Girls vs. Transgender: Girls Will Lose Every Time

By Jennifer Hartline Published on May 10, 2019

Yet again, two boys competing on the girls’ track team in Connecticut have beaten the competition (no surprise!) and taken the titles and set new records and prevented girls from advancing to the championships.

Notice my language here, because this is the point. I’m not calling these students “transgender.” I’m calling them boys because that’s what they are. The news articles will use all the required Newspeak, but I will not. They were not merely “born male,” they are male. This ridiculous gibberish will be the death of us. Especially women.

One girl on the team is bravely protesting this injustice. Selina Soule is a gutsy young lady, and I applaud her courage. I applaud her mother as well for standing up for her daughter and facing down the public backlash that will come their way.

Conceding to the Insanity

Yet even in their protest you can hear the echo of concession to gender ideology insanity. Like all women now, they’re in a tough spot. They know well the bullying that comes with the new totalitarian regime, and they are doing what vast sums of women are doing: trying to appease the beast in hopes that it will spare them. It won’t. Women will be eaten.

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Selina instinctively recognizes that boys competing against girls is fundamentally unfair, no matter how that boy might “feel” about his “gender identity” (because the immovable facts of biology are real and are not subject to anyone’s feelings). Still, she isn’t a heartless monster, and she understandably doesn’t want to be labeled “transphobic,” so she also wants to support athletes being “true to themselves.” The Daily Signal reports:

Selina says all this while making clear she supports athletes “being true to themselves.”

“I have friends in school who are transgender and I know when they are struggling to come out or deciding to come out, I was there supporting them,” she said. “And when they were freshly out, I was caring towards them. I was never rude or disrespectful.”

But the situation in sports has “nothing to do with their gender identity and how they feel,” Selina said. “It has to do with what is right and what is fair in athletics.”

But there is no peaceful coexistence with insanity. Only one thing can rule the day — either reality grounded in truth or madness. Either biological sex has meaning or it does not. Either there are fundamental differences between male and female or… well, there’s no “or” because there simply are scores of fundamental differences between male and female and there always will be. We are not Mr. Potato Head dolls. Our bodies tell us who we are, and this is a good thing.

Every Which Way but Real

As Katy Faust reminds us often, “You can either support “transgender rights” or you can protect women and girls, but you cannot do both.”

Why not? Because if a man can be a woman, then women in a sense no longer exist, and there can be no such thing as a women’s restroom, or a women’s sports team, or a battered women’s shelter. If any man can legally claim to be a woman and forcibly invade bathrooms, locker rooms, shelters, and athletic teams for women, then women have been effectively eradicated.

Say it with me, ladies: Men are male. Women are female. “Trans-women” are not women. They are men. End of story.

Say it with me, ladies: Men are male. Women are female. “Trans-women” are not women. They are men. End of story.

Men do not have menstrual periods, they cannot be pregnant or give birth, they cannot breastfeed a baby, and they are not mothers because they are not women. Their physical bodies are designed quite differently than women in significant ways, and lowering testosterone levels does not magically make them just like women.

Girls Gone Extinct

If the majority of women in our society cannot firmly agree on these basic facts, then the majority of women will be accomplices in the virtual extinction of their daughters, nieces, sisters, and granddaughters, to say nothing of themselves. Either being a woman requires being female, or being a woman becomes all but meaningless.

Women today who champion “transgender rights” are the most dangerous sorts of fools. Their misguided compassion will not lessen the lasting damage they are helping inflict on generations to come.

It is not compassionate to lie and tell a confused boy that he can become a girl. Compassion does not disdain the inherent differences between male and female that are God’s gift to us. Compassion does not advocate mutilating the healthy bodies of children.

A Straightforward Choice

Girls and women are in the way of the trans-insanity. Either we stand firmly in the way and refuse to speak nonsense, or we concede and forfeit any and all protections for ourselves and our daughters. We may yet be protected by our resolve. We will certainly be wiped out by our compliance.

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