A Leftist Crank Who Rejects Natural Rights … Now on the Supreme Court

And other dispatches from the front lines of the Sexual Revolution

By The Ruth Institute Published on April 12, 2022

In response to Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson being confirmed as the next US Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Institute President Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D., said, “Let’s be clear about what just happened: A majority of senators put a woman with bizarre and dangerous views on the high court.” Morse continued:

A woman who can’t define ‘woman’ because she’s ‘not a biologist’ will be asked to rule on cases involving women’s rights. Pres. Biden pledged to choose a black woman to replace retiring Justice Breyer, a clear nod to affirmative action. Evidently, affirmative action is yesterday’s news. Biden picked a black woman who won’t affirm that she’s a woman. Trans control of the government is today’s revolutionary imperative.

If that weren’t enough, the future justice answered another confirmation hearing question with, ‘I do not hold a position on whether individuals possess natural rights.’

With that comment, Judge Jackson rejected the truths of America’s founding document. The Declaration of Independence holds ‘that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.’ In other words, she has denied the basis of the U. S. government.

But if U.S. citizens don’t possess inalienable natural rights, where does she think rights come from? The obvious answer is government.

“Anything granted can be taken away,” Morse said. “Theoretically, that means government can suddenly decide that there is no right to freedom of speech, press, or religion. Where does that leave us?”

“By confirming Brown, a majority of the Senate now owns this. It has confirmed to the high court, a woman who can’t define ‘woman,’ thus adhering to gender ideology, and who believes all rights come from the government. She’ll soon be interpreting the Constitution. At 51, she could be a member of the Supreme Court for the next 30 years,” Morse cautioned.

“Think about it.”

Bans on Therapy Are Based in Bigotry

The latest Dr. J Show guest is Dr. Laura Haynes, who retired from psychological clinical practice after more than 40 years. She now speaks and writes about same-sex attraction and discordant gender-sex identity. She serves on the board of the International Federation for Therapeutic and Counseling Choice as the U. S. representative. She has also chaired a committee for the National Task Force for Therapy Equality.

Dr. Haynes and her affiliated organizations fight against laws to restrict what takes place in the privacy of a counselor’s office. Former LGBT+ people, living testimonies that change is possible, have joined the cause.

“We train activists to defend the legal right to therapy,” Dr. Haynes explains. “There are underlying causes [for gender dysphoria] that need attention that are being denied. … This is medical malpractice.”

“Activists don’t want anyone to think there are any psychological problems behind same sex behaviors or feelings of attraction … or wanting to identify as the other sex.” But from Dr. Haynes’ experience working with people, she sees that they are actually in a lot of distress.

“If you’re limited to only affirming them, you’re not going to be able to help them,” Dr. Morse points out.

Learn the full truth behind talk therapy bans and why they need to be lifted by watching this video.

Rising LGBT Numbers Show “Born That Way” Can’t be True

A new Gallup Poll shows the number who say they’re LGBT is rising with each generation. While 21% of Generation Z Americans told Gallup they are LGBT, only 10.5% of Millennials said they identify this way. For the population as a whole, the figure is 7.1%.

Ruth Institute President Dr. Jennifer Morse, Ph.D., commented: “The increasing percentages of young people labeling themselves as LGBT cannot possibly be due to genetic factors; there cannot be an outbreak of a genetic condition.”

Even the American Psychological Association admits:

There is no consensus among scientists about the exact reasons that an individual develops a heterosexual, bisexual, gay or lesbian orientation … . Although much research has examined the possible genetic, hormonal, developmental, social and cultural influences on sexual orientation, no findings have emerged that permit scientists to conclude that sexual orientation is determined by any particular factor or factors.

Morse noted: “The Gallup Poll also shows that of those who say they are ‘sexual minorities,’ over half (57%) describe themselves as bisexual, and an additional 4% as ‘other,’ such as ‘queer.’ These are ‘identities’ that allow the individual to ally themselves with a trendy cause, and still live a mostly heterosexual, dare I say, normal, life.”

“The Sexual Revolutionaries have gotten a lot of mileage out of the claim that people are ‘born gay’ and cannot change. The belief that so-called sexual orientation is an innate immutable trait is the foundation for the most significant jurisprudence deconstructing the traditional understanding of sexual ethics. But this poll strongly suggests that social and cultural influences are much more pronounced than Sexual Revolutionaries have been willing to admit.”

The Ruth Institute’s Summit for Survivors of the Sexual Revolution, “Rebuilding the Family: Building on Past Successes,” June 24-25 in Lake Charles, LA, will include discussions of ‘identity,’ including Sexual Orientation Change Efforts: Is it Possible to Change? 

Ask the Experts: Defending the Body

This Q&A panel from last year’s Summit for Survivors of the Sexual Revolution features:

Erin Brewer, Co-Founder of Partners for Ethical Care, who was saved by a therapist from her desire to transition when she was a young girl.

Jackie Aguilar, Board Member of Natural Womanhood, who gave an in-depth analysis of what contraception does to a woman’s body, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Author Fr. Sebatian Walshe, who spoke on defending the body through understanding the importance of marriage and family.

Discover which is better: counseling the gender dysphoric patient or counseling his or her family, as well as, the number one cure for gender dysphoria.

Learn about lawsuits against contraceptive pharmaceutical companies as well as how to convince women to use natural means to avoid pregnancy rather than artificial hormones. Also, learn why natural family planning is better than using condoms.

Find out the different weights associated with our various natural desires and the problem with overindulging even our good natural inclinations.

Watch it all here.

Ribbon Cutting at New Ruth Inst. HQ Shows Community’s Support

On April 8, the Ruth Institute held a ribbon cutting for its new headquarters. Present were the Bishop of Lake Charles, His Excellency Glen John Provost, and Mr. Al Williams, the Community Liaison Officer from Mayor Nic Hunter’s office. The Institute’s previous office was destroyed by Hurricane Laura in August 2020.

The ceremony was sponsored by the Southwest Economic Development Alliance, the Chamber of Commerce for the five-parish region of Southwest Louisiana. In her remarks at the event, Ruth Institute President, Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D., said: “It means the world to us to be in a place where the community shares and supports our values.”

She explained: “The Ruth Institute defends traditional Christian sexual ethics, which provide authentic equality and justice for all:

  • For every child, a mother and a father.
  • For every man, no matter how rich, no matter how powerful, no matter how influential, one and only one wife.
  • For every woman, no matter how attractive, no matter how famous, one and only one husband.”

“But some rich, powerful and influential people don’t like this system. They are trying to replace traditional Christian sexual ethics with a more laissez-faire structure. That’s why the Ruth Institute has enemies, and some even go so far as to call us a hate group.”

Morse expressed her gratitude to the community for their ongoing support. “We are so grateful to our local community and to our supporters near and far, who made this day possible by their prayers and contributions.”


The Ruth Institute is a global non-profit organization, leading an international interfaith coalition to defend the family and build a civilization of love. The Ruth Institute’s Founder and President, Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, is the author of The Sexual State: How Elite Ideologies Are Destroying Lives and Love and Economics: It Takes a Family to Raise a Village. Subscribe to our newsletter and YouTube channel to get all our latest news.

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