7th Planned Parenthood Video Shows Baby Born Alive: There is No Defense Left

By Amelia Hamilton Published on August 19, 2015

At five minutes and fifty-nine seconds into the video, I cried.

After six videos from the Center for Medical Progress, I have heard and seen such horrifying things that I made it almost 6 minutes into this seventh video, third in the Human Capital series, without reaction.

The descriptions of a “huddle” in which the employees look at a list of abortions to be done that day to determine what to harvest didn’t surprise me. When Procurement Manager Perrin Larton described a baby that “just fell out” because it was already in the vaginal canal, I was disgusted, but I didn’t cry. I made it through Melissa Farrell and Dr. Nucatola talking about altering the process to ensure that the brain is saved. I was angry that they would turn a baby in the womb, forcing it out breech to serve their bottom line, but I wasn’t surprised. I listened with growing horror as former StemExpress employee Holly O’Donnell described the first time she saw an aborted baby with a heartbeat.

I made it through things that would have made me cry in earlier videos, but that I’ve now come to expect.

But, at 5:59 I cried.

At 5:59, I saw footage of a living baby in a pie plate, waiting to have its life ended. I saw a baby with a heartbeat, a baby who was moving. I saw its little legs stretching and kicking as it would have done in the womb. I thought about how the mother must have felt her baby moving inside the womb, and probably didn’t know it would still be moving after the abortion. She can’t have known that they would put scissors through the baby’s chin to end her life while preserving the parts that would yield the most profit. And, so, I cried.

O’Donnell goes on to describe a similar case in which a co-worker, Jessica, said they would procure a brain and, she realized “that’s means we’re going to have to cut the head open.” She recalls the co-worker cutting under the baby’s chin, through the mouth, then ordering O’Donnell to finish the job. “I can’t even describe what that feels like,” she said.

What did I just do? And that was the moment I knew I couldn’t work for the company anymore. That — even if it was good, even if that could have been the cure for some kind of disease — even if it was, I still wish I wouldn’t have done it. I don’t want to be that person. 

She picked the baby up and put his remains into a biohazard container. His legs didn’t quite fit, because he was so big, so she re-positioned him and closed the lid. “That was the hardest experience,” she said, “I remember holding that fetus in my hands when everybody else was busy, and I started crying — it’s just really hard knowing you’re the only person who is ever going to hold that baby.” 

O’Donnell is clearly heartbroken, she clearly feels guilt over what she has done. One gets the sense that, by exposing what StemExpress and Planned Parenthood do, she is making amends to that child while she fights to see that it never happens again.

We should all be heartbroken. We should all have an incredibly difficult time with what our eyes are seeing at 5:59.  We should all accept once and for all that abortion is not OK.

There is no defense left for what is happening. They are changing the procedure to ensure that the most valuable parts are intact. They are profiting from selling off the body parts of these babies whose lives they were paid to end. They are killing babies with scissors — babies who were born alive — and dissecting them for profit.

There are those still throwing around that 3% number. Only 3% of what Planned Parenthood does is abortion. Even if that were true (and it is not) what kind of defense is that? “They only end lives 3% of the time” is hardly a ringing endorsement for any organization, and it is certainly no defense. Unless Planned Parenthood plans immediately to reduce that number to zero, they need to be defunded. Those other services can be seen to by myriad other providers. It is time for this to end.

Abortion end lives, and permanently damages the lives it leaves intact, the lives of the mothers and the technicians.

There is no defense left.

Warning: This video contains disturbing testimony and imagery.

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  • Avery111

    What do you mean defunded unless they “plan to reduce the number to zero”? That’s like telling a serial killer, “We’re going to put you away unless you plan to stop killing”. Either one is capable of committing these type of horrendous acts upon babies in the womb, or they aren’t. The PP organization clearly is, and the only thing that might change is the level of secrecy surrounding what they’re up to. I mean, the tree is rotten from the roots.

    • So what do we do about the society that has allowed them to thrive under its noses for so very long with hardly a whimper?

      Pretend that we’re “better than them”?

      For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

      Think not that all of this self-righteous, arrogant pseudo-outrage does not rage the Father of Lights.

      How many times have you accused someone of making excuses for their own sin for simply pointing out the logical conclusions of laying two passages of Scripture up against one another (Matthew 5:27-28 and Luke 17:1-3a is one fine example)? Do you think that makes you “better than them”?

      • Avery111

        I do not get your point. Are you suggesting that because I’m a sinner it’s wrong for me to point at a sin? If so, I strongly disagree. And why do you assume I’m in the habit of accusing people of making excuses? Or that I think I’m better than “them”? I mean really.. You got all that from my comment?

        • Nah. I’m just using you as an avenue to remind the people who are crawling out of the woodwork to pile on that they need to remember and repent of their OWN sins first. The English language has a rather important lack in that it has no universally accepted plural for “you”.

          Matthew 5:1-5 comes into play, but so do Ezekiel 3 and 33. They are coequal and inform each other. We are responsible for warning people to turn away from their sin, but we are also responsible to first turn away from our own sin.

          There are an awful lot of people who do think themselves “better than them”, just like the Pharisee in the story about the Pharisee and the Publican. God is far more enraged at the self-righteous who refuse to look at and repent of their sin, than He is about the poor sinner who simply does not know (John 9:41, “If you were blind you would have no guilt”).

          There is a great deal of evil resident in what Planned Parenthood does, but Planned Parenthood is made up of individual people, many of whom simply have no clue what they are truly involved in (witness the poor woman, in the video above, who repented), and we are responsible to take care of our OWN sin before we wag a finger and a tongue at others.

          Wag away, but, first, make certain that the finger and the tongue that you wag are both, themselves, clean beforehand.

          My apologies for having upset you, but I pray my exegesis has informed you (and many others).

          • Avery111

            Thank you for clarifying. Well, since I believe one thing we should understand about the bible is that it’s not written to admonish “the other guy” but is first addressing me and where I fall short, I can hear what you’re saying.

          • Jim Mason

            But isn’t “admonishing the other guy” exactly what William is doing?

          • Jim Mason

            Are you saying that we are not allowed to call out sin unless we, ourselves, are sinless? If so, then, it seems to me we would never be able to call out any sin.

            Was William Wilberforce sinless?

          • No, that’s not what I’m saying at all. if such were the case, no one would ever get confronted, but if you are not looking at AND DEALING WITH your own sin, then you are not qualified to demand that someone do so with theirs. Understand now?

          • Jim Mason

            So … since you are ‘piling on’ those who are ‘piling on’ Planned Parenthood on the basis that these people “are not looking at AND DEALING WITH [their] own sin” (and how, exactly, you would know this, is not obvious to me), can we assume that you have ‘looked at AND DEALT WITH [your] own sin’ so that you are qualified to “take out the speck out that is in your [brother’s] eye”?

          • If I were dealing on an individual basis, of course, I would have none, but I’m not dealing on an individual basis. Look around you, though, at how many people who claim Christ live lives and/or hold to positions that are in direct opposition to the clear teachings of the Holy Scriptures that Christ authored through faithful men, and you will see that, taken as a whole, the likelihood of such a mass of people piling on is that the vaster bulk of them not only have not looked at their own sin, but would have no clue as to how to start, because the simple fact is that they really do not know the One whom they so blithely claim (or they would not be holding the positions or living the lives that they are; Matthew 7:21-23: “Away from Me, you workers of iniquity! I never knew you!”).

            Of course, you have to give the newly converted time to change, but I’m not addressing the newly converted. In John 9:41, Jesus tells some of the Jewish leaders, “If you were blind, you would have no sin, but since you claim you can see, your guilt remains.”

            Those who become Christian are not those who claim Christ, but, instead, are those whom Christ claims. The others are the goats of Matthew 25, who will be cast into the eternal fire prepared for the Devil and his angels, keeping in mind that the Greek word translated “angels” simply means “messenger”, and therefore is not restricted to supernatural beings of great power.

            Regarding your closing question, God never lets me loose of it, and I don’t want Him to. I want to be purified and sanctified with His divine and holy purity and sanctification, since I have none of my own to offer.

          • Jim Mason

            I think you are committing the fallacy of hasty generalization, i.e. you are saying the because some of the people you know do not seem to be [what you would consider to be?] proper Christians, then all those other people [that you don’t know] must also not be proper Christians.

            In any event, I suggest that in assessing these other people, you might want to keep in mind Matthew 7:1-2 and John 7:24.

          • What we’re dealing with, here, is a herd mentality, and most of the herd has no clue about either Jesus Christ, or the individuals that they paint with their broad brush attacks on a corporation. They don’t care. They see something that is popular to castigate, vilify, bully workers about, and generally act like a bunch of cowardly ruffians hiding behind computer screens.

            Babylon comes to mind. Babylon was an evil, empire that destroyed people, but if you wantonly destroy every part of it that you can lay your grubby little mitts on where does that leave the Prophet Daniel? He was integral to that government, but was so good that the other members of that government, for the most part, wanted him dead.

            Do you favor the mob rolling over the good people that might be there trying to change it from within to spite the whole, or would you stand in the gap to protect the Daniels that just might be there? God would have saved an entire wicked region of the world for the sake of 10 good people. Can you not stand against the mob mentality directed at a single corporation for the sake of what few good people might be there, or do you know better than God?

  • “Abortion end lives, and permanently damages the lives it leaves intact”

    Um, if it is damaged, it is not intact. That should tell us something, should it not?

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