Kindergarten Teacher Holds ‘Transition Ceremony’ for Boy Who Wants to be a Girl

By Nancy Flory Published on August 22, 2017

A Rocklin, California, charter school kindergarten teacher held a “transition ceremony” for a 5-year-old boy in her class late last school year. She did it without parents’ knowledge or consent. Now some kids are traumatized. And some parents are considering legal action against the school.

Rocklin Academy Gateway’s kindergarten teacher taught a lesson on transgenderism recently. She did it because a boy in the class wanted to be a girl, reported LifeSiteNews. The teacher introduced the boy to the class as a boy, had him change into girls’ clothing and come back to class as a “girl.” She then reintroduced him to the class. She then told students that he should be addressed by his chosen girl’s name.

During the course of the lesson, the teacher read two books about transgenderism. One was titled I am Jazz, about a boy who wanted to be a girl. The other was The Red Crayon, about a red crayon that self-identifies as blue.

The school did not notify the parents of the lesson beforehand. Some parents contacted the Pacific Justice Institute for help. PJI is a law organization defending parental rights. Other parents contacted California Family Council (CFC). CFC is a Focus on the Family organization that is advising them. Jonathan Keller of the CFC said that parents found out about the lesson from their children.

Keller said that the teacher “essentially put on this more-or-less transition ceremony” for the boy. Children were “really deeply emotionally bothered and traumatized,” he added. “There were several of the little girls that went to their parents and were crying and saying, ‘mommy or daddy, am I going to turn into a boy?’” According to Keller, another boy in the class now wants to wear girls’ clothing to school.

It wasn’t until a week after the event that the school sent a letter to parents. The letter only addressed the issue of the books read in class. Principal Jillayne Antoon wrote in the letter that the books were “age appropriate.” She then explained the school’s nondiscrimination clause that protects students “including on the basis of gender, gender identity and gender expression.”

The teacher did not have permission from the school’s administration to read the books in class, according to FOX40 News. The school board now requires approval for any books outside the curriculum.

District Superintendent Robin Stout said that parents weren’t told because children can’t opt out of gender identity and expression lessons. The district held a special session on July 31. At the session, the audience was told that California law only allows kids to opt out of sex education lessons. A lesson on transgenderism falls under “diversity and tolerance” curricula. In California, a students have a right to “self-identify.” They may also select their preferred pronoun to be used in class. If a school doesn’t comply with those students’ demands, the school could be subject to lawsuits.

Some parents have removed their children from the school. Other parents are circulating a petition to change the school’s policies. In the meantime, Keller said that CFC is looking into what it can do to protect parental rights going forward. “It’s such an egregious case, we’re trying to figure out what can be done, from the legal perspective, the legislative perspective, or at the very least at the local level.”


Update: The Rocklin School District held a board meeting Monday evening, August 21, The Daily Caller News Foundation reported. During the meeting several parents protested the teacher’s actions of reading transgender books and encouraging the “transition ceremony.” One parent was concerned about the harm done to her daughter. “My daughter came home crying and shaking so afraid she could turn into a boy.” Another parent said, “It’s really about the parents being informed and involved and giving us the choice and rights of what’s being introduced to our kids, and at what age.” 


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