Desperate Americans Try to Crowdsource a Wall, But the GOP Senate Could Fund One by Nuking the Fake Filibuster

By John Zmirak Published on December 21, 2018

Months ago, I joked that Americans should crowdfund a border Wall, if Congress wouldn’t fund it. I proposed (and I still think this part’s a good idea) that you could offer citizens the chance to have their names on individual bricks, or sections, of such a Wall. Imagine taking your grandkids down to the border, in a secure country with decent working class wages and plenty of Red states, and showing them the section of their future you helped secure. … It would be a much more cheerful version of the Vietnam Memorial. 

Well, I meant that suggestion rhetorically, but now the fecklessness of Congress has driven Americans to try it. As USA TODAY reports:

GoFundMe campaign received more than $6 million in contributions for a wall along the U.S.-Mexican border – but merely raising the money isn’t enough to ensure that it can be used for President Donald Trump’s long-touted goal.

The campaign, “We The People Will Fund The Wall,” was started by veteran Brian Kolfage, a Purple Heart recipient and triple amputee who lives in Florida.

“As a veteran who has given so much, 3 limbs, I feel deeply invested to this nation to ensure future generations have everything we have today,” Kolfage wrote on the campaign’s page. Kolfage, tired of inaction on the wall, started the campaign Sunday and began promoting it Monday.

Predictably, a leftist journalist has approached GoFundMe about shutting the campaign down. The fascist impulse runs deep on the left, and is never far from the surface. GoFundMe has a disgraceful track record, along with other sites such as Patreon, of booting off conservatives. That’s why I send people instead to FundingMorality. It’s run by orthodox Jews who support the same moral causes we do. That’s where I steered Mark Judge, and he raised more than $100,000 to pay his legal bills as a driveby victim of the Kavanaugh hearings. Please use it instead of left-biased platforms like GoFundMe.

It Probably Won’t Work

Now, there’s a serious down side to the crowdsourcing idea. For one thing, it’s vulnerable to pressure. The campaign could raise every penny of the $5 billion to fund the Wall, and GoFundMe’s honchos could pull the plug. The donors would have no recourse. 

The whole reason so many squishy, worthless justices ended up appointed to the Supreme Court by Republicans? That phony filibuster.

Worst of all, even if they raised all the money and offered it to Congress, the Democrats could simply turn it down. Or worst of all, take it and squander it on some leftist boondoggle instead. (Free sex changes in Christian hospitals for illegal aliens … more “refugees” from Somalia…) There’s literally no way to keep legislators honest in such a case.

Build the Wall the Constitutional Way

No, there’s a better way. A constitutional way, which honors American traditions. Now that President Trump has stood firm on shutting down the government if it can’t do its job by guarding the border, the House has passed a funding bill that includes the cash for the Wall. We have a majority in the Senate, and could pass it easily. Just one thing stands in the way.

That’s the fake procedural “filibuster.” Recall what a real filibuster was: A senator making use of the venerable tradition of unlimited debate to make a very long speech opposing a bill. That holds up all Senate business, and requires a two-thirds cloture vote to end debate. In the 1970s, senators created a loophole, which bound the Senate to pretend that a simple notice from any senator amounted to a filibuster on one given bill. No need for speeches, no holding up Senate business. That cheap procedural trick made two-thirds supermajorities mandatory for all judicial appointments and legislation. Harry Reid abolished it for judges, which backfired for Democrats but was constitutionally sound. If our Founders had wanted to require a supermajority for every nomination, they would have written the Constitution that way. They didn’t, for very good reason.

The whole reason so many squishy, worthless justices ended up appointed to the Supreme Court by Republicans? That phony filibuster. If the Democrats hadn’t nuked it, we wouldn’t have Neil Gorsuch or Brett Kavanaugh.

You Can Have a Country, or the Fake Filibuster. Pick One.

Now if the Senate doesn’t nuke the legislative fake filibuster, we won’t have a Wall. We’ll have an endless influx of more new Democrat voters, and soon it will be impossible to elect a Republican president ever again. Or Republican senators for that matter. We will live in a one-party country. And the moment it suits them, the Democrats will repeal the filibuster, so the GOP rump can’t obstruct its march toward a Venezuelan future.

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What’s more, disgruntled patriotic voters will likely stay home in 2020, convinced that nothing they do makes any difference. The game is rigged against them.

Those are the stake facing the U.S. Senate now. At least one GOP senator gets it:

This is an historic moment. As I wrote on Twitter:

Mitch McConnell has to pick one. Let your senator know which one is more important to you.

UPDATE: This morning, President Trump echoed Sen. Daines’ sentiment:

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  • Lisa

    Exciting times we’re living in. Thank you, John, for all your doing with your writing.

  • apollo

    Lets face facts . The Republican party is playing us (again) . They have no intention to build a wall. They never did. It is an empty campaign promise like defunding Planned Parenthood. I do not know what the solution is.

    • VesaLocalBus

      I agree. As I have mention in posts on other websites, I believe, in general, that the Republican Party as a whole want to rule without actually being responsible. They like the religion of politics without the responsibility of being the head. Very self serving. I’m sure there are a lot of Reps. today who are happy to be the minority in the House.

      • apollo

        You hit the nail on the head when you wrote ” The Reps …want to rule with out being responsible.”

  • Fabricante

    They are exciting times if we can stay the course and not shoot ourselves in the back. Sometimes a lot of dominoes have to line up for something good to happen. Especially with the swamp infestation in Washington. Pulling the troops out, well the operational cost must amount to a lot…how about a several billion…. about the same price as it takes to build a really tall wall.

  • John A.

    You make a great case. However I would truly be shocked (in a good way) if this happens. Frankly, I think the only reason the House found the votes was because they knew it would die in the Senate. I look at this much like the fake “Repeal Obamacare” votes… when there was no chance of it becoming law and meaning something, they couldn’t vote for it fast enough. They could also handle it in reconciliation which is how the Dems passed Obamacare and got around this same issue in the Senate. Prediction: neither will happen. Would love to be proven wrong.

  • KC

    I am so tired of do nothing representation.
    I don’t understand how Republicans or Democrats can think having loose, open borders is good for this country, yet allow our young men and women to die defending other countries.

    • useyourhead2

      Yep. They spend 6 ways to Sunday to get to “No” in funding The Wall when they could simply use the Foreign Aid to Mexico and Central America valued at $5.8 Billion.

      Please Mr. President: It’s long past time to take the gloves off and employ the power of your office to make life painful for those who oppose the will of your base. “Pain Promotes Change” and Mitch McConnell is in great need of both.

  • BillClintonsShorts17

    We could Crowd Build It as well. Plenty of us retired geezers with experience in the construction trades. We would work for free, with no need for pensions or medical.

    I’d do it in a minute. And laugh at Mark Shea accusing me of hating ‘brown people’.

    • useyourhead2

      You are a fine American Patriot, Sir. Thank you.


    To break the Democrats, Pres. Trump could order ICE to raid businesses, arresting all illegal aliens, starting with the ones in San Francisco. Mr. Trump needs leverage, he needs to hit them where it hurts.

  • useyourhead2

    “Mitch, use the Nuclear Option and get it done! Our Country is counting on you!” President Trump

    That’s the damn shame of it all and the problem: WE CAN’T COUNT ON MITCH OR THE ESTABLISHMENT REPUKES TO DEFEND OUR COUNTRY !

    Try this statement on for size, Mitch:

    “You’ll regret this, and you may regret this a lot sooner than you think,” Mitch McConnell 2013

  • Gen. Chang

    McConnell could use “reconciliation” and pass this! This is being hidden from everyone else, by the Rinos, MSM, and even many supposed conservative outlets!

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