Exclusive Video: Kurdish Christian Converts Pray for Deliverance From Turkey and al Qaeda

By John Zmirak Published on January 24, 2018

Yesterday I wrote about how Turkey is attacking U.S. allies — the Kurdish and Christian militias that at last defeated ISIS, so American soldiers wouldn’t have to. I noted that Kurdish Christians are among the most terrified, especially since the Syrian branch of al Qaeda (called al Nusrah) has joined the fighting. One of al Qaeda’s slogans is “death to apostates.” That’s a direct threat to the thousands of Kurds who recently converted to Christianity. They are free to do so in the Federation of Northern Syria, an island of religious freedom in the Middle East.

Below is exclusive footage from one of these growing Kurdish Christian churches, which face extermination at al Qaeda’s hands if Turkey prevails. The pastor leads his congregation in a powerful prayer for deliverance.


Please join your prayers to his. And call the White House, along with your representatives in Congress. Tell them that U.S. allies deserve better treatment than this.

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