Choose the Sanity Option

By Jennifer Hartline Published on June 25, 2017

You know which option I really want?

I want the Sanity Option.

The Rational Option.

The Reality Option.

The Truth Option.

Doesn’t that sound refreshingly simple? So why has it suddenly become almost inconceivable? Because the mist of madness all around is growing in density and ferocity, and the noise of irrationality is drowning out common sense.

The solution is obvious, but it’s not going to be comfortable or easy. It will exact a high price. But I suppose we have to be convinced that the alternative price is much higher and one we really can’t afford to pay. Are we convinced? Collectively, as a nation? I’m afraid we’ll soon find out.

The Obvious Solution

The solution is, cling to what is true, period. There is objective truth. Living according to objective truth does not make one unkind, bigoted, intolerant, or hateful. Love rejoices in the truth.

No reasonable person actually believes a man can become pregnant and give birth. Not one. It’s impossible because such a belief is mad. Many people today are choking back their rational sense and regurgitating total nonsense because they are afraid. Fear is the bludgeon being used to beat people into submission to the madness.

No reasonable person actually believes that a person can change their biological sex. Reasonable people understand that biological sex and gender do not exist on separate, unrelated plains. It is irrational to believe a man can become a woman in any genuine way. Clothes, hair, cosmetic surgery, names, patterns of behavior, etc., do not constitute a true transformation from male to female or vice versa. Mutilating surgery cannot achieve anything except to permanently disfigure a healthy body.

The human person is not a Mr. Potato Head doll. Parts are not interchangeable at will.

Reasonable adults should know that flooding a growing child’s body with massive and unnatural amounts of hormones in order to prevent the child from normal development, for the sake of gender dysphoria (which will most likely resolve itself naturally in time) is shockingly irresponsible and abusive to the child. Have we stepped into some horrifying sci-fi series? When did it become good medicine to treat our children according to the demands of dysphoria, rather than objective biology and reality?

But reasonable people are being bullied by this tyranny of madness, to the point that our neighbors to the north have now made it illegal to call him “he” if he demands to be called “ze.”  What is “ze”? No one knows. Ze, zir, ver, ves, xyr, hir — these are all gibberish words that no one can define. And using “they” or “them” to refer to one person is just butchering the English language. It isn’t enlightened or inclusive. It’s ridiculous. Your 2nd grade grammar teacher is screaming.

The Collapse of Rationality

It is astonishing to me to be witnessing in real time the collapse of rationality. The almost unresisted surrender to pure madness. We’re actually sitting here having to refute the preposterous notion that the human person comes in 52+ varieties of gender or no gender at all. People are actually talking about “male pregnancy” with a straight face. These lunatic ideas are considered, rather than met with one loud burst of laughter and then shown the door. Soon we’ll be having to defend the fact that water is wet.

Snow is cold. Sunlight is warm.

Ears are not eyes, and your heart cannot digest food.

Boiling water is hot. Ice cubes are not. Can we all come back to reality now?

Here’s a time-tested, proven train of thought. Now, just stay with me for a moment. The human person is created male and female. Men are male. Women are female. This is beautiful, true and good. It is the female human person who has a uterus, who menstruates, conceives and carries a child in pregnancy, and gives birth. The male human person is incapable of any of those things for the simple and stunningly obvious physical fact that he does not have a uterus and was not designed by God for pregnancy and childbirth.

I know such straightforward, logical statements of fact are offensive to the deluded ear, but let’s try getting used to rational thought again. The truth doesn’t make your head hurt the way these convoluted fictions do. A gay “trans-man” is having a baby with “his” gay partner? Two men are having a baby together, are they? No, they aren’t. A woman is pregnant because she had sexual intercourse with a man.

It doesn’t make us sophisticated and clever, or fantastically open-minded and tolerant to take the simple facts of human biology and reproduction and tortuously twist them into incomprehensible nonsense. It just makes us mad.

Love does not happily coexist with madness. It is not loving to affirm someone else in delusion and untruth. It is not loving to remain silent as madness is forced upon society. It’s not loving to permanently damage the healthy bodies of children when what they desperately need is good psychotherapy.

It’s not loving to wipe out the obvious differences between men and women, to the point that our daughters have to share bathrooms and locker rooms with men. It is not loving to call a young man a girl, based only on how he feels, and then let him compete against the girls, where his physical, biological advantages will allow him to trounce them all.

The human person is not a Mr. Potato Head doll. Parts are not interchangeable at will. We have not been designed by God haphazardly or without specific intention. God does not create a man who just happens to have a female body.

Say it with me: Biology is not bigotry. Sex is biological, not psychological. Men cannot and do not get pregnant. Ever.

There’s nothing unloving about the truth.

Choose the Sanity Option while you still can.

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