Brett Kavanaugh’s Spiritual Readiness — And Our Own

By Tom Gilson Published on October 6, 2018

I write this before the Senate’s final vote on Brett Kavanaugh. At this time a lot of the crucial story has already been told. The secular left unleashed an attack on him like we’ve never seen before. Their pushback was predictable, but this went beyond predictions.

Kavanaugh stood the test. He held to his convictions. He refused to back out. He took his last committee interrogation with human emotion, but with something more besides. I know he prepared for that day in all kinds of ways, but part of that preparation had to have been in prayer and fellowship with Christ and his own church. He showed every sign of being spiritually ready.

Meanwhile, the secular left showed what it was willing to do in order to advance its goals. Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony was “her truth,” said Sen. Booker. All the Democrats (as I recall) told her, “I believe you.” Why? Because she was a woman with a story of sexual assault? I hardly need to tell you how fast they’d have pinned her story to the wall if it hadn’t been so politically useful.

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The fact is, they didn’t respect her, and they didn’t respect her story. If they had, they’d have talked through its details with her. Instead they rushed to “believe” it, and they all spent the rest of their five minutes spouting their own stories. That’s not respecting her, it’s using her. It was despicable on that basis alone.

But of course it was even worse than that. She was a tool in their hands, and their purpose with her was to destroy a man of integrity.

Attacks Once Inconceivable Are Now Routine

Kavanaugh handled it well. Would you? Would I? Could we conceivably face a grilling like he did? So many inconceivable things are going on these days, we’d be fools to say it could never happen.

Secular leftists are telling each other Mike Pence would be “more terrifying” than Donald Trump as our president. That’s a lot for someone on the left to say. Rolling Stone calls him a “huge risk” for his “social extremism.” The reason: He’s a believing Christian. He believes marriage is for a man and a woman. He won’t dine alone with a woman not his wife. For them that means he’s an “extremist.”

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Funny thing: when I was in my twenties and thirties, those views were pretty much normal, at least as far as they’d have any impact on public policy. My beliefs haven’t changed since then. What’s changed is the venom with which people attack them. No one in public life would have tried that a few decades ago. Now I’m an “extremist,” and you probably are, too.

It’s Worth Getting Ready!

We’re all getting labeled. Some of us are being attacked. I’ve mentioned before I have a friend who gets attacked at work just for mentioning he had lunch at Chick-fil-A.

Is it getting worse? Yes. Will it get even more intense? I can’t claim to know, but odds are yes, it’s going to keep on heating up. We’re all going to want to have the same kind of spiritual preparedness Brett Kavanaugh has displayed.

It’s a safe move to make in any event, for it sure doesn’t hurt to make ourselves up to speed spiritually. What it takes to be prepared, after all, is just living lives the way Christ intended. It’s trusting in Christ, living a life of devotion to him, practicing integrity, uniting with others in fellowship and service, and studying to know what and why we believe.

That’s what they call extremism. It’s what we should consider a normal Christian life.

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