Earth Day 2017 and the Anti-Scientific ‘March for Science’

By Calvin Beisner Published on April 20, 2017

Maybe it’s a fluke that Earth Day is also Lenin’s birthday. But it’s no mere happenstance that the “Marches for Science” were scheduled for Earth Day — this Saturday, April 22nd. The March organizers flew the flag of climate alarmism as soon as they announced the events.

This, for instance, is from one of their early blog posts warning against a right wing “war on science”:

Much of the War on Science will be subtly fought, casting doubt on … climate change. … This is a well-known tactic, thoroughly documented in the book Merchants of Doubt.

At his confirmation hearings, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt showed us the language of this approach. Manmade climate change, he says, is “subject to continuing debate.” …

This subtle attack on scientific ideas … has proven to be a reliable method for manipulating public perception, derailing research, censoring data, and stalling political action.

The network of scientists, economists, theologians, and other scholars I lead would love to join in a march for sound science. Here’s what such a march would do:

It would explain how sound science can help us to be good stewards of the environment.

It would explain that sound science is based on evidence and not climate scaremongering. That it doesn’t work by consensus. That it tests theories and predictions against observations of the real world. That it doesn’t intimidate dissenters, manipulate data, attack critics, or play lackey to politics.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for the “March for Science” to teach any of these things.

A march for sound science would also be open to the truth about man. It would not exclude groups like ours, which explain that people aren’t mere consumers and polluters. We don’t just use up resources and poison the planet. We are made in the image of the Creator. So we don’t have to leave nature as we found it. We can steward the earth to enhance its fruitfulness, beauty, and safety. And we can do it to glorify God and serve our neighbors.

This implies that environmentalists err when they oppose both population and economic growth. Why? Because a clean environment is a costly good. Wealthier people can afford more costly goods than poorer people can. So poverty, not affluence, is the environment’s greatest threat. If you want a cleaner environment, work for wider prosperity.

People produce more when they work together. That means larger, denser populations become wealthier, and so cleaner and healthier, than smaller, sparser ones.

Don’t expect to hear any of this from any of the hundreds of Marches around the world this Saturday. Expect, instead, a steady drumbeat of left wing politics and climate doom-and-gloom.

No less an intellectual than Harvard’s Steven Pinker bashed the march’s “anti-science PC/identity politics/hard-left rhetoric.”

Why? It might have something to do with this official tweet:

Colonization, racism, immigration, native rights, sexism, ableism, queer-, trans-, intersex-phobia, & econ justice are scientific issues.

A screenshot of the deleted tweet.

A screenshot of the deleted tweet.

That got deleted after it drew fire. But the website still features a “Statement on Diversity and Inclusion” and a set of “Diversity and Inclusion Principles.” Both put its PC agenda on display.

That agenda was also on display when some backers protested that Bill Nye “The Science Guy” was named co-chairman. Was their complaint that he’s not a real scientist and he often embarrasses those who are? No. They didn’t like that he’s a white male.

And then there is the fact that the “March for Science” excluded some conservative groups but included partners such as:

  • Climate alarmists like NextGen Climate America, Union of Concerned Scientists, Center for Biological Diversity,, and Climate Central;
  • Mainstays of secularism like the National Center for Science Education, National Association of Biology Teachers, Secular Student Alliance, and Secular Coalition for America;
  • Anti-Christian outfits like the American Humanist Association, Religious Naturalist Association, Secular Student Alliance, and Unitarian Universalist Association;
  • Partisangroups like the UAW, Americans United for Separation of Church and State, American Federation of Teachers, Association of Reproductive Health Professionals, and Spread the Vote.

The mainstream media will portray the “March for Science” as a defense of real science against its enemies. But it’s really a rear-guard effort to shore up President Obama’s climate policies. These policies would have cost us hundreds of billions of dollars a year and had almost no effect on global climate.

And in any case, they’re policies, not science. By dressing up politics as science, these March activists could do real damage to science. It would have been better to call it the March Against Science.


Calvin Beisner, Ph.D., is Founder and National Spokesman of The Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation.

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  • Timothy Horton

    The poor climate change deniers. So much whining, so little science to support it.

    • The Mystic Seer

      Just for that I’m going outside to burn a pile of tires and cut down a couple of big trees.

    • JohnB146

      “He who reads, leads.” You are obviously not much of a leader.

  • Joe Fitzgerald

    The “science” of depopulating the world is also on their agenda. Bill Gates, is a famous advocate for depopulating the world in order to save the world. Not sure if his process is strictly random or based on meritocracy. Has something to do with “global governance” chosen by a “global electorate”. See Agenda 21 for further details. Gates could be called the Rachel Carson of the 21st century because she convinced the governments of the world to ban DDT causing the deaths of millions of people. Gates clearly has a much bigger number to eliminate in mind.

  • Hotrod1962

    They mock those who question evolution, they mock those who question climate change…..yet the ONE biological fact….a fact found in every biology and embryology ever written…that a human life begins at conception, seems to elude them.

    • Azsteve53

      Yes, the very science that life begins at conception is ignored, fetuses are called non human or just clumps if cells, what does one of those humans grow to be then if not human?????? They have no credible answer,,just political statements.

      The quesiton you posed is on the wrong side of the political science, it is a fine example of how politiczed science has become.

      Great post.

      • Hotrod1962

        Thank you…..don’t get me started on late-term abortions.

  • Michael Havarett

    Liberals (some) with science degrees. Liberals, that’s all. what did they use instead of the vag-you-know-what hats? Tinfoil?

    • Azsteve53

      Politicized science is NOT real science, all it really is can be used as a game analogy, called, follow the money trail. Scientists sold out the general pubic for monetary rewards, inundating us with science models that were never intended to be true or work, and like Al Gores movie and all of predictions and science. all of it failed miserably showing just how politicized and phony science has become .

  • RuthER

    This is a March Against Humanity. They think planet earth is to be most valuable when there are no humans left on it, while claiming to be protecting human life. They claim to be advocates of economic equality while condemning the vast majority to poverty as a result of their anti-energy policies. Their massive confusion, hatred, and lust for control is what they are about. Lenin’s Birthday — PERFECT way to acknowledge the true meaning of the day. Thanks again Dr Beisner!

    • Azsteve53

      Yep, you summed up the eco nutballs very essence. In fact one of their main tenets is population reduction of about 90% or more, with themselves of course surviving to carry on becasue they are sooooooo much smarter than you or I

  • Azsteve53

    Does anyone really believe all of this politicalized ecoscience is anything else than political cover to the elites to justify massive social upheaval in the name of the planet and survival? The most idiotic belief ever constructed for public consumption is that government can change the outcome of nature and or climate. Sheep believe that farce. Educated people unerstand what a farce this movement truly is and want nothing to do with it.

  • BPatMann

    What’s next? A “March for Social Studies”? A “March for Gym”?

  • ruler4you

    Not 1 (one) notable mention of ‘scientific’ accomplishment by ANY ‘individual’ was mentioned at this ‘march’.

    It was a ‘venue’ for outing LGBTQQIAAPBDSMTG as having ‘penetrated’ the ‘establishment’ of ‘scientific’ inquiry to advance ‘policy’s’ favorable for their ’cause’.

  • RuthER

    I wish these folks would stop blaming all that ails the world on “white males,” as if we have a choice in being born male or female (well…I guess we do now, eh?!), or in what part of the world. The “pollution” they are worried about comes from developing nations (China, India, etc) that have no regulations AT ALL for public health or clean air and water. These nations let dirty coal burn into the air and their industries are far behind on researching cleaner sources of reliable energy. Solar and wind power are just ways that developed countries like to waste their citizen’s money so they can stay in power and have control over the wealth of OTHER nations, by forcing them to remain undeveloped, as we once were before managing our energy and the freedom to expand it.

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