Only God Can Make America Great

Lasting positive change will come about because we have experienced true spiritual awakening with transformed hearts and minds renewed by God’s Word.

By James Robison Published on February 9, 2018

Those words were in the first sentences out of my mouth when I sat facing then-candidate Donald J. Trump. We were in his office in Trump Tower, with his son Eric sitting to my left. I spoke the words forcefully while expressing unconditional love for our country and for Mr. Trump’s family.

I repeated, “If America becomes great again, it will be because God and ‘we the people’ do it. But we need a leader with a father’s heart to inspire our too often fatherless families as George Washington did. It was the strength of his leadership and inspiration that earned the title of our nation’s father.”

Eric Trump spoke up, “Our dad is a great father.”

I replied, “Well, he certainly has some fine children and it is obvious you respect him and appreciate what he has taught you. But there is only one Father who always knows best. That’s why I’ve come here to talk to your dad.”

That was the beginning of an ongoing amazing journey with the man who would become the 45th President of the United States. You can rest assured; I faithfully and forcefully shared biblical truth and freedom’s essential principles. I addressed critical concerns of church leaders and members.

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He made it clear that he respected committed Christians and wanted to know their concerns. He listened to suggestions intently and respectfully. This held true for the entire year of his campaign and for the first year of his presidency. He continues to meet with and listen to the concerns shared by Christian leaders.

Some of the fruit was seen Thursday in his grateful, gracious and humble remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast.

I believe the President wants the best for everyone. He truly wants to Make America Great Again.

We Must Look to God’s House, Not the White House

However, if and when America becomes great again, it won’t be because of this one man in the White House. It will be because of those in God’s house. 

Greatness will come when the American church makes a total commitment to fulfill Christ’s Great Commission to go into all the world proclaiming the Gospel and making disciples of His Kingdom. Greatness will come when the church strives to make a Kingdom impact on every area of personal and national life.

Greatness will only come when the church begins to function like the healthy family of the all loving, perfect Father in Heaven.

Rest assured, when the body of Christ becomes healthy, Jesus will be high and lifted up and draw with great power multitudes to Himself.

Greatness isn’t found in the itch to get out of here and into that promised final Kingdom to come. His Kingdom — that is not of this world, but has been established by Him in us and that is truly at hand — enables us to fulfill His will right here, right now. We bring His Kingdom first at home, then to our neighbors — including those we’ve been taught to avoid — and ultimately to the ends of the earth.

A Good, Effective Government is Under God

Christians must come to understand the importance of making a Kingdom impact on every area of life from family, to business, academics, entertainment, and all institutions of influence … and certainly political action.

Christians must help others understand that good, effective government is under God, and “of the people, by the people and for the people.”

The Ten Commandments must not continue to be thrown aside or we will continue to reap the consequences. Without the wisdom and direction found in those commands, it’s impossible to have a meaningful relationship, marriage, family, business, organization or national leadership. Impossible!

Those who actually change God’s truth into a lie will be given over to total depravity. Romans 1:18-32 clearly details exactly what will happen to a nation. In the closing verses people were not only committing unnatural acts against God, His Word and nature, but the basic population was giving hardy approval to those who commit such acts and practices.

The hope for America, for freedom and the only true hope for the world is the transforming power of gospel truth demonstrated by changed lives and delivered by Spirit-filled believers.

We are clearly witnessing this in our day in our nation.

It is the responsibility of those who know Christ to make a powerful Kingdom impact and imprint on what is, in fact, God’s garden. We must refuse to willingly and silently hand our lands over to the father of lies, the great divider, deceiver and destroyer.

Wisdom and truth delivered in love will stop the insanity, prevent the blind from continuing to lead the blind into a ditch, and become the light that illuminates the way to the blessings, provisions and care our Father and Shepherd freely offer.

Transformation Leads to Greatness

God wants to heal our land, the United States of America. He desires to use believers to inspire correction and positive change here at home and around the world. Lasting positive change will come about because we have experienced true spiritual awakening with transformed hearts and minds renewed by God’s Word.

The President and Congress could pass perfect laws, enforce them effectively and we might well experience Promised Land fruitfulness, prosperity and success. However, without this transformation of hearts and minds we will simply witness another increase in idolatry. We will see the self-seeking results of selfish ambition and the lack of genuine love and care for our neighbors.

Without a major spiritual transformation of lives, people will simply rush back to bondage just as Israel did. Just as other once prosperous nations have.

Will You Help Bring About the Transformation That’ll Make This Nation Great?

Jesus said, “The harvest is ready, but the laborers are few.” The problem is not with the harvest, but with the lack of laborers going into those harvest fields.

Totally sold out witnesses for Christ are imperative.

The hope for America, for freedom and the only true hope for the world is the transforming power of gospel truth demonstrated by changed lives and delivered by Spirit-filled believers. Are you willing to be a laborer in the harvest fields? Will you commit, “Lord, wherever You lead, I will go”?

This is the only way to restore greatness in our truly blessed nation.

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