American Anarcho-Tyranny, or, ‘Daddy, Are We Communist Poland Yet?’

By John Zmirak Published on June 6, 2022

I’ve written here before about Anarcho-Tyranny. It’s not a political ideology but a technique. It’s the method the Nazis used to take over power in Germany, which their Communist rivals noted and remembered to use in future. The far-left has employed Anarcho-Tyranny ever since, whenever democratic resistance to its demands threatens its power over the State.

Don’t get hung up on the jargon. The concept’s pretty straightforward. You saw it in Communist Poland, when Solidarity had clearly won over the workers from the so-called “workers” state. And again, in the U.S. in 2020, when the dysfunctional Democrats saddled themselves with a senile presidential candidate, against a popular, successful incumbent.

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Let’s say I’m in power in the government, and you’re my opposition. It’s “Anarchy” for me, and “Tyranny” for thee. Maybe I’m a Jim Crow Democrat, and you’re a black Republican, in 1920s Mississippi. Or a pro-Trump demonstrator in Washington, D.C., on January 6, 2020.

In each case, as Anarcho-Tyrant, I’d let people who supported my agenda break every kind of law, with barely a slap on the wrist. (Anarchy, for me.) But if you and your group tried to defend themselves, or even protest? I’d bring down the Hammer of Thor on you, citing every imaginable law I can claim you were breaking. I’d smear you in the press as “dangerous extremists,” “insurrectionists” or “terrorists,” and seek the maximum sentences.

They Want You Scared of Ending Up Like Jake Gardner, RIP

Because I want to make an example of you, to crucify you like Spartacus and his fellow rebellious slaves, leaving your corpses on crosses all along the Appian Way. I’d want every potential troublemaker, in case he started getting uppity, to remember how you ended up. The way Jake Gardner ended up when he tried to defend his elderly dad from a black thug looting Jake’s bar. Isolated, persecuted, then dead by suicide.

Have you got it now?

Does it sound familiar? It should. In large swathes of our country the State has abandoned its basic duty of keeping order and protecting our rights. It has shifted its focus instead to keeping power and defending its Oligarchs. Let me give just a few examples.

Cops Look Out for Cops, and for Our Oligarchs. Not You

Remember the George Floyd riots, when cities across America burned, small businesses got devastated, and political dissenters got attacked by violent mobs? What did the cops do? They followed orders and stood around doing nothing.

They’d only swing into action if some uppity “kulak” tried to defend himself. Then they’d swoop in like heroes. They’d arrest the McCloskeys for stopping a mob of Antifa arsonists. Or arrest Kyle Rittenhouse, for shooting the thugs trying to kill him. Who actually said, “Let’s kill him!” caught on videotape.) Or they’d bust the January 6 protestors for taking selfies at the Capitol.

What happened in Uvalde, Texas? A whole flock of cops sat around clucking like chickens for an hour while a psycho shot children. They did take action, though, when a mom tried to run in and save her kids. They bravely handcuffed her. She managed to get one cop to open her cuffs, and ran in anyway. Her kids are still alive.

I’m just surprised that Biden’s Dept. of Justice isn’t prosecuting her as an “insurrectionist.” But Biden’s too busy trying to disarm the whole population, so that we’re entirely helpless, at the mercy of do-nothing cops and violent mobs.

I want you to stop reading now. Please, if you love America and your children, click on the video below and watch it all the way through. This is the mom I’m talking about. Keep in mind that the police who did nothing have not been punished, not even their leader who gave the order. In fact, he was just appointed to Uvalde’s city council. The Oligarchy knows how to get away with it, and how to protect its puppets.

If the Republicans are really on our side, and not just “managed opposition” like the Vichy French regime, they will recruit this woman to run for office. Maybe for Texas senator, to replace the hornless RINO John Cornyn, who backed Biden’s 2020 presidential steal, and backs the current gun grab.

Arsonists Get Lighter Sentences than Peaceful Protestors

But we’re not finished. There’s much, much more proof of Anarcho-Tyranny in just the weekend’s news. Read heroic reporter Julie Kelly, as she compares the vicious persecution of Jacob Chansley (aka the “QAnon Shaman”) for non-violent protest with the treatment of Antifa rioters who attempted to murder cops.

Here’s the Anarchy:

And here’s the Tyranny:

Here are photos of the Antifa terrorists who got the slap on the wrist. They’re attorneys.

Defending the Child Groomers from the Christians

As they say on those late-night infomercials, “No, wait, there’s more!”

Right here where I live in Dallas, Texas, some pervert Woke parents brought their kids to an advertised “drag” event aimed at children. With men dressed like female hookers, in a bar serving alcohol. (Multiple laws broken here, but law enforcement did nothing.) Here are courageous Christians confronting the parents who subjected their children to this filth [WARNING: profanity]:

And here’s footage of one of those courageous protestors getting hounded by a mob, then confronted by cops — who treat him like the criminal.  [WARNING: profanity]

Do you still think we live under a legitimate government? Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, Mike Pence, Mitch McConnell, and Kevin McCarthy think we do. And Donald Trump just endorsed Kevin McCarthy for re-election.

Let your representatives know that you won’t be turning in your guns, no matter which pot-bellied onlooker with a badge they send to seize them. And when liberals threaten you with the U.S. military, remind them that their Woke, tranny-stuffed army couldn’t pacify Afghanistan.


John Zmirak is a senior editor at The Stream and author or co-author of ten books, including The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism. He is co-author with Jason Jones of “God, Guns, & the Government.”

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