Britain’s Tommy Robinson Imprisoned in Quickie, Secret Trial, Faces Death in Prison; President Trump Should Offer Asylum

Update: The reporting restrictions on the case have been lifted.

Tommy Robinson

By John Zmirak Published on May 29, 2018

Imagine that a critic of President Trump were spotted on a public sidewalk, filming the entrance of criminals into a courtroom. What if the police arrested him for “breaching the peace” and hustled him off to jail? Then they told him he wasn’t facing charges, so he didn’t hire a lawyer. Then they charged him anyway, tried him without a lawyer, and sentenced him to 13 months in prison — all in the same day?

What if that Trump critic had been assaulted in prison before because of his views, but he was imprisoned with no protection — likely to die in jail, as other Trump critics had died in jail before?

What if the U.S. government, via a judge, indefinitely banned any reporting on what happened to that Trump critic? Then media outlets which had reported on it scrubbed their stories from the Internet?

You might think we were living in a police state. Wouldn’t you? You’d expect the major media to defy the reporting ban, and expose this scandal to the world.

Britain Goes Fascist Before Our Eyes

Well all of what I just described happened Friday. But not to a Trump critic in America. It happened to a critic of Theresa May’s British government and its policies on Islam. Tommy Robinson, author and anti-sharia activist, was arrested today. And tried. And sentenced. All in secret.

His crime? According to the controversial site GatewayPundit:

Robinson, 35, was arrested on Friday for suspicion of ‘breaching the peace’ while livestreaming to report on the trial of a child grooming gang and will now have to serve a prior 13 month suspended sentence for a similar offense.

Those facts were confirmed for me by a British journalist. But not before he made me install an encryption app on my phone, so he could share them without the threat of imprisonment.

Tommy Robinson, author and anti-sharia activist, was arrested today. And tried. And sentenced. All in secret.

Also from GatewayPundit: “Articles from the Daily Record, Birmingham Live, The Mirror, RT and even Breitbart News were all taken offline in the hours following his detention.” I can also confirm that. I saw the story from the UK Independent get scrubbed of the facts of the case in under an hour. Now British news is suffering the fate of Soviet history, in real time, before our eyes.

Imprisoned for Filming Accused Child-Trafficking Rapists

Since its facts seem to be checking out, let’s stay with GatewayPundit:

According to UK independent reporter Caolan Robertson, Robinson was arrested outside the Leeds Crown Court on Friday morning as he was covering the trial of ten men for offenses including child rape, trafficking, and supply of Class A drugs to children.

The independent journalist was caught on video telling the arresting officers that “this is free speech. This is where we’re at.”

“You know when you do this, more people are going to watch this now than ever,” he adds.

And here’s video of the arrest, which has not (yet) been scrubbed from YouTube. (But don’t be surprised if it soon is and this link goes dead.)

The British establishment has been persecuting Tommy Robinson for years. His crime? Truthfully reporting on the massive explosion of radical Islamist activity in Britain. Now the authorities have found a flimsy pretext for imprisoning him amongst thousands of violent Muslim felons. (Robinson and his family have been subject of dozens of credible death threats. He was suspended from Twitter for reporting on them, while those making the threats were not suspended.)

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Another Judicial Murder in the Works?

Will he survive the ordeal? No way to know. As The Stream has previously reported:

Kevin Crehan is dead at 35. He perished as an enemy of the British state, the victim of de facto judicial murder. Crehan was in prison for a tasteless prank: offended perhaps by the aggressive demands of immigrant Muslims in Britain for the imposition of sharia law, Crehan left a bacon sandwich on the front steps of a mosque. For that he was sentenced to one year in a prison full of violent Muslim criminals who knew about his prank, with no protective custody. (The cause of his death is still unclear.)

I couldn’t find that police had performed an autopsy on Crehan, any more than they did on Alfie Evans, who died without even a diagnosis. Some things it’s best the commoners just not know.

In a bitter twist, Julian Lambert, the judge who sentenced Crehan for his crime, in 2015 gave a sentence of only two years to a member of a pedophile rape gang that preyed on toddlers and a baby. So in 2017, that baby rapist will be a free man, while Kevin Crehan, Englishman, sleeps in the English earth.

When Communist Poland obeyed Soviet orders and cracked down on Solidarity, it arrested Lech Walesa. But even that totalitarian government didn’t arrest, try, and sentence him in secret, all in one day. It didn’t put Walesa where he was likely to be murdered. And it released him after 11 months. That’s less than the sentence Tommy Robinson faces for journalism, if he even lives to complete it.Robinson

Offer Robinson Political Asylum in America

President Trump should contact British Prime Minister Theresa May about this outrage. If need be, he should offer to accept an application for political asylum by Mr. Robinson. He is clearly the victim of blatant persecution. The fact that such outrages are happening in Great Britain, the cradle of political liberty, should shock us all profoundly.

To find out what got Mr. Robinson in trouble, read his annotated version of the Koran, while it’s still legal to buy his book.

UPDATE: Thousands of Britons descended on 10 Downing Street on Saturday to demand that Prime Minister Theresa May act to #FreeTommyRobinson. See video below, where even Robinson’s advocates avoid mentioning his sentence, for fear of arrest.

In the wake of massive public protests in central London, the reporting restrictions on Tommy Robinson’s case have been lifted. Here is an update from British journalist Raheem Kassam:

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  • Paul

    And people wonder why we need the 2nd Amendment.

  • It’s hard to believe what is happening to Britain under the “leadership” of Theresa May and her “Conservatives”. Even after 1400 girls were groomed for prostitution because of politically “correct” unwillingness to cast Muslim immigrants in a truthful bad light, criticism of Islam is still not allowed. Chilling. Nigel Farage needs to be PM, and quickly, or the nation will be irretrievably lost.

  • Tim Danaher

    The Brits won’t let Robinson go to the US just like they would not let Alfie Evans go to Italy. The British bench is populated by agents of death and is very unlikely to allow honest and guiltless people taste freedom or hope.

  • M_Minnesota

    This has implications for the proclamation of the Gospel. Franklin Graham could not preach in London Today.

    Prayers for Tommy Robinson and his family!!!

  • tz1

    So Theresa “Hitler” May will insure that what happened to Charlie Gard, and Baby Alfie will happen to TR?

    TR is an anti-muslim bigot who just won’t accept Muslims have vastly different ideas of what constitutes age of consent, rape, etc. – He is probably alt-right (where I see the main defenses of him).

    Look at Pope Francis who doesn’t seem to think any kind of new crusade is needed, except the muslims are invading Europe, not merely denying Pilgrims access to Jerusalem. Reconquista? Horrors! And God creates and loves gayness.

    Where is the Bad Catholics Guide to submitting to Dhimmitude?

  • The UK has never had “Freedom of Speech”. Neither has the rest of Europe. There have always been lists of prohibited words and topics, all of those nations have always censored their citizens and their media. Americans should not believe the myth that our constitutional rights are similarly protected in any other nations. America is special, and this shows a good example of the reality.

    That said, bless you and Gateway Pundit for capturing the reports and getting the truth out. May our Father God give His full protection to Tommy Robinson & his family & supporters in the name of Jesus Christ, keep him in safety, and turn this event to the good of our Christian brothers & sisters in Britain and elsewhere.

    • We have a mighty big fight on our hands as the totalitarian fascist Left attempt to do the same thing to us. Thank God for 1776 and the Bill of Rights in 1789.

  • Ray

    Perhaps the man’s imprisonment is a breach of the peace.

  • M_Minnesota

    The United Kingdom. The place that brought us the Magna Carte which give people rights and not just the King. Today the British Government has torn the Magna Carte up in favor of the King Koran.

    • It was British thinkers and philosophers of the enlightenment that inspired and provided the intellectual fuel for the American Revolution which was fought by British citizens who were not being given the rights of citizens and were being treated as though they were nothing but a piggy bank. Our best ‘propagandist’ was British..Thomas Paine. Britain is our cultural and legal motherland and to see her collapse into moral decay and political cowardice is sickening

  • M_Minnesota

    Wonder what Billionare British Author JK Rowling thinks of this free speech thingy?? She’s had enough time to comment on him for the last couple of weeks in Britain……….

    • I know what she thinks…Oh boy, I’m sure glad that it isn’t me. Tough luck for those guilty of wrongthink…now where’s that royalty check?

  • embee29

    Where is Amnesty international? (Tongue – in – cheek) They don’t defend the likes of Tommy Robinson, just like the ACLU doesn’t defend freedom of speech for everyone in America. So sad, brave, brave man. May God use him to continue the efforts to bring real peace to thus world.

  • Patmos

    The Illuminati is using Islam the same way they use Marxism: As a way to set flames to western democracy, and sovereign nations in general, at which point they seize upon the chaos and build upon the rubble. This is where we were headed with Hillary, whether she was a witting participant or not. We still may be headed there eventually, but when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.

  • Gene Walker

    Who was the Judge? was it Julian Lambert?
    The judge should be named and shamed.
    Let hundreds go to the court tomorrow and video the Muslim rapists
    going into the court. Let the Judge arrest thousands for protecting children.
    let “Reporters” follow the judge to lunch, dinner, home all the while asking him to comment
    on his inequity, use of police hit squads, letting rapists off with minimal charges….

  • This is what happens when a population is disarmed..

    • Hoyos

      Is it though? Would anyone fight back? Would we really?

      • That’s up to the people of Britain. Generally it’s about three percent of a population that does the heavy lifting in a revolution and another 20-25% that assist in any tangible way like sae houses, food, supplies etc. The sheeple sit it out to see which way the wind blows.

      • Paul

        If someone did would you think they are a freedom fighter or terrorist?

  • RM

    Thank you for having the courage to report the “unpersoning” and unjust imprisonment of Tommy Robinson. Britain is lost to insanity and Islam (maybe that is redundant). One quibble: “According to the controversial site GatewayPundit” Controversial? Really? No not really, Gateway pundit is just an honest reporter.

    • Zmirak

      I don’t know his work and have heard controversy, didn’t want to distract from Tommy’s plight by relitigating that. So I included something to show I was aware of the controversy, and moved on.

      • Madeline Brooks

        The controversy concerns his former ties to groups that included some people who gave Nazi salutes and people who wanted all Jews out of England. If you look on Wikipedia, you will see that he still has associations, albeit seemingly loose ones. with similar types. My read on him, so far, is that he is one brave fellow who is looking for support – hard to find in England – wherever he can find it, sometimes very haphazardly and mistakenly.

        • Elisabeth Martin

          I want to hit the like button to what you said, but I can’t, because you referenced Wikipedia as if they were a reliable source.

          • Madeline Brooks

            In this case, they are. I have been following Tommy’s stance for years, and have watched him be dropped by other counter jihad activists for some of his troublesome ties. I would not have cited Wikipedia here if I had doubts about them. But so what. What matters now is his safety and the causes he stands for.

          • Elisabeth Martin

            I, too, have followed Tommy for years, and have heard him explain and denounce such charges as the ones made on Wikipedia. I used to donate to Wikipedia, because, even though I know they aren’t always reliable, I often use them as a point to start my research, and thought it was only fair, but I’ve seen too many cases of the information being biased and just plain wrong, so I eventually decided I couldn’t support them. There are too many hateful labels given to people with whom the Left disagrees. When Dave Rubin is labeled Alt Right, because he dialogues with people the Left finds dangerous to its agenda, we know we are dealing with dishonest, indecent people. 🙁
            That said, it sounds like we are on the same page regarding Robinson.

  • TwoTrees

    We are witnessing the crucifixion of Tommy Robinson in real-time.

    Per the Evening Standard, hundreds of ‘Far Right’ protesters gathered in front of White Hall to protest. This is exactly the play: label anyone who supports Tommy as ‘far right’ and his case need not be dealt with. My prayers are with Tommy…I wish there was more I could do.

    • Elisabeth Martin

      We should also pray for his family. There have been serious death threats made against them for a long time. Who will protect them?

    • Andrew Mason

      Increasingly Far Right is applied to anyone not Far Left whilst merely Left is deemed mainstream.

  • GLT

    The seeds of civil war, planted long ago, are now starting to germinate. It will soon engulf all of Europe if there are not dramatic changes.

  • Hoyos

    He is legitimately one of the bravest men in England, he voluntarily faces death and from the interviews I’ve seen he conducts himself without self pity or rancor, like a true Englishman. He has also studiously avoided actual racism or any real bigotry.

    • Elisabeth Martin

      You speak the truth.

  • This is murder by prison and the government is guilty. If something happens to Tommy in prison it will be the determining moment in post-modern British history. Brits will either choose to remain as sheep or become lions.

  • Madeline Brooks

    It is not enough just to complain. Protests outside British embassies can be held. Signs and shouts would go something like, “Shame on you! Let Tommy go!”

    • Elisabeth Martin

      They have been protesting, thousands strong. Maybe you wrote this before it happened.

      • Madeline Brooks

        Yes, I wrote this either before the protest in the UK or before I saw it. But when I referred to embassies, I indicated protests in America and other places outside of the UK. I’m cheered on by the UK protests and hope they spread worldwide.

        • Elisabeth Martin

          I’d love to participate in a protest of support for Tommy. I don’t have a single friend who even knows who he is – and I live near Eugene, Oregon, everyone here thinks Bernie Sanders is the Messiah.

  • Madeline

    Tommy was speaking out against massive child sex exploitation, among other things. For a detailed rundown of just how bad it is, look at the Wiki story. Local police silenced the handful of caring people who tried to report it for fear the perps, almost 100% “Asian,” i.e. Muslim, would get angry. Theresa May spoke up on the right side for a while, then backed down.

    • Elisabeth Martin

      Right? What happened to Theresa May??? In the beginning, she acted like she was going to be tough on the invaders, I was so happy to hear Britain had someone like her, then she did a 180.
      And don’t you just love how the media and government cover up the crimes committed by muslim men by calling them Asian?

      • Madeline Brooks

        The media and the gov’t have surrendered to Muslim dominance. They are now dhimmis, subjects of sharia, offering up their own girls as jizya, the ongoing tax on non-Muslims to keep the continual jihad going. This is what Islam brings us, folks. The great British scholar (through marriage) Bat Ye’Or, a Jew kicked out of her Egypt homeland, writes convincingly about how Europe sells out to Islam in “Eurabia.” There is no accommodation possible for people who want to wipe out your culture and your rights. Unless you are hell bent on dying, or selling out. All the Muslims had to do, apparently, was show up for a few decades and the Brits caved. Their cravenness is off the charts.

        • Elisabeth Martin

          It’s so shocking to watch, and it’s impossible to talk to these people, to even try is to be labeled some kind of hater. They pat themselves on the backs for being so good and tolerant, all the while ignoring the destruction of the West. Evan Sayet has a good theory to describe how the Left thinks in “The Kindergarden of Eden”. I really can’t think of any other reason, other than mental illness. Of course, this confusion is prophesied in the Bible. I will check out “Eurabia”. Thank you.

  • Cannibal’s Gazette

    This story is a complete misrepresentation of the truth. Robinson was not summarily imprisoned for reporting. First, he was already under suspended sentence for a similar offence last year. That means he was already tried and convicted of contempt of court. The sentence was suspended, which means he didn’t have to go to prison UNLESS he did the same thing again. When he reported outside Leeds court this week, he was committing the same sort of offence and the previous sentence became active, meaning he could be imprisoned for the prior conviction. This is basic law, guys. The offence he committed originally, and the offence for which he was arrested this week is breach of the peace and breaking legal reporting restrictions of sex cases. Basically, to ensure a fair trial, the press isn’t allowed to report on the trial until it is finished. Reporting restrictions are not a conspiracy, they apply to most cases and there is nothing odd going on here. These laws exist so that th jury is not influenced by any outside factors. Having now been imprisoned as per the original conviction, he may now face trial for this new offence, if the courts decide it’s worthwhile. Therefore reporting restrictions apply to this offence so as not to prejudice any future jury. And if he faces a new trial because of this arrest, he will be represented by lawyers. I’m afraid the Stream is either deliberately lying to you or simply doesn’t understand the issues here.

    • Paul

      Did you actually read this article?

      “Robinson, 35, was arrested on Friday for suspicion of ‘breaching the peace’ while livestreaming to report on the trial of a child grooming gang and will now have to serve a prior 13 month suspended sentence for a similar offense.”

    • Sapient

      You have either missed the entire point of the article or you’re an apologist for heavy-handed fascistic forms of government.

    • kingzog1

      “Basically, to ensure a fair trial, the press isn’t allowed to report on the trial until it is finished.”

      Except if you look at the order you find that the reporting restrictions were imposed on Robinson’s imprisonment until another trial had concluded.

      Robinson didn’t get a trial – he was recalled to serve a suspended sentence in a proceeding that only lasted a couple of hours from arrest to imprisonment. So there was no trial to prejudice.

      The reporting restrictions on his arrest were in place to stop people writing articles like this in the UK pointing out that this is all a crazy abuse of power. And of course the other effect of the reporting restrictions was to stop people pointing out that he faces significant risk of injury or death when he is locked up in the same prison as the child trafficking gangs he was reporting on.

      It’s appalling. And it’s typical the left- normally fans of human rights – are all acting as apologists for this.

    • Marc

      Reporting on paedophiles is a breach of the peace? Get real they will silence anyone who speaks against the globalists/soros agenda

      • Sylvain_A

        The gag order from the court is to ensure a fair trial. Other reporter were inside the court room and will report once the verdict is out.

        He chose to not respect the gag order because the accuse were Muslim. He never stood outside the court when Christian (like all good catholic priest that have abuse children without any consequences for years).

        • Marc

          Doesn’t need to as if priests are involved the BBC are all over it

        • Andrew Mason

          And yet when supporters and family members of the accused child rapists harass, stalk, and assault witnesses that’s what, just part and parcel of having a fair trial? Justice needs to be seen to be done. As it stands Britain is being shown to have at least 3 legal systems – one for ordinary citizens accused of ordinary crimes, one for Muslims whose crimes can’t be ignored, and one for those who offend Muslims andor the political elite.

    • bookmanwales

      His original suspended sentence was 3 months. Legally that is all he can be recalled for. Any further charges have to be tried and he MUST be convicted BEFORE further time is added. I’m afraid it is YOU who is misleading people. A secret trial of further charges was obviously carried out, if not then he is still jailed for an illegal amount of time.

    • Jack Pallance

      He was charged in a secret trial and denied his lawyer. You ok with that

  • Madeline Brooks

    The problem with police allowing Muslim rape gangs isn’t just in Britain. Not to detract from Tommy’s case, but to add to the cause for which he is fighting, these affronts show up in many places in Europe. For example, a recent article states, “1,400 UNDERAGE DUTCH GIRLS INTO SEX SLAVERY IN NETHERLANDS EVERY YEAR.” This site does not allow links, or I would post it. The Koran not only allows sex slavery (4:24; 23:5-6; 33:50), uses it to finance jihad Isis and Boku Haram, according to multiple reports.

  • Jay Stang

    I think it’s pretty obvious that these Muslim rape gangs are protected by the British government, so the pedophiles that infest the British government can have fresh children to prey on.

    • Jack Pallance

      The us should put sanctions on the uk for this

  • Adam Griffin

    Here’s what a judge said to him the last time he was in court in giving him the suspended sentence:
    “In short, Mr. Yaxley-Lennon, turn up at another court, refer to people as “Muslim paedophiles, Muslim rapists” and so on and so forth while trials are ongoing and before there has been a finding by a jury that that is what they are, and you will find yourself inside. Do you understand? Thank you very much.”

    He does exactly what he was told not to do, and he’s been given the treatment he was exactly promised. Of course there is a debate to be had on the merits of putting restrictions on the media reporting on ongoing trials, but as it stands right now the law is pretty straightforward. He was warned, and he ignored the warning.

    • bookmanwales

      Except his suspended sentence was for 3 months not 13. Extra time CANNOT be added at a judges whim. There MUST be a trial if further charges are made. Something was apparently underhand in the way this was conducted hence the total gag order. Gag orders are not given for simple breach of peace trials or convictions, well not unless you are publicising Muslim gangs of course!!

      • Adam Griffin

        Why wouldn’t he get charged additional time for an additional offence? He was told to not do something and he did it. 3 months for the original charge and another longer stint for seeming to completely disregard the law. It’s the job of the court to decide appropriate sentencing, it’s hardly a “whim”. It’s literally the main thing a judge will do.

        The gag order is to ensure integrity of the ongoing trials. Do you want the lawyers defending these rapists to be able argue for a mistrial? Once all the cases are finished it will all be a matter of public record, we just have to wait.

        • Jack Pallance

          So secret trials are ok with you

          • Adam Griffin

            I’m 50/50 on the laws themselves, they should be debated and constantly watched. But the laws are what they are. Tommy knew that and he broke them anyway. Credit to him for sticking up for his beliefs but he committed a crime. He knew he would go to jail for it.

          • Jack Pallance

            Yes but you guys submitted him to a secret trial. And denied him his lawyer.

          • Adam Griffin

            It’s not secret anymore. He was given a good barrister. But I agree that those were not the right thing to do.

            Who are “you guys”? I’m not involved in any of this, I don’t even live in the UK.

          • Jack Pallance

            Fair enough. He also got 13 months which is more than any of those rapists will get since it seems the British approve of this practice. Which is why they give it the nice name grooming.

          • Adam Griffin

            I’ll fully support anyone who wants to (legally) expose a lack of justice in these trials. It’ll all be public in September so I look forward to someone taking on that job. It could have been Tommy if he was a bit smarter.

    • Madeline Brooks

      Can you explain how you know what the judge said, please? I ask because this is the first time I have seen those specific words. Also, did Tommy use those words when he was filming outside the courthouse? I didn’t see it on the video that is circulating. Or was he penalized for “turn(ing) up at another court”? These little legal details may seem small in face of the larger issues, but they could be very important in saving his life.

      • Adam Griffin

        All court proceedings are in the public record and available online AFTER the trial is completely over. The secrecy and media supression only happens during the trial while of course some information like names of victims might never be released. You can look up the details of his sentencing, just google it.

        • Madeline Brooks

          I am in the States and am not familiar with UK court searches. Would you be good enough to post what you have, please? Even so, the broader issue of a journalist trying to expose in order to stop the massive abuse of young girls, and the government not only not blessing him but getting in his way after ordering decades of police stand down looks evil to me. What do you think? Why do you think that there are now rallies all over the world in support of Tommy Robinson and Free Speech?

          • Adam Griffin

            Google the terms “Yaxley-Lennon contempt” and the top result is the transcript from the case.

            Sure, the laws are up for debate, but they are still the laws. It’s not the defendents who are being protected, it’s the underage victims. By filming outside the court he’s a very good chance of revealing the identity of everyone involved, including the kids. And for what? So the public can see some brown skinned people walking into a building and cast judgement on them? The secrecy is not permanent and in some time the details will be made public. Tommy just had to wait. It will be a matter of months, not years.

          • AvantiBev

            The danger is from a supremacist ideology and its false god and prophet, NOT from skin color. Millions of “brown skinned” people have been and are currently being butchered to shouts of “Allah Anbar”.

          • Aloha12

            ‘Brown skin’…there it is…you’ve shown your hand.

            Disregard comments from our friend Adam Griffin who’s race obsessed.

  • bookmanwales

    He didn’t have a 13 month suspended sentence to serve he had only a 3 month sentence 10 months was added in a secret trial without access to his preferred solicitor (lawyer) denied time to prepare and denied time to defend himself against further charges Never before done and jailed in just 3 to 4 hours before.

  • Madeline Brooks

    The latest update I see is from his close associate, Caolan Robertson, reporting in a video on InfoWars. Caolan, who says he worked with Tommy for about a year and a half, was with him at the courthouse and the arrest. He says any info released was what had already been published in ordinary newspapers and was nothing new, so the “privacy” of the court proceedings has not been breached. Also that the mood in England is widespread rage from both left and right over this rot, and that Tommy is not in a heavily Muslim populated prison and is safe now. Caolan says he will be giving more updates. InfoWars has been supporting Tommy consistently in the past.

    • Adam Griffin

      He interviewed the defendants as they tried to walk into the court house. He asked them about the case amd recorded their responses. That’s new information that the media restriction laws are designed to stop. If a jurer sees the video then that’s seeing the defendants outside of the court process which is not allowed under any circumstances.

      • Madeline Brooks

        Two things. One: I would like it confirmed by others that he asked the defendants about the case because I didn’t see it in the video that I watched. Two: So what. What can the defendants say to him that was not already in the news? And anyway, why not just instruct the jury not to watch TV or listen to the radio. That is how it is done in the US. Free speech is protected that way. Isn’t that important to you?!! Aren’t you outraged that the gov’t kept a lid on these gang rapes for decades yet in an instant pounced on Tommy, the Truth Teller? The gov’ts complicity in these Years of the Rapes must be exposed.

  • anastasia157

    We all better seek sanctuary in Christian russia

    • Tim Pan

      No thanks.

    • Pat Davis

      Anastasia,huh? Did you forget how the ruskies treated your family? Go ahead, go to Russia, see how your free speech argument works there

      • anastasia157

        Hadn’t ya heard. Russia has gone back to their Christian roots. There is as much free speech there, as there is here. When was the last time you heard any US media person asked Assad, Putin, Kim Jung Un or Ali Khamenei their response to any of the accusations we made against them. Hear any response from them on your television about any of these numerous accusations made against them? Hadn’t ya even noticed these glaring omissions yet? WAKE UP. Your first amendment rights have been trashed.

  • azsxdcf1

    SO… this is how THE END TIMES are manifest? Terrible!!

  • TheSaint4JC

    I hope American’s are taking notes… b/c this is exactly what the Progressive Left Democrats here are advancing forward on…

    Better start standing up and fighting this NOW, not tomorrow, after it happens… NOW… resist the resistance of the left.

  • Jack Pallance

    Apparently other journalists were doing the exact same thing at that triAl but Tommy was singled out. Also what sort of nation bans reporters from a trial. Do they want to keep quiet the nature of Islam?

  • Starman8080

    Freedom of Speech in the UK is obviously practically gone!

  • Offering asylum is all well and good, but I think Tommy would refuse it. He wants to be on the ground reporting the truth, not whisked away into a country on the other side of an ocean from “on the ground”.

  • Jules Vernes

    What if said person was on license from a previous sentence and then broke the terms of that license by breaching the peace at said court house therefore activating the old prison sentence which had 13 months remaining to serve on it! Please get your facts right before spouting such right wing fairy tales!

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