98 Days to Election and There is No Joe Biden

By Al Perrotta Published on July 28, 2020

98 days to go. 98 days before America decides whether it’s going to be America or Venezuela. Just 98 days before America decides whether it will remain the “Land of the Free” or a land on fire. Whether we are the promised land of MLK or the Marxist land of BLM and AOC. Whether we will chant “USA!” or “Burn It Down.” 98 days to determine whether Main Street will again prosper or turn into Portland. 

98 days to choose between the liberty of the American Revolution or the bloody tyranny of the French and Cultural revolutions. 

98 days to choose between life and death. 

There is No Joe Biden

In case you haven’t noticed yet, this is not an election between Donald J. Trump and Joe Biden. There is no Joe Biden. 

There is this shell of a person who looks kinda like the guy who’s been a Swamp fixture for 50 years. But the guy you see absent-mindedly fumbling his way through brief videos? That is no more Joe Biden than a trick-or-treater in a Halloween mask. And the trick’s on us.

Behind the mask hide the Marxist-driven radicals and thugs burning down our streets and institutions.

Oh, it was a rather clever bait-and-switch by the radicals now running the Democratic Party. Open socialist Bernie Sanders was heading toward the nomination. But last winter, having an open socialist as their nominee would have been a disaster for Democrats. So instead, they forced out all the other candidates to make way for “The Politician Formerly Known as Joe Biden.” And then they simply filled the shell of Joe Biden like a cannoli. They stuffed it with Sanders and AOC and Elizabeth Warren and Black Lives Matter, Inc. Plus all manner of anti-American poisons. 

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Isn’t it curious how Sanders campaign workers who were promising to burn American cities if Bernie got pushed aside again … saw Bernie pushed aside again. And did nothing. They aren’t protesting Biden. They know they’ve got Sanders on steroids in a Biden face mask. Oh, they’re still burning down American cities. After all, the economic and political system still has to be destroyed, as Rep. Ilhan Omar likes to tell us. (Before running home to her latest husband and the million bucks in campaign funds she’s fed his/their bank account.)

A Puppet. Who’s Pulling the Strings?

There is no Joe Biden. “Joe Biden” is a creation. Like Milli Vanilli without the cool dreadlocks and nifty dance moves. 

When the mouth moves out comes the voice of AOC: Green New Deal, police are “the enemy,” Trump is the first “racist” president ever elected. Only a 28-year-old bartender who’s never read a real history book, civics book or science book could spout such radical and ignorant nonsense. And the real Joe Biden? He celebrated Klan figures, pushed segregation, boasted that his state was Confederate in spirit, thinks poor children are just as smart as white children, and thinks we can’t call it the Chinese virus because people can’t tell the difference between Chinese and South Koreans. (Another way of saying, “I think they all look alike.”) And of course, you’re not really black if you dare think for yourself. 

There is no Joe Biden. He is not cloistered in his basement avoiding meaningful interviews and curious voters because of COVID. Democratic machine operative and former DNC chair Terry McAulliffe spilled the beans on that weeks ago. The Democratic strategy is to keep Biden hidden because the more he actually has to do the more obvious it is he can’t do it. Does anyone really think Joe Biden will get on a stage and debate President Trump? (Oh, sure, he can show up, wet the stage and will still be declared the winner by the media, but the American voters will know he flat out isn’t up for the gig. Jill Biden won’t be able to jump in to save him. Not on a debate stage, and certainly not in a room with Putin or Xi.) 

There is no Joe Biden. Even the Biden campaign has given up pretending. On Monday, “Joe Biden” published on Medium.com an op-ed on what a Biden Administration would do for women. (No, sniffing their hair is not listed.) The Biden op-ed is written entirely in the third person. 

We’re 98 days away from possibly electing the first incapacitated and controlled president in history. At least Woodrow Wilson was elected before his stroke rendered him useless and fully controlled by his wife. 

But the Polling!

Yet, according to the media, polls are showing Biden is winning. The polls are meaningless. Four reasons:

First, ask former President Michael Dukakis about double-digit leads in July. Former president John Kerry might have some thoughts too. And President Hillary Clinton.

Second, in a climate where Trump supporters are getting attacked and even murdered in the street, people are not going to reveal their support to strangers doing polls.

Third, polling models tend to use previous voting patterns in their predictions. Trump’s support among African-Americans is very likely much higher than most polling will allow.

Fourth, there is no race yet. There aren’t two candidates duking it out, crisscrossing the country, making their case. It is not yet a mano-a-mano binary choice. 

Right now, it’s not Donald Trump vs Joe Biden. It’s Donald Trump versus the Democratic machine, the Democratic socialists, the anarchists, the rioters, the radical mayors and governors, BLM incorporated, the media, the social media giants, the Swamp, Swamp Republicans, to say nothing of a virus gifted us by Biden’s friends the Chinese and continually over-hyped beyond all scientific reason. And somehow Trump is still in the game. 

At some point, the Man in the Basement will have to emerge. And his mask pulled off. 

And the race will be truly be on. The race to save America. 


Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Stream and co-author, with @JZmirak, of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration. You can follow him at @StreamingAl. And if you aren’t already, please follow The Stream at @Streamdotorg

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