Democrats Prefer Intimidation, Rather Than Validation of the Election Results

ANTIFA thugs showed up at the house of Sen. Josh Hawley last night, terrorizing his wife and newborn.

By Al Perrotta Published on January 5, 2021

Last Wednesday, inventor Jovan Hunter Pulitzer proved during a hearing in Georgia how easy it was to hack into Dominion’s voting machines. He was also given permission by the Georgia Senate Judiciary Committee to run a test in Fulton County that he says will easily separate legitimate ballots from fraudulent ballots.

Within days, somebody shot up the home of one of his team members.

Surely, it is mere coincidence. Just like it is mere coincidence that Biden saw a ridiculous voter spike in Georgia after GOP and media were told to go home. Coincidence that the same Fulton County officials who sent them home lied about a water main break.

Coincidence that the Washington Post and CNN redacted the names of two Fulton County officials most tied to irregularities from their hit piece on Trump’s weekend phone call with Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. Coincidence that Fulton County officials, including Ralph Jones, kept changing how many absentee ballots were outstanding.

Not a Coincidence

No, it is not a coincidence one of Pulitzer’s team was the victim of a drive-by shooting. Intimidation has been part of the Democrat’s election strategy from the beginning. That’s why Biden-Harris were bailing out rioters, refusing to condemn ANTIFA and BLM, Inc. violence, and saying the “chaos” would end if you just voted Democrat. That is why Democratic cities boarded up before the election. Their message: “Elect Trump and your cities will burn.”

That’s why someone opened fire on Trump supporters in South Carolina, including children. And another drove through a Republican voter registration tent. It’s why black Trump supporter Bernell Trammell was assassinated on the streets of Milwaukee.

Those was real attacks on democracy. And not a peep from those who claim challenging the election results using all the tools of the law and Constitution is an “attack on democracy.”

Intimidation is Their Tradecraft

Intimidation is the key to their tradecraft. Take just a smattering of examples since the election. 

Intimidation: Just last night, ANTIFA thugs terrorized the wife and newborn of Sen. Josh Hawley, the first Senator who pledged to object to certifying Electoral College results Wednesday. 

Intimidation: Two Fulton County whistleblowers fired as election workers after coming forward and detailing the election irregularities they had seen.

Intimidation: Michigan Democratic lawmaker calling for “her soldiers” to go after whistleblowers and “make them pay.”

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Intimidation: Michigan’s Attorney General threatening to criminally prosecute those who file lawsuits challenging the election. (Oh, she’s hiding behind the term “false claim,” but as we all know “false claim” — like “misinformation” — is defined as “anything we say it is.”)

Intimidation: Dominion threatening to sue Sidney Powell and news outlets questioning the role their machines may have had in fixing the vote. (But not suing the federal judge in Georgia who warned how susceptible those machines were to manipulation. Or suing Democratic Senators like Amy Kobuchar and Elizabeth Warren who had all sorts of issues with Dominion in 2019.)

And They’re Really Good at Intimidation

Intimidation: Florida Democrat filed a petition to disbar Trump advocate Rep. Matt Gaetz.

Intimidation: Richard Hopkins being harassed, threatened and suspended after testifying he’d been asked to backdate ballots. After threats from federal investigators, Hopkins reportedly recanted. But he quickly insisted his original account was true. (His statement is also consistent with witness Ethan Pease’s testimony about orders to backdate ballots in Wisconsin. And the testimony of Jessy Jacob in Michigan. She says she was threatened after refusing to backdate ballots.)

Intimidation: Melissa Carone being mocked and humiliated on Saturday Night Live. Oh, for the good old days when comedians mocked the powerful rather than do their bidding.

Intimidation: Big Tech banning, blocking, suspending the accounts and posts of those who do not submit. “Wanna keep seeing pictures of your nephews and nieces on Facebook? Then keep your mouth shut about election fraud.”

Come forward, doing your duty as a citizen, and say you saw election misdeeds and you will face public ridicule, lose your job, lose your money, perhaps lose your life. But trust us, the election was clean. The Mafia never had it so good. 

To What End?

To what end? Why intimidation instead of verification? There’s only one reason for such wall-to-wall efforts at intimidation. Only one reason to put bullets through a daughter’s window.

To stop the truth from being discovered. To gain power.

To gain power by any means necessary.  

So, for no other reason but to spit in the face of such despicable intimidation tactics, the fight for election integrity must not — cannot — stop.

If only because of the shattered windows, shattered laws and shattered lives we must march on.

If only for freedom’s sake. We must choose truth over intimidation. 


Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Stream and co-author, with @JZmirak, of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration. You can follow him at @StreamingAl on Twitter and Parler. 

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