Car Explodes at Rainbow Bridge Border Checkpoint Between Canada and Niagara Falls. Terror or ‘Reckless Driver’?

Rainbow Bridge at the U.S.-Canada border at Niagara Falls, on a quieter day.

By The Stream Published on November 22, 2023

Earlier reports that the car that exploded at the Rainbow Bridge border crossing between Canada and U.S. was an apparent terrorist attempt are now being questioned. Fox News’ Alexis McAdams reports sources thought it was a terrorist attack because the explosion was so big and fierce. However, Gov. Kathy Hochul says there’s “no sign” it was a terrorist attack and that a “local” individual was involved. 

“It has not been determined to be an accident. You don’t know whether the driver was intentional in how they drove,” she told reporters, “All I know is there was a horrific … incident, a crash, an explosion, loss of life, but at this time no known terrorist connection.”

The White House told Fox News, “We’re not really able to rule anything in or out.” 

Speeding Car Launches Through the Air

What we do know is CBP has released a video of the car streaking at breakneck speed toward the gate, then launching through the air like a missile after apparently hitting the meridian.

This security camera caught the moment of explosion, though not the car itself.

The explosion left two people in the vehicle dead and a border agent hospitalized with minor injuries. Social media posts show the fiery aftermath and damage to a security booth.

So was this a terrorist attempt or a reckless driver? Viewing the clip, perhaps we should say extremely reckless driver. The investigation continues. 

The incident comes one day after CBS News reported an increased terror threat to New York State. 


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