Bizarre Scene in Court as Defendant Says He’s Proud to be a Cop Killer

By Published on July 31, 2015

An attempt by defense attorneys to put Bryant Brewer’s mental illness on display before a packed courtroom Thursday appeared to backfire when he angrily told a prosecutor he was proud of killing Chicago police Officer Thor Soderberg.

Judge Timothy Joyce, who will decide Brewer’s fate, halted the trial at one point and ordered him removed from the courtroom after he repeatedly ignored orders to sit down on the witness stand. When testimony resumed, Brewer whispered his answers to the judge.

Brewer was irate and lucid under cross-examination by a prosecutor after appearing confused, easily distracted and soft-spoken during questioning by his attorney.

“Aren’t you proud of being a cop killer?” Assistant State’s Attorney Brian Sexton asked Brewer on cross-examination.

“Hell yeah I’m proud,” Brewer replied. “I’m proud because you want me to be proud.”

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