Author: Campaign to Reduce Blacks’ Abortion Rate is About ‘Making America White Again’

By Tom Gilson Published on September 12, 2018

It’s a common pro-life point of concern: Many more black babies get aborted than white. It’s a race-selective industry, and it hurts blacks especially. Now I’m told the reason we make that an issue is because we want to “make America white again.” 

Yes, you read that right. Author Jodi Picoult is publicizing her new pro-abortion book A Spark of Light. A report in the Hartford Courant tells how Picoult has “come to understand” what “Christian pro-choice advocate” Dr. Willie Parker has “pieced … together.” Picoult puts it this way:

The only person who can have a white baby is a white woman. The only way to make more white people is to have more white babies. If you can appeal to black women and get them to be anti-abortion, you are going to restrict abortion for black women but more importantly you will also restrict abortion for white women. So you are getting what you want, more white babies.”

I almost wrote, “The logic of this is twisted beyond words;” but that would be granting it some status as logic. It’s just twisted.

Finding Evil Where No Evil Is There To Be Found

Pro-life statements have nothing in them to suggest we’re trying to make America “white again.” The evidence for that just doesn’t exist. It is not there. Just think how much easier it would be, if we really wanted a whiter world, just to let abortion keep taking more black lives year after year after year.

But Parker and Picoult found a way to see evil, racist intentions behind pro-life messaging anyway. Where did they get that asinine conclusion from? Not from any direct evidence, that’s for sure. It had to be from somewhere else. And the best explanation I can think of is this: Pro-life advocates (they believe) aren’t just intent on destroying women’s lives, but black lives as well.

Yet we’re crafty. We’ve found a way to conceal it behind the pretense of trying to save black lives. Then — since such a thing dare not be admitted aloud — we’ve buried every shred of communication showing we’d done it.

This is conspiracy theorizing to a breath-taking degree.

This is conspiracy theorizing to a breath-taking degree. To believe it must take a rock-solid commitment to the belief that conservatives hate blacks; a conviction so firm and secure, any evidence to the contrary must be “pieced together” to make it say exactly the opposite of what it really says.

This appears to be the way some pro-abortion activists view pro-life people: We’re racist. We’re haters. We’re cunning, and we’re evil.

This is not conspiracy-theorizing on my part. I’m showing you evidence. If you’ve got a better way to explain it, I’m all ears.

“Really Nice… Normal People” 

Picoult seems conflicted in this article, though. She’s almost willing to see some good in pro-life advocates.

“Talking to people who are pro-life,” she says, “I expected religious zealots. I didn’t get them. I got really nice people who I could have easily had a cup of coffee with, sat down to dinner with, laughed with.”

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If she actually did have those moments of true connection with those “really nice people,” she didn’t say so. That’s okay. At least she’s big enough (or virtue-signaling enough) to admit she could have, anyway. “These are normal people,” she goes on to say. Later on she complains about our “extremely patriarchal society.” Picoult may not be patriarchal, but she sure is patronizing.

And totally oblivious to it. How could she be otherwise? She’s seen how people like us “believe that at conception, a life is formed. That’s what they passionately believe.” Enlightened women like Jodi Picoult speak from a superior position, for they know far better than to think such a thing.

What We’re Up Against

This is what we’re up against in all the spiritual battles and cultural conflict we’re involved in. Progressives think we’re lesser beings both mentally and morally. We’re evil and we’re stupid. If evidence and logic show otherwise, then they’ll twist it around to prove their conclusions anyway.

No clearer demonstration could be found than this crazy idea that we’re campaigning to save black lives in order to “make America white again.”


Tom Gilson is a senior editor with The Stream and the author of Critical Conversations: A Christian Parents’ Guide to Discussing Homosexuality with Teens (Kregel Publications, 2016). Follow him on Twitter: @TomGilsonAuthor.

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  • Marty Roth

    “It’s a common pro-life point of concern: Many more black babies get aborted than white.”

    That is a flat out lie. Search Google for “Reported Legal Abortions by Race of Woman Who Obtained Abortion by the State of Occurrence” then click on the kff link.

    The reality is far more white babies (51% of total US abortions) are aborted than blacks (39% of total US abortions). This clown is lying.

    • Trilemma

      Mr. Gilson is saying that the percentage of pregnant women who identify as black that get an abortion is greater than the percentage of pregnant women who identify as white that get an abortion.

      • Patmos

        Get a life, troll.

        • Andrew Mason

          I think Trilemma is trying to say the same thing you did.

          • So now you are carrying buckets for a man who just claimed that people “identify” as their own race? As if it was up to person preference?

            It appears your distance between maining gnosticism and your own gnosticism is slipping.

          • Trilemma

            Biologically, race is an illusion in humans. The concept of race is a social construct that humans have imposed upon themselves.

          • Not at all, people are emetic ally different depending on what place their ancestors came from. If you were I remove “social constructs” like marxism and relativism, there would be no confusion as to how people are different.

          • Marty Roth

            lol. The Hasbara / Critical Theory crew is out in full force.

            Tell that to doctors who says diabetes is 60% more common in black Americans than in white Americans. Or, who say that black Americans are three times more likely to die of asthma than white Americans.

            Tell that to the Jews of the OT whose racial/biological descent from Abraham made them Jews.

          • Trilemma

            The fact that a certain people group that has dark skin is more likely to get diabetes or asthma is not enough to make them a separate biological race. Nor does being a descendant of Abraham make people a separate biological race. The human race has not been around long enough for separate races to develop.

          • Race is used to describe those of different ancestry. Try to stop twisting language and you will have an easier time.

          • Trilemma

            Ethnicity is used to describe those of different ancestry. The idea that there are different biological races lacks scientific support.

          • Not at all, and refusing to look does not make your case for you.

          • Marty Roth

            lol. Tell that to the doctors who ask black people to enter their race, who then enter black as their race, and then somehow magically have specific ailments common across that race, the prevalence of which is not found outside their race.

          • Trilemma

            Forms that ask for a person’s race are actually asking for their ethnicity.

          • you stated a few days ago that race is a matter of personal preference.

          • Marty Roth

            That’s beyond idiotic, Shlomo. Your sophistry needs some polishing.

          • Andrew Mason

            Merely trying to keep the peace.

            As for racial identity being a matter of choice, it is. Obama has a Black father a White mother yet identifies as Black. Okay his pigmentation validates that choice, but isn’t he really mixed? And what of those whose ancestry and pigmentation is more complicated, the mixed family in Britain for instance who have 1 Black twin and 1 White twin? Do you judge them by pigmentation or ancestry? And what of those who are White but legally Black? There was a case in Australia several years back where a columnist who wrote about several Whites – who may or may not have any Black ancestry – think akin to Elizabeth Warren, yet have milked the gravy train for all the privileges possible. They sued him and a left-wing judge ruled for the White Black folk with white skin.

          • Contrary to your gnosis, reality does not depend on ones ego or permission.

          • Andrew Mason

            You’re locked into your broken record mode again. I didn’t argue the nature of reality I gave examples grounded in reality and asked how race was to be decided. Australia for instance has ruled White looking people can legally insist on being identified as Black. Britain has the example where mixed parents had twin daughters that were on extreme opposite ends of the pigmentation spectrum. And the US has Rachel Dolezal, the African-American identifying woman whose parents are White.

            Engaging in personal attacks doesn’t change this reality nor does it address the question of how race should be understood – as a matter of (weighted?) ancestry, skin pigmentation, or some sort of socialpolitical label.

          • you imply it is up to one’s personal perception and desire. While fitting with your normal views, it is not the case.

          • Andrew Mason

            I don’t see that I’m implying race is a matter of an individual’s desire, though clearly others practice that view, but yes it certainly could be a matter of perception – it depends on the definition used.

            How is race defined? Is it a matter of (weighted?) ancestry, skin pigmentation, some sort of socialpolitical label, or some other criteria?

          • One would think it would be self-explanatory outside of your purposely deconstructionist mindset,

          • Andrew Mason

            As I just demonstrated, race clearly isn’t self-explanatory. Perhaps it ought to be, but legally and socially it would seem to be otherwise.

          • Which brings me back to my point that reality does not depend on a vote or opinion.

          • Andrew Mason

            And which doesn’t change the fact that you still haven’t defined race.

          • I explained it, and you said that because people try to subvert language or feel differently, that we cannot use the term anymore. Nonsense.

          • Andrew Mason

            Huh? Okay upthread in response to Trilemma you said “Race is used to describe those of different ancestry.” Since I wasn’t reading responses to him I obviously didn’t see that. It’s also not particularly clear how that applies to the cases I mentioned. What race are those of mixed ancestry?

            I never said the term race cannot be used. Yes people appear to be using the term in varying fashions which makes its use challenging.

          • And people using it incorrectly is different. Those people who are mixed would be a third category.

          • Andrew Mason

            Mixed isn’t a recognised racial category however. You have Black, White and Yellow. Some places include Coloured as a 4th option. That’s about it usually. And basing race on ancestry causes issues for those whose appearance – that which they’re judged on, doesn’t match their ancestry which is obviously unknowable without interrogation or extensive family knowledge.

          • Yet it is, but you are putting artificial limitations to claim the language is inadequate.

        • Jim

          You first, troll

      • “Identify as black,” mr subversive? Got a new rhetoric memo?

    • Patmos

      Except the percentage of white people in the US overall is bigger than the percentage of black people, so that 39% is a far more significant percentage. It means abortion hits the black community far harder, and it’s not even close really.

      Way to fail.

      • Marty Roth

        Try actually reading the article, bright bulb.

        His argument was “Many more black babies get aborted than white”.

        That is patently false by the article/source cited as well as plenty of other data. Next time, try making sure your rebuttal actually relates to the argument made in the article. That’ll keep you from going down rabbit trails.

      • Marty Roth

        So, what’s your point? Black baby deaths are more significant that white baby deaths?

      • Marty Roth

        Hmmmm.. Nice way of saying black baby deaths are more significant that white baby deaths.

    • Lisa

      Considering that black people only make up 12% of the population, then they are sadly aborting their babies at a much higher rate.

      • Marty Roth

        I would think that all abortions, period, would be sad.

        Somehow its more sad for the black community than the white community simply because—assuming your data is accurate and bears out over time since 1973—the black community is more impacted?

        Using your reasoning, the value attached to a death via abortion is directly connected to abortion rate for the relevant race/demographic.

      • Marty Roth

        Interesting.. So you’re saying individual black deaths are more important than white deaths. Impressive compassion.

      • Marty Roth

        So you’re saying black baby deaths are more important than white baby deaths. Impressive compassion there, Lisa.

      • Marty Roth

        Pretty compassionate of you there, Lisa. What you’re saying is that black babies are more important that white babies.

    • Andrew Mason

      Blacks comprise roughly 13% of the US population, Whites something like 75%. Based on abortion rates Blacks are aborting at about 4.5x the rate of Whites. Eliminating abortion would thus see a massive boost for Blacks, and only a minor boost for Whites.

      • Marty Roth

        Which has nothing to do with my point.

        The argument in the article was “Many more black babies get aborted than white”

        That is patently false notwithstanding your attempts to minimize that by appeals to greater communal impact.

        BTW. Re-check those numbers on whites. 75% is far too high, something I’m sure you already knew.

        At least black women in America have a choice. In Israel they sterilized tons of Ethiopian (black) Jews without their knowledge/approval, resulting in a decline of at least 50% in birth rate for that community.

        Anyone wanting to verify that can search Google for “Israel Admits Ethiopian Women Were Given Birth Control Shots”, the title of an article taken from the Jewish online news source, Haaretz.

        • Andrew Mason

          Okay the point could have been phrased better but it appears that most people understood what was meant and are now seeking to educate you.

          My apologies, according to the 2016 census it was 77.1% White – I undercounted.

          A complete fabrication. The article you reference is paywalled, as is another also by Haaretz which seems to state that long term contraceptives were offered. Your piece suggests that Ethiopian women didn’t understand what they were being offered and objected once they realised what they agreed to. Not sterilisation by any means.

    • Actually, 40-60% of every black child is killed before they are born depending on the area. On average nationwide in the us, it is 50%. In some areas it is even worse than 70%.

    • Your white supremacism is noted.

  • Patmos

    It’s stunning how many progressives claim truth to be the exact opposite of what is true, and call evil good and good evil. It’s that spirit of anti Christ.

  • benevolus

    Always be on guard for arguments that prove you wrong either way, just like loaded questions such as, “When did you stop beating your wife?” Obviously, if we are not concerned about the higher per-capita rates of abortion, we could be accused of trying to make America white again. But if we can be accused of the same thing because we do care, then we’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t, and the whole argument contains a logical flaw.

  • Andrew Mason

    Hispanic isn’t considered a race in the US census.

    I rarely use Google and access behind paywall varies. Some companies allow it, others don’t.

    • Marty Roth

      Thanks for acknowledging your mistake, which you made twice. Last I checked hispanics didn’t come from Europe.

    • Marty Roth

      Thanks for acknowledging your mistake. Again, glad I could help.

      Wanna take one more shot and bump the white number up to 90%?

    • Marty Roth

      And yet the US census has a category for those who are “white alone”. I wonder, are Hispanics from Europe?

  • Marty Roth

    “It’s a common pro-life point of concern: Many more black babies get aborted than white.” Hmmm..

    That is a flat out lie. Search Google for “Reported Legal Abortions by Race of Woman Who Obtained Abortion by the State of Occurrence” then click on the kff link.

    The reality is far more white babies (51% of total US abortions) are aborted than blacks (39% of total US abortions).

  • Marty Roth

    “It’s a common pro-life point of concern: Many more black babies get aborted than white.”

    That is a flat out lie. Search Google for “Reported Legal Abortions by Race of Woman Who Obtained Abortion by the State of Occurrence” then click on the kff link.

    The reality is far more white babies (51% of total US abortions) are aborted than blacks (39% of total US abortions).

    People try to argue that the black community is more impacted because they comprise a smaller portion of the US population which is another way of saying black baby deaths are more significant than white baby deaths.

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