Forget the Spin on the Arizona Audit. It Proves the Election Was Corrupt

In this screengrab from video, President Donald Trump dances to "YMCA" by the Village People after a rally in Johnstown, Penn., on Oct. 14, 2020.

By Al Perrotta Published on September 26, 2021

“Arizona Audit confirms Joe Biden won the state!” You’ve seen the headlines. You’ve seen the tweets.

One problem: The audit of Maricopa County shows Joe Biden won the state the same way reviewing ESPN footage shows Lance Armstrong crossing the finish line first at the Tour de France. Or looking at old bank records shows Bernie Madoff with millions of bucks in the bank.

The media left off the cheatin’ part. Kinda important, you think?

The headlines and talking heads ignore what is actually in the report, presented Friday to the Arizona State Senate. As PJ Media lays out, the audit contradicts the media narrative.

The 2020 General Election in Maricopa County was a highly questionable, crooked mess. Followed by an attempted cover-up.

You can read the full report for yourself here: Election Audit Documents

The Real Question is Legitimate Votes

True, the hand recount of ballots show what the official count shows: Joe Biden with little over 10,000 votes more than Donald Trump. Slight differences in the numbers.

But are those ballots legitimate? According to the audit, you have 44,000 votes minimum with issues that are “critical” and need further investigation. These involve issues like people voting twice or voting in Maricopa despite moving out of the county.

So you can find excuses for three out of every four of those ballots and still have enough to throw the election the other way.

The audit found over 17,000 duplicate ballot envelopes. And most of those showed up after November 3rd.

There may be a rational explanation — ballot curing being the one most talked about. But even if you buy the ballot curing argument, for every single one of those 17,126 double, triple or quadruple ballots, you have to ask, were ballots being corrected for Democrats and Republicans equally? We know that wasn’t the case in Fulton County, Georgia and in Pennsylvania.

Among the other claims made during a presentation by Shiva Ayyadurai, as reported by Newsmax:

  • Cyber Ninjas detected more signature scribbles than the county reported.
  • Ballots came from voters with matching addresses and signatures but different voter IDs.
  • Blank signature boxes were stamped verified and approved.
  • The number of blank signatures increased by 25% after Nov. 4 and through Nov. 9.

Again with the funny business after the election was over. You want to know why the counting was stopped election night in several swing states? Understand why it is that swing states that got their counting done election night went for Trump, and the ones that stopped and then dragged the count out for days went for Biden?

As with the duplicate ballots, there seems to have been an organized effort to get more votes into the system, however questionable, to push Biden over the line.

Signature Verification? What Signature Verification?

The audit details how signature verification went out the window. The level of scrutiny kept dropping until all mail-ins were being counted. Add that to witness testimony from an election worker who repeatedly saw people drop 20-30 ballots at a time into ballot drop boxes. Ballot harvesting is illegal in Arizona. She also claims to have seen people get out of line when told the ballots didn’t have signatures, go off to the side and sign the slew of ballots.

Notably, the audit did not do signature matching analysis.

The deliberate lowering of verification standards on mail-in ballots after the very deliberate, coordinated, well-funded effort in swing states to use COVID as an excuse to dramatically boost the use of mail-in ballots is no accident.

(For example, the rejection rate of mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania was 1/30th what it had been traditionally.)

That’s how Donald Trump can gain 12 million votes over 2016 and still lose to a guy who didn’t leave his basement.

Actually, Biden did leave his basement once in a while. In fact, he and Kamala Harris made their first appearance together in Maricopa County. Nobody showed up. Meanwhile, Trump supporters were holding 90-mile-long car rallies. 

Something you have to consider when the media tells you Biden really did kick butt in Maricopa. 

Messing With The Election Logs and Data … the Day Before the Audit

The audit report also details how data from the 2020 election was deleted, contrary to Federal regulations.

Files were missing from the Election Management System Server. Nearly 300,000 ballot images were corrupt or missing. More ominously, “Logs appeared to be deliberately rolled over, and all the data in the database related to the 2020 General Election had been fully cleared.” And when were those logs accessed and cleared? The day before the audit was set to begin.

No, no fraud at all.

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Who did it? Given that all the people with legal access use the same user name and password (that hasn’t been changed in two years), one cannot know for sure. However, auditor Ben Cotton revealed “We have captured screen shots of Maricopa County people at the keyboards during those time periods.”

They didn’t name the names. The evidence has been turned over to the Attorney General.

You can read the report for the details, but let’s go big picture. Three places around the country have taken forensic looks at their election systems. Antrim County, Michigan, Mesa County, Colorado and now Arizona. In all three cases, the auditors report the deletion of 2020 election data and security logs. (The Mesa County report was published just last week.)

Coincidence? Or conspiracy?

Meanwhile, looky what else they found in Maricopa. Someone entered the system via internet. (Which we keep being told can’t happen. But it did. On the day before the audit began.)

Before your cousin Fred on Facebook insists nobody would mess with computer systems to impact an election, consider the recent indictment of Clinton-funded Perkins Coie lawyer Michael Sussmann. According to the indictment, tech people in cahoots with the Trump-Russia black op were discussing ways to manufacture computer links between Trump and the Alpha Bank.

They tried to fix the 2016 election and failed. Only a fool would think they wouldn’t try harder in 2020 to get it right. Only a fool would think they wouldn’t try harder to cover their tracks.

Now What? Findings Go to Attorney General

The Arizona State Senate, which ordered the audit, says it is powerless to do anything to remedy the 2020 Election, like decertify the results.

So the investigation of the “critical” votes and potential criminal violations now lies in the hands of Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich. He is promising action.

“I will take all necessary actions that are supported by the evidence and where I have legal authority,” Brnovich tweeted Friday. “Arizonans deserve to have their votes accurately counted and protected.”

So do all Americans. Which is why it’s good to see the fight spreading.

Texas Announces Audit of Four Counties

Texas announced Thursday it has launched a full election audit of four counties, including Dallas County and Houston’s Harris County.

Although Texas went for Trump, fraud was rampant. The media has totally ignored the fact that Biden’s top man in Texas — Dallas Jones —was quietly removed after he was caught operating an illegal ballot harvesting scheme. A scheme that involved a convicted forger working out of Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee’s office. As Mike Huckabee wrote about in July, a Democratic activist has turned whistleblower.

A Shocker in Wisconsin: 23,000 Registered Voters Had the Same Phone Number?

Wisconsin has named a special counsel to investigate that state’s dubious election. Last week, retired Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman threatened to subpoena any public official or government worker who does not cooperate.

Gableman has plenty to look at, including the Soros-funded Secretary of State illicitly changing election procedures and the $6 million Mark Zuckerberg poured into the election operations of five Democratic-run cities.  According to emails and an election whistleblower, the money helped give leftists activists control of the election offices. The cash — supposedly for non-partisan election operations — also boosted turnout for Joe Biden, according to a statistical analysis published in July.

Meanwhile, a grassroots group called Wisconsin HOT (Honest Open Transparent) dug into the registration rolls from the 2020 election and claims to have discovered two unbelievable oddities.

Over 23,000 registered voters in Racine County shared the same phone number!

9,000 voters in one county shared the same address.

They also found 8,550 registered voters in one county in Wisconsin were registered in 1918. Perhaps that shows the health benefits of eating cheese.

Dirty registration rolls make for dirty deeds. (In fact, last month – or now that the damage has been done – Wisconsin removed 205,000 voters from the registration rolls.)

Biden’s “official” margin in Wisconsin is 20,682.

The Razor Thin Difference That Slit Uncle Sam’s Wrist

Take the difference in Wisconsin. Put it with Arizona’s critically-wounded 10,457 vote difference and Georgia’s demonstrably corrupt 11,779 margin.

Less than 43,000 dubious votes separated America from continued prosperity and our catastrophic freefall.

Said President Trump Saturday night in Georgia, “There’s never been a concession. You do know that, right?


Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Stream, chief barista for The Morning Brew and co-author, with John Zmirak, of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration. You can follow him at @StreamingAl at Gab, Parler, MeWe and now GETTR.

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