Top US Security Official Makes Speech on … the LGBT Agenda?

By Dustin Siggins Published on November 2, 2016

Last week, the Obama administration enacted a rule that prohibits the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) from contracting with groups that engage in “discrimination” against people who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. According to National Security Advisor Susan Rice in a speech on Wednesday:

This rule means that any organization that contracts with USAID must ensure that all people can benefit from its federally-funded programs, regardless of race, religion, disability — or sexual orientation and gender identity.  It’s a major step towards ensuring that American assistance is provided in a fair and equitable manner.

But “fair and equitable” have a specific meaning for the Obama administration. It doesn’t include the unborn. “Discrimination” is still permitted against the unborn — USAID has given tens of millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion groups, and engaged in other anti-life policies.

It does include LGBT people. As Rice notes elsewhere in the talk, some countries punish homosexual acts with death, and a death penalty law was narrowly defeated in Uganda a few years ago. Her speech suggested that supporting the LGBT agenda is more important to the Obama administration than stopping the Syrian slaughter, preventing Russia’s advance internationally and protecting Christian refugees.

The Administration’s LBGT Pressure

Rice’s speech reflects how the administration has spent years blackmailing African nations over the LGBT agenda, demanding acquiescence in exchange for basic humanitarian aid. Many Christian leaders have refused to bow to the administration, but the pressure has continued. While some nations certainly have deplorable and inhuman policies, many times the administration has prioritized the LGBT agenda over fighting terrorism and stopping starvation.

She thanked the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and another group “who fight so admirably to promote equal rights and dignity for all.” Co-founded by Terrence Bean — who squirreled out of being found guilty in the alleged sexual abuse of a minor — HRC has targeted pro-marriage advocates to such a degree that a college professor told me he’s never sure if his family is safe.

HRC has also attempted to bully Johns Hopkins University into denouncing a much-cited study that debunks LGBT talking points about sexuality, and has led the dishonest-yet-successful effort to tar North Carolina’s HB2 “bathroom” law as bigoted and hateful. (The Obama administration has also contributed to this misleading state of affairs, with Attorney General Loretta Lynch comparing the very modest bathroom law to racist Jim Crow laws.)

Finally, after referencing the Pulse nightclub shooting this summer, Rice compared HB2 and state-based religious liberty laws to unfair and sometimes inhumane treatment of people who identify as LGBT in other nations. She briefly mentioned the cultural and legal LGBT fight in Indonesia, “governments in Central Asia and Eastern Europe” that are passing anti-homosexual laws and how that “in as many as ten countries, same-sex acts are punishable by death.” She then said:

And, in Syria and Iraq, ISIL has unleashed a unique brutality on LGBT people — dragging gay men behind trucks, stoning them, and burning them alive. ISIL works with chilling efficiency, often going through the cell phones and social media accounts of their victims to identify more LGBT individuals for slaughter. As we speak, the United States is supporting Iraqi and Kurdish forces as they push to liberate Mosul, where ISIL fighters were taped hurling gay men off of buildings.  As one Iraqi man testified before the UN: “In my society, being gay means death.”

Again, some of these laws are downright horrifying, and ISIS’ actions are the same. The Obama administration is right to condemn them, and put pressure on nations to change those practices and laws. But Rice’s speech shows that the Obama administration’s ideology on LGBT “rights” continues to go above and beyond what is right and just, instead giving state-sanctioned preference to the LGBT agenda over the rights of business owners, women and children.

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  • Gary

    lgbtq, and their supporters are immoral, vicious, hateful people who will try to harm those who understand and accept that homosexuality is immoral and something to be avoided.

    • jackson

      How absurd. Nobody is trying to harm anyone. People like yourself are the ones to be avoided. Pseudo christians like you and westboro baptist do more harm than any gay person.

    • usorthem3

      No word on the christians who try to blow up or kill people working in Planned Parenthood? 2nd chronicles 15 13 the core of christian faith and no different than ISIS.

      • Jim Walker

        Those are a few fanatic (non)Christians. But Planned Parenthood is the modern day Molech temple, killing millions of babies.

        • usorthem3

          If it’s not your child, then why do you think you have the right to tell everyone else how they must live their life and must obey your “god”s” rules? Typical Trumper who wants theocracy.

    • jackson

      LOL! More hate from the resident hater. Definitely not a christian.

  • Dean Bruckner

    “…dragging gay men behind trucks, stoning them, and burning them alive.” And yet they celebrate and fund partial birth abortion, which is worse than all of these, with our tax money. May God have mercy on Susan Rice and Barack Obama.

  • Me

    no one has a right to be perverted and no has a right to enter bathrooms that were not designed for them. if you are a boy go use the boy’s bathroom. if you’re a girl. go use the girl’s bathroom.

  • Jim Walker

    Barry is the devil’s advocate.

  • Kuni Leml

    There is only one little problem with the alleged “pro-life” positon:

    Those claiming to be pro-life are engaging in witchcraft and voodoo by trying to create human life out of nothing and are usurping God vis-à-vis God’s many statements as to when human life begins, at the first breath.

    Claiming that a fetus is a person is not being “pro-life.” It is engaging in Voodoo & Witchcraft by trying to create human life where there is none.

    Claiming that a fetus is a person is usurping God’s clear declaration of when there is human life.

    • Genesis 2:7 – … and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.
    • Job 33:4 – The Spirit of God has made me; the breath of the Almighty gives me life.
    • Ezekiel 37:5 – … I will make breath[a] enter you, and you will come to life.

    Those pretending to be “pro-life” are reduced to desperately quoting vague verses in their defense whereas the above clearly states when human life begins and Numbers 5 clearly documents a Bronze Age abortion where the woman is given a potion to induce a miscarriage if her husband suspects her fidelity.

    • Liz Litts

      Girl you are soooo lost–best leave the Bible alone, because you don’t lknow anything about it at all. You are the one with the voodoo —Your head has been screwed by the Father of lies.

      • Kuni Leml

        Oh, so God is also a liar.

        I learn new things every day from the self-proclaimed, yet fake, Christians.

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