Democrats Double Down on Dumb Ideas for the Economy

I’m betting the target voters are not as dumb as the Democrats think they are.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of N.Y., accompanied by Congressional Democrats, speaks in Berryville, Va., Monday, July 24, 2017, to unveil their new agenda. From left are, Sen. Chris Van Hollen, D-Md., Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, D-N.Y., Schumer, and Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn.

By Jay Richards Published on July 26, 2017

After the painful rout Democrats suffered in 2016, they’ve chosen a new strategy: Double down on dumb economics.

As an electoral ploy, it’s not as crazy as it sounds. Populism is in vogue. Remember Bernie Sanders? He gave Hillary Clinton a run for her money in the primaries. He pushed far left policies, embraced his socialist label, and electrified the Millennial base.

And then there’s Donald Trump. He won both the GOP Primary and the general election while fighting free trade and pushing protectionism. Hillary Clinton toyed with these ideas too, but she seemed to many voters to lack … sincerity.

The result? Donald Trump drew in just enough blue-collar voters in rust belt states that had gone for Barack Obama in previous elections. Hillary lost. Trump won.

A Better Deal

The Democrats claim they’ve learned their lesson. So, henceforth, they will appeal to voters’ economic ignorance! On Monday, they rolled out their newest effort. Economist Stephanie Kelton, a Bernie Sanders campaign adviser, had a hand in it. “I think it was significant that they reached out to me,” she said in an interview with The Atlantic. “They wanted to hear from that side, from someone who had been working closely with Senator Sanders.”

In Washington, the Dems are out of power. So, this plan is not so much policy as posturing. Signaling, not substance. And they’re still in audience-testing phase. An earlier version of their new slogan was leaked last week — “Better Jobs, Better Skills, Better Wages.” They wanted to chat up new “job-training opportunities.”

Skills? Job-training? Does anyone believe that the Democrats know how to train out-of-work machinists and office clerks? Maybe Patti Murray and Chuck Schumer could offer webinars on how to develop smartphone apps? Nah. The slogan got Twitter-swarmed. Which is just what it deserved.

So, the Democrats tweaked it: “A Better Deal: Better Jobs, Better Wages, Better Future.”

They replaced the implausible “skills” with the unverifiable “future.”

Where Jobs Come From

In any case, it’s just a slogan. The Democrats plan to dribble the policy details out over the next few weeks. On Monday, for instance, we learned that they have a plan to create jobs for 10 million Americans.

So, a clever voter might ask, where do new jobs and wages come from? Largely from new start-ups in the private sector. Which is also where most new jobs are destroyed. That’s because most start-ups fail. For long-term job growth, then, we need lots of new start ups, some of which grow into larger businesses, since that’s where most of the more stable jobs end up.

Democrats think the way to boost jobs and wages is to go after successful American companies who are trying to stay competitive in a global market.

Alas, the number of new startups has gone down in the last few decades. From 1992 to 1996 there was a net increase of 421,000 new businesses, and 405,000 from 2002-2006. In contrast, 2009, 2010, and 2011 “saw a net loss of new companies year-over-year — the first time in a generation.” Only in 2016 was there an uptick.

A big reason for the decline? Massive regulations in the Obama years.

These regulations also hit mid-size companies. In the past, many such companies sought the cash to expand in initial public offerings (IPOs). Now more and more of them seek to be bought out by a larger firm. Fewer start ups, fewer IPOs, more mergers and acquisitions: This is how the private sector responded to the regulatory monster well-fed during the Obama years.

What the Democrats Plan to Do Instead

So, do the Democrats plan to create space for new startups and IPOs? Nope. Instead, they plan to take on corporate mergers, such as Amazon’s recent purchase of Whole Foods. (They’re calling these “monopolies,” which they’re not.)

Note the Democratic impulse. They think the way to boost jobs and wages is … to go after successful American companies who are trying to stay competitive in a global market.

Expect Democrats led by Elizabeth Warren also to complain about the giant banks. The problem? It was Democratic policies like the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act — pushed by a Democratic Congress and signed by President Obama — that helped secure too-big-to-fail banks and harm small community banks.

For Democrats, this is the same old same old: Attack the private sector, call for more regulations. And when the private sector responds, attack and regulate some more.

Do the Democrats really think this is how to create new jobs? Who knows? They don’t have to believe it. They’re just hoping enough voters will believe it.

Call it Democratic Rule #1 of electoral politics: You can win an election by promising bad policies, as long as the policies sound good to voters.

I’m betting the target voters are not as dumb as the Democrats think they are.

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  • Gary

    Attack the private sector, call for more regulation. That is the Democrat/liberal economic plan.

  • Jay, that’s what I say!

  • Jim Walker

    The Dems have not learned their lesson yet. Good.

  • bbb

    The DNC annual convention resulted in the adoption of all but two communist tenets.
    Lying to convert the populace to communism is common: first call it socialism. Then promise free stuff. Then promise nirvana if only everyone were of one mind.
    Venezuela, Cuba, China, Indochina, Pakistan and many other nations learned the hard way that communism is an ideal, a theory, a dream. The reality is an oligarchic ruling class, genocide and bare subsistence-living for the commoners.
    Under Obama the US had its first taste of that.
    What is foremost for the DNC is globalism, so they sell to the greed in human nature to promote ideals and breed hatred.
    Until the Rapture the US is still God’s country. After that, the DNC should do quite well.

    • Boris

      God does not exist

  • Michael Gilroy

    I’m an arch-conservative, logical pragmatist that is on a local Republican steering committee. In theory, form and practice, this article fails and creates a false dichotomy. In fact, both selective deregulation and prevention of monopolies should be done. The Democrats, and Ronald Reagan, were right on this. They should not only stop the Amazon/Whole Foods merger, but break up telecom (again) and going back to pre-1996 telecom rules enforcing antitrust provisions. This would result in the Washgington Post not being owned by Bezos an the other MSM news outlets being left by themselves and much more susceptible to consumer fraud and defamation they should be. No way NFL proceeds should be going to fund a news channel under the same conglomerate umbrella. What the Dems do not admit, is that they only want selective enforcement.

    • Jay W. Richards

      Good point, but I notice didn’t say anything about actual monopolies or what to do about them. My point is that Democrats are taking on corporate mergers in general, when one of the main reasons for so many mergers (rather than IPOs) is massive regulations during the Obama years. Companies now have strong regulatory incentives to merge and get large, rather than staying mid-size. The Democrats want to eat their cake and have it too.

      • eddiestardust

        Remember “The Great Recession”? I guess you don’t. Sorry but you are just another elitist rich person..who is working and who didn’t get outsourced…


    Much better idea for the economy. Use the KKK approach. AMERICA FOR WHITES. AMERICA FIRST. Kill or deport all immigrants. Send blacks back to Africa. Works for Trump, no? Use false flags to find excuse to attack North Korea. War makes money for all of us

    • Praenestrian

      Aah, go live in Chicago.

  • Boris

    Religious people are less intelligent than atheists, according to analysis of scores of scientific studies stretching back over decades
    Study found ‘a reliable negative relation between intelligence and religiosity’ in 53 out of 63 studies

  • philnmdg

    “A Better Deal: Better Jobs, Better Wages, Better Future, Better Pizza, Papa Johns.”

  • Rad Memberson

    Call it Democratic Rule #1 of electoral politics: You can win an
    election by promising bad policies, as long as the policies sound good
    to voters. Just ask Тяцмр!

    • Praenestrian

      Got any hope and change?

  • Bourbon Beaucoup

    The Democratic Party has gone so far out into the left field that they can’t even see anything of the real world they left behind. Donald Trump’s victory was not an affirmation of him, but a rejection of Hillary as representing the worst of what the Democrats have become. Whenever I hear someone trashing Trump, I want to say that if you look past his buffoonery, which I am convinced is designed to keep his detractors off kilter, it is all by design. What I do say is that no matter what he may or may not do, we should thank God we didn’t get Hillary.

    The liberal left was well prepared for Singapore to immediately declare Trump’s meeting a total failure the instant the now famous handshake was televised across the world. Since then, they have condemned him for not putting human rights on the table first thing. Plus they say he was too friendly with Kim Jong-un and generous with his complements. I think Trump handled the little despot brilliantly. Does this mindless herd of leftist lemmings really believe he could have moved America’s interests forward by starting the meeting off by calling the North Korean leader a horrible and disgusting person who must immediately shut down their gulag system. That would be both the start and end of a historically important beginning dialogue. Or he could have done like Obama did with Iran, start off by apologizing for America and asking how much money they would take to sign a meaningless piece of paper.

    No, Trump was very smart. He buttered Kim Jong-un up with meaningless praise, made him feel important, then enticed him with a slick video showing the promise of riches and the wonderful place that North Korea could be if he just goes along. The liberal pundits and leftist Democrats cannot nor will not understand Trump’s approach because they themselves feel so guilty for America being great that they must apologize for just being America. They liked Obama’s approach and can’t see what an abject and utter failure it could be nothing but. I believe the greatest horror they fear is that Trump may succeed. Are they so lost in their self-delusion that they would prefer to continue the risk of nuclear annihilation over meaningless flattery. Or are they afraid that a success would show Obama up for the silver tongued charlatan he is. He did more to wreck the prestige and respect for America around the world than any president in history. Instead of getting that ridiculous Nobel Prize, he should be tried and convicted for treason.

    I do think someone should take the his cell phone away to stop his silly Tweets. Other then that, I think he is doing the job America needed after eight catastrophic years of Obama. The left is hopelessly lost in their own La-La land of looney-toons and completely out of touch with reality. They have all been regurgitating the same liberal claptrap so long that they haven’t got a smidgen of common sense. They need to cut the interminable temper-tantrum and act like adults. It’s time for the left to grow up.

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