Can We Talk About Women?

The recent trouble with men and sexual misconduct hasn't grown in a vacuum.

By Jennifer Hartline Published on December 18, 2017

Abandon all political-correctness, ye who read on.

The behavior of men is under the microscope right now. Famous men, powerful men, previously popular men are falling hard and fast from their places of prestige. Their sexual appetites and their lack of restraint is getting them into deep trouble.

This Present Misery

Each man is responsible for his own behavior and should be judged for his own behavior. But this trouble hasn’t grown in a vacuum. There is something else to examine if we really want to effect a change in our society.

Women bear some responsibility for this present misery. Not for being harassed or abused, but for helping create an environment where debauchery thrives.

Let’s have an honest evaluation of women in this modern era. And lest there be any temptation to loosely interpret the word “woman,” I mean only those humans who are biologically female. 

Feminists’ Mixed Messages

For fifty years now, feminists have snarled that they don’t need men. Men are juvenile and stupid, basically just another child to look after. Men are the enemy, the terrible patriarchal oppressor. At the same time, men must find her irresistibly “hot” and come whenever she crooks her finger and do exactly as she says.

She puts her physical assets on public display for the express purpose of sexual attention, then complains when she is objectified and treated with something less than honor. Guess what? You can’t treat men with disdain because they are male, and then complain that good men are hard to find. You can’t mock gentlemanly behavior and then protest when men cease to be gentlemen.

Women have, for decades, taught men to view them solely through a sexual lens. Everything in society revolves around sexual gratification. Nearly-naked women are used to sell everything. That means a whole lot of women are volunteering to be nearly naked for the sake of money, fame and “success.” 

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Take, for instance, a recent Christmas calendar featuring nearly-nude celebrity models. Once again, provocative poses, lacy thongs, and bare breasts all supposedly signify strength and empowerment for a woman. 

Women have accepted and perpetuated the nonsense that their strength comes from being “sexy” and “sizzling hot.” Women themselves have consented to being reduced to pieces and parts that gratify lust. 

Women have championed the grotesque idea that equality means we must have the “right” to butcher our own babies. Women have sown violence and death in the most sacred space on earth — the womb. Women have gobbled up the demeaning notion that fertility is a disease that must be forcefully subdued with pills and devices that threaten our health and our lives. Women have bred disdain for their own bodies.

No Commitment

Women have agreed to sever sexual intercourse from love and marriage. Indeed, to sever it from any commitment at all. Women have taught men that sex is cheap and there for the taking and the babies that inevitably result can be disposed of, so men have grown accustomed to having their cake and no obligation whatsoever.

Women have done all this. To themselves. In some warped and foolish effort to be free. What exactly are we free from now?

Free from the protection, support, partnership, love and care that good men are naturally, instinctively designed to provide?

The Socratic Catholic summed it up nicely:

Feminists have worked to systematically dismantle the patriarchal nature of protective masculinity, which in turn allows for the cowardice of predatory behavior to fill the cultural void. Predators are defeated by protective male groups defending the dignity and honor of our women. The inherent weakness of the predator fears the strength of unyielding chivalry.

The ideology of progressive feminism is reaping what it has sowed in the culture.

Not So Free

A culture full of creeps and predators doesn’t feel so free anymore, does it? The mindset that women’s bodies are for public consumption hasn’t made women safe or powerful or equal, now has it? It has made it very convenient for the cads and creeps to have their way and get away with it. The good guys have listened, feminists — you said you didn’t need them, so they left town.

It is not only the behavior of men which needs to change. It’s not only men’s attitudes about sex which must change. If women want gentlemen who are respectful and honorable, we need to start by being ladies who comport themselves with dignity, modesty, purity and beauty. Ladies who will not cheapen themselves for the sake of sex or a foolish idea of power.

The rebirth of virtue can and should begin with women. Blessed Fulton Sheen astutely observed: 

When a man loves a woman, he has to become worthy of her. The higher her virtue, the more noble her character, the more devoted she is to truth, justice, goodness, the more a man has to aspire to be worthy of her. The history of civilization could actually be written in terms of the level of its women.

Virtue is the only thing that will defeat the creeps. Ladies, the task before us is to raise the level of our civilization again.

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  • Linda

    The feminist movement was birthed in justifiable anger, eg, the stories women back then could tell about good wives abandoned for younger models and left with no support, stories about the dreaded “corporate couch” for working women, opportunities denied simply because she was a woman (banks wouldn’t lend to women startups), etc. It all went haywire though, as everything goes wrong when God is not put in charge. Women subconsciously were made to feel that the only thing she had of value was sex appeal. I think your article is beautifully written, heartfelt and wise. It is heartbreaking to see women participating in todays pornographic culture, where even teenagers in clothing ads pose provocatively, my spirit grieves at the sight and I quickly turn away. Women need Jesus, let the church show His love to them and rescue them.

    • Char B

      Good comment. I would add this for Christian women. If the culture (or just certain men) seem to think you have nothing to offer but sex appeal, then you need to stand against that perception. Don’t fall into it. Ask God for wisdom. Be as beautiful as you can, but don’t invite the male attention you don’t want.

      • Jennifer Hartline

        Indeed. BEAUTY will save the world.

  • Andy6M

    Good article. Get ready for the hate.

  • Char B

    Virtue . . I love it.

  • tether

    Good article

  • Paul

    Wow, great article Jennifer. The paradigm shift won’t come easy.

  • Bojaws Dubois

    Some people have trouble distinguishing between consensual and nonconsensual

    • tz1

      The first error is that consent is unilateral. What if the Man is the boss and he will consent to her raise if she consents to sex. That is consensual. So is the prostitute – but what if the man reverses the charge or doesn’t pay, whas it consensual. In both cases it is a consensual exchange of money for sex.
      A second problem is the fuzzy no. She goes home with the man, but at some point doesn’t like something so a quarrel ensues where she tries to have it for it to be a dozen yes-es but then a “no”. A recent case involved removing the condom.
      With Marriage, the I Do in front of man and God is unequivocal consent, and it used to be that anything outside of that was considered some form of nonconsensual.

      • Karen

        You perfectly illustrate Dubois’s point. Consent means there was no coercion. The predatory boss uses his position over her work to coerce her to have sex with him. The john uses the prostitute’s low status to coerce her. The patriarchal husband uses the fact that his wife wants to continue eating and living indoors to force her to endure sex and beatings.

        • tz1

          Then we need to redefine both consent and coercion.
          I am not coercing you to give me $50 if you want to get my guitar at a garage sale. Your only argument is that it should be free. But it is my property. As are jobs and benefits I can dole out.

          Your argument is not with me but nature that is coercive in requiring food, shelter, clothing, etc. so we must either get them via other’s charity, or amoral free market exchange. Does the prostitute try to see if any church will provide charity?

          There is a proper argument, but you didn’t make it and will probably reject it. It is that sex, like health and life, is something which should be above and outside the market. This doesn’t fix everything, but either sex is a commodity, like risking one’s life, so the prostitute and mercenary are legitimate and even if they would prefer a different occupation, do what they need for cash, or sex is sacred, so can’t be exchanged for cash – but neither should we have mercenaries. The boss’s indecent proposal is an attempted rape. With Pope John Paul 2’s theology of the body, marriage is an exchange of persons, or maltreatment or usage by one can be avenged by similar action toward the other.

          If sex is sacrosanct, and ought not be bought and sold on the market (like military honor – mercenaries, or organs, etc.) then because it differs in KIND, the rules are different.

  • Concerned Christian

    yep the country will be better off if women and blacks show greater appreciation for pre 1960’s america. all the progress thats been made is trivial in light of whats been lost.

    clearly we know that christians didn’t help prior to 1960 and really haven’t been any help since.

    in my lifetime superbowl Sunday was known as the.most abusuve day of the year for women. i guess that was the fault of femimism as well!

    omce again whatever issues a group has had, the church was not a source of help that could be counted on.

    women are just fine. yes there are issues but they are gettimg more educated then men, are happier than men, and are living longer. i guess thats the fault of feminism as well.

    • Andy6M

      There certainly was some crappy stuff in previous decades. Glad to be rid of what we’ve been able to get rid of. Sadly though, we’ve jettisoned some pretty good stuff too. If you can’t see that I feel sorry for you. I’ll do all I can to avoid saying, “told you so” when, in a couple of decades, you decry all the evils of the world you seem to so love today – because believe me, there’s going to be a lot to look back on and weep about with regards to this particular epoch in time.

      • Concerned Christian

        seems like thats the answer to all problems from both sides:

        “sorry you are to ignorant to understand, do what i say or you’ll be sorry, just wait.”

        and no one can resist the promise of one day being able to say:

        I TOLD YOU SO

        whatever the future holds, I’m confident that it will be a bright one. i will continue to do everything in my power, via the leading of the Spirit, to make sure of it.

        the power of satan is fear. God has not given that Spirit to us!

        • Andy6M

          No fear in my statement.

    • Jennifer Hartline

      I have no clue what you’re getting at, nor what race has to do with anything and why you’d bring it up. If you have a specific criticism to make, please do, because your comment above is snarky but cloudy.
      Liberal “feminism” has made of royal mess of the interplay between men and women; a disastrous mess of the family unit; is responsible for the torrent of infant blood we’re standing in thanks to abortion; and has convinced women their only worth is in their sexual appeal or their corporate career. It’s a man-hating poison. No thanks. I’ll stick with an authentic feminism that upholds the dignity of women as females, does not disdain the mother and homemaker, values the gift of real masculinity in men, and above all, protects the child in the womb.

      • Feston Bulbous


      • Karen

        To be ‘feminine’ in your meaning is to be a weak idiot. If life for women was so great before feminism then feminism never would have arisen.

        • Jennifer Hartline

          Wrong. You are simply wrong, and projecting your own bitterness and skewed definition onto me. How exactly am I a silent, passive, weak, idiotic woman with no opinion of my own? You’re reading my opinion in a nationally-read news site. I have no fear or trouble expressing myself and being heard.

    • Feston Bulbous

      Your final sentence gives us the truth–you are still pitting women against men–in the feminist way. Hope you get over that.

      • Concerned Christian

        yeah, that’s what it is. my response was to someone blaming women for the lack of masculinity in men but you accuse me of pitting women against men.

        the one thing i know is that a woman wants a man. don’t blame them if they can’t find one.

        girls go to college more and get better grades. so the reality is that to find a husband they must in a lot of cases marry down.

        shouldn’t we expect more out of boys and not just even more out of girls.

        we dont expect men to better themselves. we dont expect them to be pure. we dont expect them to not act like idiots when they see an inappropriately dressed girl.

        think about what trump said about grabbing women. what was the response? oh thats just boy talk.

        we have no expectations for a grown man like trump, we have no expectatiins for boys, but ridiculously high standards for women.

        • Feston Bulbous

          I hear men say the same, that they cannot find a Woman, who still values her femininity, Instead, men today find ‘hard’ women who aren’t appealing, who think they have to be ball-busters. What kind of man wants that? Blaming men or women is not the answer.

          • Concerned Christian

            so to this:

            “If women want gentlemen who are respectful and honorable, we need to start by being ladies who comport themselves with dignity, modesty, purity and beauty. ”

            you add:

            ” Woman, who still values her femininity,”

            why is it a woman’s place to help a man not act like an idiot. we don’t have any standard for a man assisting a woman in being a woman.

            we have to expect more out of our men. i’m talking about a man who is confident in the Lord and in himself. One that can take authority and the bear the responsibility of what it means to be a man. That’s a man you’ll see women gravitating towards!

          • Bryan

            CC, I believe the call of this article was addressed to women. However, other articles by this author and other articles on Stream have been addressed to men behaving like men (in the biblical not worldly sense). So if women are working to hold themselves to a biblical standard of femininity and men are working to hold themselves to a biblical standard of masculinity, all the worlds problem’s would disappear overnight.
            Ok so that won’t happen any time soon probably. In reality it will be different in each interaction between two people. One will probably have to help the other live up to their potential by living to their own potential in that moment. The next moment the roles will be reversed most likely. I agree that we need to expect more from men as well and I agree with your definition of what it means to be a man. Both sides need to work on themselves instead of waiting for the other side to start being better so they will be better.

          • Karen

            Please describe these standards?

          • Bryan

            Loving, kind, protector, self-sacrificing, provider, of equal value, courage, responsibility, loyalty, leadership, chastity, self-control, humility, excellence, integrity. These are a start.
            Rudyard Kipling’s If is good reading on the qualities a man should have.
            There are plenty of other resources as well.
            While many of these apply to women as well, they can have both a masculine and a feminine quality to them. Loving looks different when it’s a man who is loving from a woman who is loving.

          • Jennifer Hartline

            It is a woman’s job to understand the God-given nature of a man and respect it. It is a man’s job to understand the God-given nature of a woman and respect it. Fifty years of liberal “feminism” has berated men for being male; told them how stupid and useless they are; told them they’re not needed or wanted (like a fish needs a bicycle and all that). You want men to be confident and bear their authority and responsibility and “be a man” while enduring the constant message that they are not wanted, not needed, basically a juvenile child. Women have to stop the man-hating.

          • Morduin00

            I think you can sum up your entire article, if you wanted to, into a single word… respect. For civilization to exist, people need to have respect for themselves and for others. If we want civilization to endure, we have to stop demeaning one another. We need to respect ourselves. Without respect, it all falls apart.

            I loved your article.

            Thank you.

          • Concerned Christian

            I’ll bet that 400 years of slavery and Jim Crow has had a much more negative impact on blacks than 50 years of feminism has had on men. Conservatives act as if this period never occurred and has no relevance to the issues facing blacks in America today. However, we are then supposed to believe that 50 years of feminism has had some profound negative impact on men. We are supposed to believe that this is a justifiable statement:

            “You want men to be confident and bear their authority and responsibility and “be a man” while enduring the constant message that they are not wanted, not needed, basically a juvenile child. Women have to stop the man-hating.”

            Yes, God didn’t make man’s authority and responsibilities conditional on what a woman or on what anyone else thinks about him. He made man’s authority and responsibility conditional on what God himself said about him.

            I’ll state one thing that I believe we can both agree on. If people were more concerned about what God says about them than on what a man or woman says about them, the problem will take care of itself.

          • Karen

            Because to be feminine is to be a cowardly, dimwitted, weakling. If a man only wants a stupid woman – or worse, one who pretends to be stupid to soothe his ego – that’s a problem he needs to get over.

          • Bryan

            If that is what it means to be feminine, then I want no part of it. And I’ll wager the author and many other commenters here would not want part of that either. A woman who is smart, noble, wise, etc. is the feminine. A woman who resembles the woman described in Proverbs 31. Or a woman who resembles Abigail or Esther. Or if you want a less biblical reference, read the description of Perelandra in C.S. Lewis’ book by that name. She is the goddess of the that planet (we would call it Venus) and though she is described as a sexless angel, she is decidedly feminine and not in the way you’ve described. I don’t have the reference in front of me but I know it’s toward the end of the book, somewhere in the last three or four chapters I think.
            Many men are childish and boorish, yes. Not all men though. The ones who are truly masculine (as it relates to the biblical definition and to true femininity) are not effeminate doormats. Neither are feminine woman. They know how to relate to each other with honor and dignity.

          • Karen

            How is it possible to be feminine and still intelligent?

          • Jennifer Hartline

            Really, Karen, stop. Your insults are ridiculous.

          • James

            Are you implying that intelligence is masculine?

          • Bryan

            Again, I suggest you read the examples I provided. Each is an example of a woman who is intelligent and distinctly feminine, among other qualities. My guess is that you are both intelligent and feminine as well. Feminine in the way of these examples, not in the way you originally described. What you described, particularly the lack of intelligence or the demeaning of their intelligence for the male ego, is what I would term as girlish as in childish. In the same way a tyrant is typically immature and boyish in his demands, not manly. It is not feminine except that is is an immature woman who acts this way.

          • Concerned Christian

            Bryan would you define strong, assured, confident as characteristics that a woman should have?

          • Bryan

            In general yes.

          • Concerned Christian

            yeah, i saw your other responses after I posted this.

      • Karen

        Because men are the problem. Patriarchy is a protection racket.

    • Ken

      What a load of drivel. That “fact” about wife abuse on Super Bowl Sunday has been debunked long ago. Idiots just keep on repeating it, they don’t care whether it’s true or not, it fits their narrative.

      • Concerned Christian

        you got me. i understated the problem, its not just sb sunday, holidays in general factor in as well.


        we can debate the timing, but read that article and continue to argue that it’s women that have the issue!

        feminism rose out of a disease, dont blame the victim for finding their own cure.

  • jayceej

    I felt that women’s lib leaders sold out women by making us feel that we had to compete with men in the marketplace in order to have value. Instead of valuing motherhood, home, etc. they devalued it. Women had a lot to complain about, but the leaders led in the wrong direction

    • Karen

      Men never respected women. Have you ever heard all those ‘old ball and chain’ jokes?

  • Feston Bulbous

    I belong to a large contra dance community. For years there has been ‘dirty’ provocative dancing by men and women, young women wearing revealing clothing, sexual partner swapping, all ages dancing, including teens. It recently came to light that several years ago, a man in his 20s had consensual sex with a 15 year-old female teenager he met at the dance. Now, the whole community is up in arms, seeing men sexually harassing and assaulting women at every turn. The dance board has come up with new laws such that, if any man is accused of any inappropriateness by a woman, he’ll be automatically banned until further notice. The dance halls light are no longer dimmed. Instead, it’s a white, bright gymnasium. There is endless talk of making the dance a ‘safe space.’ Hysteria and virtue-signaling rule over common sense. My question is, are women powerful, or are they meek, fragile things that need close protecting by a board, committee or government? ? This is the contradictory dilemma created years ago by feminists, that the above author alludes to, that has caused no end of trouble.

    • Linda

      A 15-year-old is a girl, a child. The dance place should be restricted to adults.

      • Feston Bulbous

        I agree 100%.

  • Stephen D

    In Christianity sex has a proper place i.e. in marriage. The family, not the individual, is the focus. This means that both the man and the woman have to serve the other, sexually and in every way. In popular culture and feminism it is all about ‘me’. The individual and their rights are the focus. Any sex is fine provided it is consensual. Adultery is fine, provided it is consensual. Polyamory is fine, provided it is consensual. Casual sex with a stranger whose name you do not even know is fine, because its consensual. So the boundaries are totally different. For a Christian the boundaries are very clear and unequivocal – no sex outside marriage. But for the rest, every potential sexual encounter is potentially going to get a green light morally. Hence the chaos and confusion we see everywhere today, not to mention the ongoing destruction of family and family values.

  • Many Sparrows


    I find your writing to be respectful, judicious, and utterly compelling. Please keep it up!

    Merry Christmas!

  • Danske

    Why didn’t you approve my post? Wasn’t anything ‘offensive;’ I’m disappointed by the Stream editors on this issue.

    • Paul

      It’s an automated thing, did you have a web link in your comment?


    When free love becomes the norm then love has no value. A woman of virtue is scorned while a promiscuous woman is celebrated. Nothing is sacred. Nihilism wins.

  • Karen

    “Be ladies” who never act too smart or thoughtful, who never have our own opinions or desires, who sit passive and dumb in the vain hope that men feel protective. Men nefer protected poor women, dark-skinned women, or intelligent women. In fact, men never protected women, they promised us protection if we gave up everything that mademus human. All men are pigs.

    • Andy6M

      And there we are…true colors showing clear and bright.

    • Luminous

      The only women who resent being called ladies
      are women who aren’t.

      With that attitude, you’ll never catch a man. Bitter women get what they deserve.

      • Karen

        What makes you think I want one? If men require women to be idiots I think we’re better off alone.

        • Morduin00

          And alone you shall be.

          • Karen

            And you will be an idiot or live with one.

          • Morduin00

            Thank you for proving how vile you really are.

    • Jennifer Hartline

      Karen, I am sorry for your bitterness and whatever has led you to despise men so much. I hope you will allow for the possibility that not all men are evil, and in fact, a great many men desire to be gentlemen who DO love and care for women.
      I would appreciate it, however, if you would cease to remark that women are expected to be stupid, silent, barefoot and pregnant, have no mind or opinion of their own, and be passive. I have never said any such thing, and these repeated comments from you are tiresome and add nothing to the discussion.
      I wish you well.

      • Karen

        You are not a doormat; you are a hypocrite who takes rhe benefit of feminism that gave you public forum and spit on it. Do you honestly believe you would be here if right-wingers didn’t need a female face in front of their anti-woman drivel?

        • Bryan

          Karen, feminism did somethings right. There are only a few who would say otherwise. Feminism also got somethings wrong. Ms. Hartline has shown where feminism has overstepped beyond what is prudent and rational to where feminism has pushed well beyond balance and equality in some areas and where not enough has been done in others. Take Matt Lauer for example. He’s what for all intents and purposes is an enlightened man. Yet he still (allegedly) exercised his desire for sexual power over certain women while championing women’s rights and against discrimination. The women he hurt were themselves enlightened women as well. The problem wasn’t the feminist ideals of equality, equal pay, etc. It was a man who didn’t behave as a man ought.
          It’s the moral part of the equation that feminism has missed. Yes, we should absolutely respect the opinions, decisions, etc. of women. Women should have all the same rights and benefits, maybe even more, that men enjoy. I think we’re a lot closer to that than most people realize. But morally, we’ve missed the mark. With everything being sexualized, nothing is sacred. And that’s because at it’s core, feminism ultimately tells women that they are powerful, because they are sexual. That is absolutely false. Women are powerful because they are made in the image of Almighty God! Women have the same value as men because they are made in the image of God. Their value is not in their looks or in their ability to produce for society or in their ability to bear children. Their value, your value and my value is in the fact that you are made in God’s image, that you bear his likeness, and that he loves you more than you know.
          Ms. Hartline’s article is not anti-woman. It’s a call for women to be real women. Let men be real men. And for each of us to respect each other. To not demean each other because of our anatomy, but to celebrate each other as God celebrates each of his children.

          • Karen

            This is a thoghtful and well-reasoned response. Thank you.

  • Char B

    Jennifer, what do you mean “beauty will rule the world”? I’d give it a vote, if goodness and truth come too 🙂

    • Jennifer Hartline

      Save the world. And goodness and truth are right there with it. 🙂

  • Concerned Christian

    I have to be honest, these articles are simply ridiculous to me. I grew up in a large extended family where men were men. The notion that a woman’s actions or anyone elses’s actions determined their manhood is simply beyond comprehension.

    The women in my family were strong as well. They were not doormats and they ran the home (I felt as dictators :)) and supported their homes in the true sense of Proverbs 31. They believed as I do that a woman should submit to her husband. However, the husband should give the wife something to submit to. A woman is under no obligation to submit to an idiot! The women in my family made sure the men in my family understood this.

    However, once I had my own kids, 2 girls and a boy, I noticed a change in how men were raising their boys. Specifically, if a boy doesn’t play sports, it seems like most men spend very little time with their boys. I’m not talking about single parent homes. I’m talking about 2 parent homes. In a single parent home, a boy still learns some responsibilities in having to care for himself. Also, in most cases, they gladly help the most important person in their life, their mother. However, with 2 parent homes, boys can get lost. How many spend hours playing video games and essentially have no responsibilities other than getting up and going to school?

    One area that needs to be addressed is school. School is much more aligned to how girls learn than it is to boys. Sitting is not the strong suit of a boy and far too often, they are allowed to check out mentally. Go to any school and you’ll notice that the girls are much more organized and disciplined than the boys.

    I hadn’t thought about it before, but a boy has to be pushed into manhood. The path is more natural for a woman going into womanhood. That push into manhood should be done by the father, If he’s not available than the woman has to do it. If the issue were a simple matter of single parent homes, then it would be easier to fix but to my astonishment it’s occurring in households with both parents present. This is the source of the problem.

    Making women the scapegoat will not fix it! Pushing men into manhood will!

    • Bryan

      I agree with your position on manliness. I also believe that men being men does not happen within a vacuum. Women will influence how a man develops manliness just like men will influence how a woman develops womanliness. Neither should be the only influence obviously. And part of being a man is recognizing what has influenced you and deciding whether it should continue to do so or not.
      But it shouldn’t be an either/or situation. It shouldn’t be either pushing men into manliness or scapegoating women because of lazy or irresponsible men. Men need to be manly and women need to be womanly. Both need to work on themselves at the same time so they can build each other.
      It seems to me that we as a culture have decided that even though we say there are gray areas and things shouldn’t be just black and white (moral relativism), we look at many issues as either black or white. For example, you’re either a Republican or a Democrat. There’s no room to have an independent thought or you’re branded as a traitor to that party.
      This article is a call for women but that in no way excuses male behavior or means it doesn’t matter. Both sexes need to be responsible for their own actions.

      • Concerned Christian

        i agree with what you said. Also, this comment:

        “For example, you’re either a Republican or a Democrat. There’s no room to have an independent thought or you’re branded as a traitor to that party. ”

        is a great reflection on where we find ourselves as a country.

  • Concerned Christian

    Hey guys I can prove feminism has never been a legitimate excuse!

    The Command:
    Genesis 2:16-17
    16 And the Lord God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat:
    17 But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.

    The disobedience:
    Genesis 3:6
    6 And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat.

    The FIRST Excuse:
    Genesis 3:11-12
    11 And he said, Who told thee that thou wast naked? Hast thou eaten of the tree, whereof I commanded thee that thou shouldest not eat?

    12 And the man said, The woman whom thou gavest to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I did eat.

    The Consequence:
    Genesis 3:17
    17 And unto Adam he said, Because thou hast hearkened unto the voice of thy wife, and hast eaten of the tree, of which I commanded thee, saying, Thou shalt not eat of it: cursed is the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life;

    So as we can see feminism has never been a legitimate excuse! A man can never blame his lack of manhood on a woman. A woman will submit to a man but she should never submit to something than less than a man!

    • Ken

      Go spew your progressive drivel elsewhere. You sound like some peevish homosexual.

      • Concerned Christian


        I can be insulted by conservative Christians here!

  • As much as no one seems to want to hear it, I have to say everything that is happening in our tired old world today is fitting perfectly with End Times Prophecy. The GLOBS have been manipulating the minds of those easily manipulated, and they have the world pretty much where they want it. The whole earth is being set up to willingly accept the one world dictator, i. e. the antichrist. The destruction of the home and families in general are a big part of it. The cashless society, and the total control of all “news” and information, will be the final nails in the coffin, and those are moving very rapidly into place.

  • Michelle Love

    I am so grateful for this article. I believe both men and women have a part to play in the destruction of society but also a part in rebuilding it. Of course, anything done outside of God – causes destruction. As a woman, this article helps me understand my part in God to help society just by being virtuous in what God has called me to be. And as a single woman, I grew up with my father and two younger brothers, no sisters, I have learned the characteristics of men in that men treat women according to how that treat themselves. If a woman values herself she will be treated accordingly. However, I have also observed where men are not given a fair chance in life – they have been feminized in their thinking and behavior. A man can only be man by understanding who he is in God. A man, and woman, outside of God becomes a beast. As single woman, I have learned that there are good men out there and I am patient and grateful that one will find me.

    • Jennifer Hartline

      God bless you, Michelle. Hold onto your good judgment and trust in the Lord as you wait. Do not settle for less than an honorable man of God. And do not be less than a dignified, beautiful woman of God. Gentlemen love ladies, and ladies love gentlemen!

      • Michelle Love

        Thank you so much for your nice reply.

  • EmilyDickinson1000

    Well said. Thank you. Hope this receives wider audience. Women today, according to surveys, not happy though they don’t necessarily realize that they have brought this about. They went too far–seems most groups, given acceptance n verification, do the same. Suffering most, i think, are families n children. Women, your role is sacred n beautiful. Again, thank you. An agnostic.

  • EmilyDickinson1000

    btw, love, HARTline, SPILLman–real names?

  • Oklaho Man

    Thanks for writing this article. Your article is fair and honest and contains some common sense that America is lacking right now as so many in America seek to champion feminism.

    Personally I’m disgusted by the radical feminists’ war on men. It isn’t enough for radical feminists to be equal with men. It seems they want women to be better than men. And thus not only are women elevated, men are put down. I know there are bad men. But there are also godly men. The truth is that both men and women do things wrong.

    It isn’t right, the way men and women are pitted against each other. We need each other. Everyone should know masculinity and femininity are both good, created by God.

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