’s about you protecting pedophile priests

          • Deflection will not absolve you, as you are the only one protecting pedophilia by falsely claiming the Church is involved.

      • I suppose some think it must be written that I do not think the sexual crimes of sodomy are better than pedophilia

        • Ozpoppy

          bornacatholic but

    • Paul

      If your 11 yr old kid was raped by a priest, distinctions of the definition of pedophile won’t give any comfort or justice.

      • And you attacking the Church with marxist political rhetoric won’t make your shame over sin go away.

        Where is your rejection of sodomites, who are actually at fault?

        • Paul

          Same old crack pot nonsense I see

          • Attempt an argument or I will block you.

          • Paul

            You keep asking for what I have already given and accuse me of vile things with absolutely no evidence or basis in reality or fact. You would have a hard time finding a person more opposed to homosexuality than me yet you rant that somehow I’m supporting homosexuality because I recognize that Catholic priests have been sexual predators on children. Your reasoning is insane, you attack everyone who isn’t Catholic with the label heretic, and seem absolutely blind to serious crimes committed by your priests and others in Catholic leadership, throwing out the feeble defense of latae sententiae, as if that protects the reputation of the Catholic church by sticking your head in the sand about the crimes committed. Blocking me would be doing me a favor, that way I never have to see this nonsense again.

          • No, you scapegoat the Church to cover up what sodomites do. I have yet to see you attack the problem (sodomy) or the scandal as it actually is (sodomites and young men).

            Regardless of how much you post to the contrary, very thing you do here is to spit on God’s Church in the defense of sodomy.

          • Paul

            If you think I’m at all trying to provide cover for sodomy then you haven’t been reading my posts. As has become usual, you’re posting nonsense.

          • No, you are covering for sodomy nor have you rejected the real problem which is sodomy.

            you may have just signed up with the devil to attack God’s Church, but the purpose the devil wants you to perform here is to scapegoat the Church to cover for his plans concerning pushing sodomy.

          • Paul

            and another round of nonsense from you. Earlier you mentioned blocking me, please do me the favor.

          • Instead, please come up with a substantive argument. you tried before, but left out any Truth or substance.

          • Paul

            Here’s the truth of the matter. Some Catholic priests and other Catholic leaders have been disgusting vile sexual predators on kids. But you are in denial of that. Wake up and smell the lawsuits. I hope you’re a big giver, they’ll be needing it.

          • No, sodomites did that. Nothing about sodomy is Catholic. Though you desperately serve your dark master to cover for sodomites by scapegoating the Church.

            Similarly, a person’s personal Holiness does not affect the Office his Holy Orders represents.

          • Paul

            Yup, as I said, you’re still in denial

          • And you are still serving your dark master by covering up what sodomites do.

          • Paul

            It’s too bad you chickened out on blocking me, same old nonsense keeps flowing from your direction

          • Jim

            Block away coward

      • True enough but your response is unconnected with the point about how to describe the problem.

        Unless one first identifies the problem the attempt to fix whatever is wrong will fail

        • Paul

          A grammar police detour strays from the point of the article, sexual predator priests being protected and promoted in the Catholic church. Are you certain there weren’t any cases of perfectly defined pedophilia?

    • Cody

      Right on you have my support.

  • Aqua

    The language Cardinals use to describe pedo-homo sex assaults by Priests? “I feel great sadness … let us serenely reflect”.

    The language they use on their accusers who wish for clarity, accountability and answers.? “Grave sin! Calumny! Go to confession for unjustified anger”!

    The Papal response to McCarrick and his homo sex crimes? Reinstate him to rank, privilege, higher honors and responsibility. Delay investigation of underlying crimes.

    The Papal response to the exposé of the sex crimes and rehabilitation? Trash the author and initiate an investigation of sketchy allegations the next day.

    This has always worked before. But now, we know. The lights are on, boys.

    • And calumny works the same as it always has as well.

  • Chris C.

    I wish to see this serious matter dealt with as well but calling for a break in diplomatic relations is most unhelpful. How many other nations of the world would the U.S. cut ties with if corruption was the rationale? And corruption is deeply entrenched in the U.S. as well. I don’t recommend placing any nation or governing body in the role of enforcer against the Church. Hands off! The Catholic laity will lead on this if need be.

    • tz1

      There is corruption, then there is raping children.
      The Catholic laity has laid down on the job for a generation. Half or more are heretics (like those teaching RCIA).

      • And as I told another one like you on another site: projecting your faults onto the Chrch will not absolve.

        • tz1

          Is there some argument there? I can’t find one to address.

          • It seems you are incapable of reading anything you do not approve of.

          • tz1

            I can read. I can understand. But if something has no content and is entirely vapid – apparently like the mind that composed it – I cannot respond to the nothingness nullity.

          • This is coming from the man who has lost all connection to reality and
            has been posting threatening or blasphemous non-sequiturs on articles
            here for weeks.

            Now you are trying to project your shame on the Church so the shame doesn’t break what little of your mind you have left. The real corruption is in your mind and heart.

          • swordfish

            How to Win Friends and Influence People the NIGELCRACKPOT way.

          • My interest is to inform you, not make friends.

          • Jim

            You’re not doing either

          • I am informing you. Try reading my messages instead of sneering.

      • Chris C.

        Are you aware that the Penn. Grand Jury report noted NO cases after implementation of the Dallas Charter policies in 2002? It recounted cases from up to 7 decades ago.

        • tz1

          There were a small number of cases, but your point is taken.
          But then explain McCarrick, friend of Politcians.
          The problem is you’ve stopped the bleeding but haven’t fixed the cancer that caused it.
          I would suggest a civil semi-Amnesty for any priest (or other) that comes forward volunatarily, but then far harsher penalties on anyone who covered it up (unless they come clean at the same time). Leave the priesthood – be laicized – and maybe suffer a misdemeanor penalty assuming a long time.

          Where is #SeminaryMeToo?

          See St. Philip Damien’s Book of Gomorrah.

          You must eliminate everyone even with mere Same Sex Attraction from the Priesthood, even if that means some golden parachute or early retirement, or moving them to a hermitage farm for the rest of their lives.

          Otherwise the poison tree will throw out new branches and make more poison fruit.

      • Aliquantillus

        Only ten percent of the one billion Catholics should be counted as serious about their religion. The number of adherents to the Catholic Church are way overrated.

  • Ray

    Should a congregant ever give the organized church an ultimatum? I could think of more than a few.

    Maybe there should be a thousand of these things hand written out and nailed to the church doors.

    • And make another protestant heresy? Is the devil so starved for people to take with him to damnation?

      • Ray

        I don’t know what you are talking about.

      • Howard Rosenbaum

        Perhaps that tag should read “ NIGELCRACKPOT “ instead , or am I now to be accused of calumny …?!

        • Whether I point it out or not, does not change your guilt.

      • Juan Garcia

        No, the devil is not starved. He’s got you.

        • Digging graves for others leads only to you falling in. Moreso, this type of projection is a mortal sin.

          • Juan Garcia

            You are accusing yourself based on your previous comment.

          • Once more, you cannot absolve yourself by projection, especially mortally sinful projection.

            I rejected a man for his heresy, you claimed to damn me because I rejected his heresy,

          • Juan Garcia

            I don’t believe I can absolve myself. My knowing and loving Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior accomplishes that. If I am guilty of the sin you accuse me of then I ask you to pray for me if in fact you are a brother in the faith.

          • So your personal assumption does it? you are confirming what I said.

          • Juan Garcia

            I have also prayed for you.

  • I wish this article reaches Pope Francis.

  • Richard Malcolm

    And you’d be partly right. Given the illegitimate means which the pro-pedophile faction used to seize the Throne of Peter, I’m willing to see the laity use legal means to set it right.

    Well, now you’ve triggered Mark Shea.

    Then again: These days he comes pre-triggered.

  • Richard Malcolm

    On the merits of the idea in question: I’m sure the thought that Salvini could do something like this – and a lot of other interesting legal measures – has occurred to Francis and his advisers.

    I suspect they are banking on the hope that he won’t, for fear that it will blow back on him.

    But that assumes that this pontificate actually retains more moral authority than the present coalition government. Given the state of current polling for both entities, I’m not sure I would be keen to make that bet. Especially if any more Church scandals erupt in Italy.

  • Constitution Cat

    Keep your chin up, John, and continue exposing the horrible corruption in the ranks of the Catholic clergy at all levels. Christ is restoring His Church, as he has done many times before, and we are his instruments. Restoration always comes from humble and unexpected places.

  • Howard Rosenbaum

    Seems like there are parallels between the Roman Catholic Church with certain of it’s governing bodies & our political parties with certain of its government agencies to be considered in these days of “ confused situations “ .
    However unlike the head of that “holy” institution , the head of this republic when challenged with legitimate questions of the inquiring kind , well he answers them …..

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