Is Donald Trump The Reason Positive Things are Happening in America?

NO! He is a very important part, but not the main reason great things are happening.

President Donald Trump, joined by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, left, attends a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday, July 16, 2019, in the Cabinet Room of the White House.

By James Robison Published on July 18, 2019

Good things are happening in America. Actions taken by the president to correct our course and repair the sinking ship of state have had a massive positive impact on the lives and fortunes of American citizens. (And many of our friends abroad.) You’d have to be blind or running for office to deny it.

But is Donald Trump the reason positive things are happening in the U.S.? No.

Correction and healing is coming because of the prayers of sincere concerned Christians who truly love God, His word, and their neighbors — including those who appear to be the enemies of dedicated believers. God promised He would hear His people’s prayers and heal their land if believers do their part. (2 Chron. 7:14) He keeps His promises.

President Trump’s Plea for Wisdom

Concerning President Donald Trump, he is a reason America’s on the move in a positive direction, but not the main reason. And he knows this is the truth. Because I have not only prayed for him, but at his request and at the request of others, I have prayed with him. I have shared the heart, love and concern of the heavenly Father with him. I made it clear as I do with everyone I speak or preach to — there is only one Father who always knows best, and He is ready and anxious to freely share the wisdom that comes from above. Our president has heard this from many people and advisers he respects. And he’s listened … and acknowledged it.

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During the first hours of his presidency, Donald Trump thanked me and expressed gratitude for all who prayed for him. He forcefully said, “James, surround me with prayer and wisdom.” Betty and I share the importance of prayer for those in authority with everyone we know and speak to. It is essential to pray that they hear, recognize and respond correctly to wisdom. We are all witnessing miracle answers to these prayers in many areas.

We Must Not Become Prisoners of Our Past Failures

Many professing Christians and church leaders continually bring up the president’s awful past behavior and practices. You may ask, “James, did you ever bring up his past behavior in your talks with him?” Absolutely! Sometimes, perhaps so forcefully it might have sounded too strong, which could have hidden the unconditional love of the Lord. On more than one occasion, I’ve asked him to forgive me for being so overbearingly forceful. He responded with appreciation and understanding.

I made it clear that God does not want any of us to be prisoners of our past failure and sin. We are to bury sin and the past under the blood of Jesus in the sea of God’s grace-filled mercy and forgiveness. Yes, I said it just like that! You can rest assured; President Trump knows my heart overflows with compassion and love for all who feel overlooked. He has assured me and others very close to him that he wants the very best for every person with every fiber of his being. And I’ve witnessed it in action in public and private with people of all stations and races.

Let me repeat what I have said many times the last few years, “God uses imperfect people to accomplish His perfect will. Always has, always will!”

Please, my concerned Christian family members and concerned common sense Americans, let’s refuse to let the enemy destroy any of us because of past sin and failure. Let’s move into the future seeking God’s forgiveness, His will and His best for all neighbors, including those unkind enemies Jesus told us to love. Remember Jesus said, “There is none good but God.” Our heavenly Father is perfect in love, grace and patience. Aren’t we glad?

Let me repeat what I have said many times the last few years, “God uses imperfect people to accomplish His perfect will. Always has, always will!” And aren’t we glad He does? He even uses us.

So Keep Praying

So give praise to God for answered prayer! And keep praying for more supernatural personal and national healing — not just in the economy (which God does care about), but in all areas of public concern. Pray for the protection of the unborn, the rescue of children in the clutches of sex traffickers, the release of God’s children caught in the grip of addiction. Pray for sensible solutions for border security and immigration to reign over hysteria, politics and “concentration camp” demagoguery. Pray for the safety of our agents, our officers and our armed forces. Pray protection for marriage and family according to biblical principles, and a faltering of efforts to distort reality and biology. Pray for the preservation of our freedom of religion, speech and the press. Let efforts to silence our voices on social media and the streets fail. Pray for total healing of our land.

And let that healing begin in our churches.

Pray the church will stop behaving too often like Congress. Do you think some of these actions and attitudes they may have learned from church folks? Well, perhaps now that some have been taught they should hate and fight, we should teach them to love one another and stand together for “we the people.”

Let’s begin to behave like the family of the perfect Father, trusting Him for the healing of our land and using all available instruments to make it happen.

Please join me and Betty in praying for this to happen, and continue to pray for those in authority (all of whom are imperfect, just as we are).

Finally, in response to our president’s request, ask God to surround him with prayer and wisdom. Let’s all pray he learns to be quick to hear, slow to speak, more often slow to type, and that he learns the power of turning the other cheek.

The Real Source of Anger and Division

Please remember, the one who causes anger, division, hostility and hatred is not a president or politician, but the spirit and power of darkness and deception — the father of lies, Satan himself! He is the one that is keeping the Christian family, and the American family, divided and defeated — filled with doubt, unbelief and prayerlessness. The necessary great change starts in our hearts, our repentance with God’s family of faith and in faithful, fervent prayer.

Let’s begin to behave like the family of the perfect Father, trusting Him for the healing of our land and using all available instruments to make it happen.

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