How Should We Treat the Elites Who Clearly Hate Us?

By John Zmirak Published on February 2, 2021

Half the people in America know that the other half pretty much hates them. This half (the upper half, with control of most of the wealth and virtually all the power) considers their neighbors who own guns, go to church, and voted for Donald Trump … hateful and dangerous. Atavistic and violent. Irrational and RACIST. (Even if they’re not white.) That’s the favorite hate-term, the trump card, the smear that’s meant to silence each critic.

Anti-racism (defined in a Marxist way almost unrelated to genuine prejudice, injustice or even race) has now replaced a vague Christianity as our nation’s civic religion. As we watch the Biden regime consolidate power, the Woke cult assumes the status of state religion, and not a tolerant one. The heresy trials started decades ago on college campuses. Then they spread to our media. And corporate board-rooms. The purge proved complete, so now the witch hunt will extend to the general population. It’s coming soon to an HR department near you.

The most obvious, powerful instance? Fake racism charges (along with COVID panic) served the Democrats beautifully in dismantling election security. As you read these words, Congress is bruiting a new law, HR 1, that will enshrine 2020-style ballot box stuffing in all federal elections, forever. If passed, that bill will mean the end of fair, free, honest votes in our lifetimes.

Building the Berlin Wall Around Us

So one-party rule would slide seamlessly into place. The Hive would mortar it in, alongside one-viewpoint news media. And heavily censored social media. And intolerant Woke education. And a corrupt, politicized secret police in the form of the FBI. The left has already cemented politicized hiring and HR policies all through the economy. But institutionalized ballot fraud, using Venezuelan methods to get Venezuelan results? That might prove the last, decisive brick in the Berlin Wall our enemies are building all around us.

Please, for the love of God, crush the temptation to flee the bullies’ blast range. Step forward and fight instead.

Too many of the “conservatives” we worked and donated to put into office refuse to oppose this. (Think of the election officials and state legislatures in Red states that caved in 2020.) The moment someone like Stacey Abrams or Ilhan Omar whips out the race card, timid, gaslit Republicans scurry back in their burrows. Are they even curious as to whether they’ll be able to win re-election in future, rigged elections?

They don’t seem to care. They’ll do, literally anything, rather than face the inquisitors. Those people’s campaigns of vilification can leave ambitious Americans radioactive and unemployable. Or at least get them shunned at the country club, and scorned at their college reunions.

With leaders like these, no wonder we feel like the French in June of 1940.

We’ve Been Stripped of Our National Story

What explains this comprehensive surrender, even the rush on the part of some to collaborate? Without vision, the people perish. We’ve seen the traditional vision of what made America distinctive, great, and worth treasuring among nations, savaged and ridiculed. Our statues came down at the hands of Woke mobs while police stood by and did nothing. Our worldview now gets demonized as terrorist-adjacent “Christian Nationalism.”

How do we respond, then? We must clean off the distortions, and make the traditional American narrative clear and attractive again. Then draw people to defend it against the escalating aggressions and intolerance of the Left. We must give courage to the fainthearted, buck up the weary, and convert the young, while there is still time.

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That’s why I embrace the term Christian Nationalist, rightly defined. (In fact, that’s the subject of my next book.) The term is a concise and clear description of our country’s public philosophy since its founding. That’s right, from George Washington up through Ronald Reagan, including Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Then came the explosion of corrosive Marxist cynicism in the late 1960s.

What the left means for evil, I believe God meant for good. Let’s claim Christian Nationalism and own it, and demand of our critics what system they prefer instead: Pagan Tribalism? Pantheist Imperialism? Utilitarian Hedonism? Or just Darwinian Nihilism, with a thin Woke, fake-Christian veneer?

Run Toward the Fire, Not Away From It

Like you (I bet), I’m often tempted to flinch, dodge, or hide from the struggle. That’s why I strive each day to do the very opposite. As Aristotle pointed out, if you’re in a vicious habit (or subject to fierce temptation) you’re like a stick bent too far one way. You need to apply extra force in the opposing direction just to get it straight.

Our goal, of course, is always the Golden Mean — the proper balance between opposing extremes, such as Wrath and Servility, Sloth and Fanaticism, and so on. In this case, we want a colorblind legal system that serves no shade of tribalism. And we reject absolutely un-American, atheist ideologies with long track records of genocide and tyranny.

Let’s say you see the powerful ganging up on the weak wielding some ideological stick. Don’t throw the victims under the bus or distance yourself from them. Instead, pick that hill to fight on.

Let’s say you see the powerful ganging up on the weak wielding some ideological stick. Don’t throw the victims under the bus or distance yourself from them. Instead, pick that hill to fight on. If “racism” is the charge being wielded promiscuously, demand the strictest scrutiny of such a serious charge. You’ll find that most of the time it’s entirely false or grossly distorted. Of course, should a case emerge where the charge is true, don’t defend the guilty. But fight the left’s efforts to use guilt by association, whip up a moral panic, or grab unjustified power using that pretext. And remember names like Nick Sandmann, Jussie Smollett, and Tawana Brawley

Bullies Are Cowards, So Put a Good Scare Into Them

I’ve always hated bullies. I used to get beat up quite often as a kid for intervening when they abused other kids. That’s the reason I was one of the first writers to publicly defend Nick Sandmann, Kyle Rittenhouse, Mark Judge, and Mark and Patricia McCloskey. In grad school, I stood with Operation Rescue during its 1994 sit-ins in Baton Rouge. Supporting the abortionists were some half the English department faculty, including deans who could stymie my degree. One prof actually wielded a video camera, and slowly recorded our faces. I stopped him and made sure he knew how to spell my name correctly. The look on his face was … priceless. His colleagues steered well clear of me, until I collected my Ph.D. with honors, two years later. 

When I see a crowd running in one direction, my instinct is to shove back in the other. The very fact that a mob is forming around someone is usually a sign that a witch hunt is under way.

I urge each one of you to adopt this anti-bullying principle in your everyday life and conduct. If you see a Kyle Rittenhouse, Jake Gardner — or lately, Josh Hawley, Sidney Powell, or Donald Trump — getting hauled up on dubious charges, or smeared by dishonest critics with blatant double standards?

Please, for the love of God, crush the temptation to flee the bullies’ blast range. Step forward and fight instead. It’s not just the right but the smart thing to do. We face a rich, arrogant, entitled and intolerant bullying class in this country that will end by oppressing all of us. That is, unless their efforts get smacked down every time. Remember that bullies are cowards, and the only way to stop them is to refuse to pay their blackmail. And answer their phony moralism with the mockery these priests of Baal deserve.


John Zmirak is a senior editor at The Stream, and author or co-author of ten books, including The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism. He is co-author with Jason Jones of “God, Guns, & the Government.”

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