Got a Kid? Want a Kid? Buy, Sell or Trade

By Jennifer Hartline Published on November 8, 2018


“What will finally destroy us is not communism or fascism, but man acting like God.”

— Malcolm Muggeridge

Muggeridge’s warning is like the ghost of Jacob Marley foretelling our doom, but unlike Scrooge, we don’t seem willing to hear. Two recent news stories illustrate.

Like Passing the Baton

First comes a history-making scientific experiment that allowed two women in Texas to carry the same child before birth. They did it with “a cutting edge process called reciprocal effortless In Vitro Fertilization using INVOcell.”

US magazine reports: “The same-sex couple, Ashleigh Coulter, 28, and Bliss Coulter, 36, say they always wanted to find a way to have a child together, and new advances in fertilization techniques allowed that to happen in one sense: they both were able to carry the child at different points in the baby’s development.”

Harvested eggs from Bliss fertilized by donor sperm were placed in the chamber of the INVOcell device, which Bliss carried in her vagina for five days. Then the embryos were frozen, then finally transferred to Ashleigh’s womb. “Almost like passing the baton,” one of their doctors said.

This pregnancy and birth story is being framed and sold as an incredible achievement of medicine, and a barrier-crushing victory for the “LGBTQ community.” We’re supposed to read it with a noisemaker and confetti in hand.

Sorry, no. It’s just the current zenith in human manufacturing. It’s the latest “cutting-edge” example of our desire to be God and determine the course of human life on our own terms.

I’ll Trade Ya

Second comes the story of Lisa, a woman who had a girl, but wanted a boy, so she asked if anyone would swap kids with her. Seriously.

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As the New York Post reported:

The 37-year-old actress is so desperate to have another son, she is ready to trade her one female embryo — the last embryo she has remaining after multiple rounds of IVF — for the male embryo of a stranger. “I’m doing this for my son,” she told The Post. “My husband grew up with sisters and wants a boy too. This is the way we want to complete our family.”

So she used social media to ask if anyone out there had a male embryo to exchange for a female embryo. The Post story says she found an interested party. An embryo-swap will be negotiated.

The Human Market

And the next envelope is pushed, and the line is moved farther back, and the question of what is morally right is shouted down with charges of judgment and intolerance. We are God now. We decide what is right, and we do what pleases us.

We are God now. We decide what is right, and we do what pleases us.

In 2018, it pleases society to manufacture, trade and destroy tiny human beings at our pleasure. At its essence, this is human trafficking. People — extremely tiny ones — are being requisitioned, bought and sold, frozen, destroyed, and now even traded. This is the stuff of business and profit. We buy, sell, trade, and manufacture things that we own; things that we have power over; things that we control.

Human beings must never be treated as things we own and control.

Where is the Justice for the Child?

This is why the Catholic Church has always insisted that we have no right to separate procreation from the marital act. Manipulating the process of conception and creating embryos outside the womb is assuming God’s prerogative for ourselves. And it inevitably and predictably leads to turning babies into commodities.

It leads to man acting like God, assuming for himself the authority of God, the power over life and death. It leads to adults who trade babies because they simply don’t want a girl. It leads to doctors and mothers creating multiple children, manipulating them until they die, and now experimenting with God’s perfect design for gestation in order to satisfy their own wants.

In both these stories, notice the motivation: what the adults want.

“This is the way we want to complete our family.” Lisa

“Obviously, us being two women, we were like how can we make this happen? We felt like there has to be a way.” Ashleigh and Bliss

Children are God’s precious gift, and it is right and natural that men and women should long for a child. God planted that desire in our hearts. Yet He has ordained the manner in which children are created, and the foundation upon which the family is to be built, and that is marriage.

Children are the fruit of marriage because they need both father and mother. They are the fruit of the marital act because a child is a gift to be received, not demanded.

Is There Any Line We Won’t Cross?

If we already regard our children as assets to be traded, and experiments to be tried, then what is the cliff’s edge that will finally cause our society to stop and say, “This is too far. We have no right to do this”?

It used to be that parents taught their children, “You can’t have everything you want just because you want it.” Now whatever must be done to satisfy the adults’ wants, so be it. What is just and right toward the child is inconsequential.

If we will trample over even the lives and human dignity of our own children, is there anything that will stop us from satisfying our desire to be God? Scrooge learned the value of the smallest life and repented of his error.

Will we?

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  • SophieA

    No, sadly, we will never learn. The evil spirit of “I will” continues to corrupt mankind as it corrupted the angel of light. As with Lucifer, there is no turning back.

  • Mary White

    it’s not just the children that suffer at the hands of “i wants”…….grown people too suffer the tyranny and persecution of individuals who say “it’s for your own good” when it’s clearly not. these tyrants hide in the governments ‘rules and regulations’ again supposedly for our own good. i have just now been forced as of this morning to undergo yet another forced bedbug dog search….we were not notified at all. it surprised and upset my nurse aide as much as it did me….i’ve never been accused of having that problem…but the building i live in does this anyway. just as they’ve tampered with my mail, packages and either put the blame back on residents or they spout the ‘rules and regulations’ of what they think they’re allowed to do….i’m not the only older (48) person nor handicapped person that suffers this…there are other buildings, other places where individuals’ tyranny continues. maybe when we start to protect the existing ‘individuals’ rights perhaps then we could pave the way to protect not only the present but our future as well.

    • Royce E. Van Blaricome

      I understand what you’re saying but fail to understand how it’s relevant to the article. Surely you are not drawing an equivocation in your comparison.

      Also, on a side note, while I can sympathize with your dilemma I do take exception to the assertion of being “forced”. Who held a gun to your head and made you go thru that? Even then, for the Christian, it’s a “Go ahead and pull the trigger” because we know where we’re going. It’s a cop-out for a Christian to claim they were “forced” to do something. That’s another sign of one claiming to be a victim & Christians don’t get that luxury.

      • Mary White

        it’s ‘forced’ when the individual is threatened verbally with eviction for not ‘allowing’ the inspections…and it might not be relevant to the article but let’s face it…even christians and churches turn a blind eye to everything under their noses unless it’s in the news or the hot ’cause’ of the day. so how many more decades do we go on ignoring the plight in the backyards of our own country, the poverty, neglect and suffering, to read the news lately…the suffering and fight is only about sex (trans crap) and political issues. and believe it or not being threatened with eviction when there is no where else to go, no money or help to change things….that ‘threat’ becomes a very large gun. so pardon me for not picking an appropriate article. a handicapped person like myself isn’t news to anyone. my point was the article itself…how we cheapen not just childrens lives but ALL lives and that maybe by protecting current children, adults and elderly…we could pave a path to fix other wrongs.

        • Royce E. Van Blaricome

          Well, if you think the threat of being evicted is “forcing” you to do something I sure hate to see what you’ll do when someone puts a gun to your head or a knife to your throat and tells you do to something like deny Christ or die.

          ” believe it or not being threatened with eviction when there is no where else to go, no money or help to change things….”

          So much for God’s promise in Matt. 6:33

          And it’s just a tad bit hypocritical for you to be criticizing others for not doing anything or enough after all that.

          • Mary White

            i wasn’t criticizing anyone…only seeing the bigger picture of how people disrespect each other to begin with…how buying and selling children isn’t much of a step from how some of us are currently treated today. if a woman is raped would you also blame her for it? how about a child beaten by his parents… it his fault? that perhaps a child or woman ‘asked’ to be treated that way? i didn’t ask for poor treatment either…only to pay my rent and live in peace like other people. by all means though…when this country starts doing widespread bedbug dog inspections on your home as well (for your own good of course, from the CDC is what we’re told) please let me know then how pleased you are at the ‘rules and regulations’ the rest of us are forced to live by……all evil has a beginning. i have value to God as His child. God doesn’t desire us to live under oppression….but if we can’t…or won’t protect those who currently have no voice (whether unborn or not) …is that not evil in itself? not everyone, even healthy and whole can protect themselves………..God created us to depend not only on Him but each other, male and female. child and parent. i’ve lived here almost 16 years but when the building was sold three years ago last june, I’ve also witnessed a huge abuse of power to this building and its residents. i’m not the only one who sees it either. but when people in general are too afraid of the person or company that’s doing the oppression, afraid of losing their home or worse… are we supposed to feel? should we be grateful to a management who hides murderers? what about the rapists and thieves and drug dealers? our management warmly welcomes all of them in here and you call me a hypocrite? i don’t drink or do drugs but i am mentally and physically disabled…..and wow, for anyone to think i’m the bad person…whoa. reality check…..guess i live in the wrong world after all, thanks so much. i’ll make sure too in the future that i’ll place my ‘irrelevant’ comments under appropriate columns….hmmm,now where do i find articles on handicapped, elderly or irrelevant? again, Thanks.

          • Royce E. Van Blaricome

            Fortunately I did something I rarely do. Usually I answer a reply as I read it. Seems more conversational that way and it’s just easier for me to follow. Especially when the reply is as lengthy as yours. However, this time, for some unknown reason, I gave it a quick scan. There are many things you said that I’d like to address and am sorely tempted to do but I won’t because in giving your post a quick scan over I did happen to see this…

            “i don’t drink or do drugs but i am mentally and physically disabled”

            So I’ll just leave it at that.

          • Mary White

            the man i was married to who caused the PTSD and tore my body up called himself christian (baptist) too like you….as you said, Christians don’t get the luxury of being victims. you sir, are a jerk of the highest class…same class as my ex husband. hope you scan that. glad you equate abuse with christianity….so did my parents as did my husband. Jesus never abused anyone….why people today think its okay is beyond me. as long as people like you exist…so will people like me. i never once considered myself a victim…but careless comments like yours sure make me feel that way. thanks.

  • Royce E. Van Blaricome

    As usual Jennifer has nailed it again. Spot on. And, as she often does, did so in a straight-forward hard-hitting manner. No PC stuff here. As evidenced by perhaps what is the strongest point in the article:

    “At its essence, this is human trafficking. People — extremely tiny ones — are being requisitioned, bought and sold, frozen, destroyed, and now even traded.”

    And the other astute observation is the accurate conclusion that these are people playing God. Tower of Babble anyone?

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