Stream Founder James Robison on the Power of Prayer

In a rare radio interview, James sits down with "The David Spoon Experience." This is part three of that interview.

By The Stream Published on May 11, 2019

On May 8, 2019, David Spoon of the radio show “The David Spoon Experience” hosted The Stream founder James Robison to talk about the power of prayer.

“If we really believe God answers prayers and we really believe God wants to heal our land as He said He will, can we accept the fact that He may use a Jehu to literally overthrow the false prophets and false teachers?”

James believes that God does use such flawed people and that prayer is a powerful tool to use against the enemy. If people begin to take prayer seriously, and teach their children truth at home, we could “witness the next great spiritual awakening.”


Listen to Part One: “James Robison on the ‘Heart Cry of God’

Listen to Part Two: James Robison on the Mainstream Media and Being Committed to Christ”

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