33 Tough Questions to Pose to the ‘Woke’

By John Zmirak Published on June 15, 2020

1. Do you think the same laws should apply equally to citizens, regardless of their political opinions, unless they favor the violent overthrow of the government?

2. Or is it okay for whatever faction is more powerful to silence the expression of contrary ideas, insofar as they can get away with it?

3. Should we make “hate speech” exceptions to silence people whose speech we really, really hate?

4. Should small groups of people be able to dictate public policy without democratically passing laws?

Tough Questions for Dumb Times

5. Even if they hold signs, attack public monuments, and claim that they’re fighting “racism”?

6. Do you believe that generally, people should be free to associate with whomever they wish, and hire whom they like?

7. Or should the federal government scrutinize every private decision made by any citizen or business, to see if it has “disparate impact” on minority groups?

8. Should members of minority groups be subject to similar laws regarding their conduct, or should they be exempt?

9. Should white males be subject to discrimination, as a non-protected class, while others are protected from it?

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10. Should orthodox Christians be likewise unprotected from discrimination?

11. Should the government officially adopt the position that sexual “identity” (gay, transgender, etc.) is the moral equivalent of race or ethnicity? Hence disapproval of homosexual or transgender activity amounts to hate, which the government should repress?

What Would Darwin Do?

12. If Christianity isn’t true, and the human race emerged by random natural selection, why is racism wrong? What part of “survival of the fittest” forbids it?

13. How could Christianity be right about racism, but wrong about homosexuality, adultery, abortion, and promiscuity?

14. Who determines which parts of the Gospel are wrong? The Supreme Court? Ivy League universities? Google? Facebook? Starbucks? Christianity Today? Nike?

15. If a movement accepts the popular parts of the Gospel, but rejects major, unpopular parts of it, should you sign on with that movement, and remain popular? Or should you correct it, publicly, even if that makes you unpopular?

Who’s Afraid of Antichrist?

16. What do we call a movement that bubbles over with religious fervor, while rejecting core elements of the Gospel? Especially when it has money, power, and prestige?

17. What would you have called such a movement in Germany in 1933?

18. If that kind of movement isn’t an “Antichrist” what would be?

19. Is it wrong that majority Han Chinese culture dominates China? That majority Arab Muslim culture dominates Algeria?

20. Is it wrong for Christian, Hungarian culture to dominate Hungary?

21. Is China or Algeria morally obliged to accept large numbers of immigrants who reject its culture?

22. Is Hungary? Is America? Why?

Kowtowing to China

23. The Chinese government is brutally cracking down on democracy activists in Hong Kong. It’s also persecuting Christians and Muslims across that vast country. Why do you think you don’t hear much about that on the news?

24. How many celebrities and major corporations are talking about the million-plus minorities in concentration camps across China? Can you name any? Why do you think that is?

Do Black Babies Matter? 

25. The abortion rate for blacks in America is several times that for whites. When Planned Parenthood cuts up and sells tiny black bodies to white-owned medical labs for profit, why is that okay with Black Lives Matter?

26. Mass low-skill immigration hurts black people more than white, and poor people more than rich people. The rich mostly support higher immigration, while the poor oppose it. How is it that open borders is now considered a “left-wing,” “progressive” cause?

27. Defunding the police and abolishing the nuclear family are key demands of Black Lives Matter. Would doing that help black people or hurt them?

28. If you know that the policies someone promotes would have disastrous results for the most vulnerable Americans, do his “pure” intentions mean you can’t criticize him?

Quit Carping Jesus, and Pass the Stones

29. How is targeting “whiteness” as evil any better than targeting “Jewishness”?

30. Which non-Christian societies had indigenous abolitionist movements, and got rid of slavery thanks to moral revulsion among citizens? Please list them.

31. Muhammad enslaved defeated Christians, and taught Muslims to make captured Christian women sex slaves (“concubines”). The Muslim slave trade continued doing that till Western countries stopped them by force in the 19th century — and ISIS was doing it two years ago. But crowds aren’t attacking mosques. Why is that, do you think?

32. Since “racist” is the most destructive accusation you can throw at someone today apart from “child molester,” do you think we should be extra careful in applying it? Or should we throw lots of stones so that we don’t get targeted next?

33. Based on the Gospels (John 8), what would Jesus do?


John Zmirak is a senior editor at The Stream, and author or co-author of ten books, including The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism.

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