UpNext — What Millennials Want at Work

By The Stream Published on August 24, 2016 •

Gabrielle has a special message for leaders about what millennials want at work. Contrary to media stereotypes, millennials entering the workforce don’t expect trophies. They expect to be able to collaborate and find their purpose — before their midlife crises hit.

Gabrielle’s passion for reconciling generations began when she was 17 and wrote a book to help leaders in the church understand that it doesn’t take contrived hipness to reach this generation, but the true message of the Gospel.

Listen in as Gabrielle explains:

  • The three things millennials look for in their jobs.
  • Why graduation into adulthood is taking longer for millennials.
  • Why millennials are looking for older generations as mentors and partners.
  • Why humility is the key for learning for millennials and for those who work with them.

For more advice for millennials and those who work with them, check out Gabrielle’s new book at millennialentrepreneurbook.com.

Podcast Channel(s): "UpNext" With Gabrielle Jackson Bosché

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