Exchange Fear for Faith

By Sam Sorbo Published on November 23, 2020

People ask me in desperation if I think there’s hope for the future of this nation. The short answer is it depends entirely on you.

Today we have a growing national movement of law breakers. We’ve seen it in the streets, in the rioting and “mostly peaceful” protests, and in the looting. “I’ll take what’s mine and to heck with the personal property rights of anyone else.” That’s just survival of the fittest in action, and an intimidation tactic by the law enforcement that allows it.

We see it reflected in the corruption of the elite class and their unlawful dictates for our “safety.” Governor Newsom of California mandated masks, distancing, and curfews, then attended a large party with none of the above. (Then he lied about details, hoping to escape unscathed.) Long-term senator and two-term vice president Biden also orders us to put our faith in masks, wears them for camera ops, but completely disregards his own advice at his birthday party.

How did we get our lying, hypocritical, elected leadership?

No Moral Grounding at Schools

Schools used to teach morals, because citizens of this great nation knew that this great democratic experiment could only endure if its populace was law-abiding. Laws don’t inspire morality — it’s the other way around.

Harvard’s founding mission statement read, “To be plainly instructed and consider well that the main end of your life and studies is to know God and Jesus Christ.” Today Harvard undertakes “to educate the citizens and citizen-leaders for our society.” But how can it when those same leaders have no moral grounding, and therefore consider themselves above the law?

Churches Without Scriptural Foundations

A sermon shortly after the George Floyd incident admonished me to apologize to black people. Setting aside the inherently racist element of that message, it’s not speaking truth from the Biblical perspective. Matthew 5 instructs us to apologize for personal behavior, not cultural issues. The pastor either is a bigot himself, seeking absolution through others, or he’s a charlatan.

His churches (there are thirty-five of them) are packed.

Another beloved pastor, in his church small group deep-dive into theology, admitted he was really an agnostic.

His church is also well-attended. 

This nation has lost its compass, because the churches have lost their supports in scripture and their footings in faith. How could they not? Our public schools, far from teaching no religion, have infected us all with secular humanism, Darwinism, and sex “education.”

When an education fails to teach the Bible, some alternate worldview usurps its place. When an education fails to teach truth, lies invade the student’s mind. And lies enslave.

Chains of Lies In Desperation

When an elephant is young, the handler chains it to a post, to keep it controlled. Initially, the elephant struggles against its restraints, learning that the chain is fast and cannot be overcome. There is no escape. Once the elephant learns this, it takes only a small string to secure the great beast. He will no longer attempt to free himself.

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In the same way, American citizens have been shackled by chains of lies, and our energy to combat them is weak.

Sixty million babies have died because of our reluctance to speak truth. Children’s minds are being perverted. In desperation, public schools because good people shrug and ask if there is hope. People wear masks because they believe their overlords hold the power to mandate limits on personal freedom. No such power was ever properly vested in this nation of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

Our rights are inalienable, indisputable, and undeniable, but only if we stand our ground.

Eroding Bonds

Our founders conceived this country for characters of conscience, placing faith in individual sovereignty and trusting that each unique person subscribed to the communal, biblical morality. Now those bonds between nation and individual, between citizen and morality, have eroded. We gradually accepted the chains, tacitly established our enslavement, and willingly sacrificed our sacred, God-given liberty.

But there is hope in the Word because fear dissipates with faith.

Hope in the Word

If you are not attending your church, because your church is too timid to open, that is not a church professing the Word of God: “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” (2 Timothy 1:7) Church without the biblical Word is only a lie.

Christian and Jewish leaders must start to lead or be abandoned by their flocks.

The church has never been bigger and more impotent, but its failure to impact the culture is tacit approval — furtherance of falsehoods. The church that refuses to stand against the lies taught in public schools is endorsing them.

There is hope for the nation, if you are willing to act. Take the string off your foot, the mask off your face, and open (or shop at) your “unessential” businesses. There is hope, but only with the courage to stand against the lies.

Exchange fear for faith.


Sam Sorbo holds many titles including filmmaker, radio host, actress, international model, author, wife, mother, home school advocate and education activist.

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