‘Deified by the Usual Loudmouths’: Kellyanne Conway on Christine Blasey Ford

By Mark Judge Published on May 24, 2022

Feminists are all for supporting other women — provided those women parrot the leftist line.

That’s one takeaway from Here’s the Deal: a Memoir, the new book by Kellyanne Conway, who was counsel to former President Donald Trump. The book has gotten some press due to Conway’s revelations about her husband Never-Trumper George Conway, who “abandoned” her for Twitter, and the fact that she didn’t like Jared Kushner.

The part of Here’s the Deal that interested me the most is Miss Conway’s takedown of feminist hypocrites during the Brett Kavanaugh oppo hit of 2018. The Stasi media would like to forget the appalling hypocrisy, ignorance and sanctimony they displayed in that episode. Conway makes sure to remind them.

Journo-Monkeys Throwing Their Poop at the Wall

I was on the main battlefield of that war, and write about it in a book that is coming out this fall. While many Stream readers know this, a quick recap for new readers: In fall 2018, the political left and the media tried to destroy Brett Kavanaugh, a high school friend of mine. They used opposition research, extortion threats and an attempted honey trap. A woman named Christine Blasey Ford accused Brett of sexually assaulting her in 1982 when we were all in high school. Ford claimed that I was in the room when it happened.

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When I was called by Ronan Farrow in September 2018, Farrow accused me of “sexual misconduct” without telling me who the victim was, where it had allegedly happened, or when. The media told the public that I’d presided over ten gang rapes and bought and sold cocaine. They used as sources people I’ve never met. Crazy nonsense was fed directly to the media, who regurgitated it without scrutiny. Indeed, the stuff was so ridiculous that there were actually liberals and progressives who did not believe Christine Blasey Ford. There were people on the left who knew Blasey Ford’s story was fiction, and were reluctant to destroy Kavanaugh over it.

Kellyanne Conway Tried

Conway and the White House made every effort to give Blasey For fair treatment — even as they themselves were trashed. Thus, when Conway revealed to Jake Tapper on CNN that she herself had been the victim of a sexual assault, Tapper briefly said he was sorry to hear that and then instantly pivoted back to Trump.

Worse was Mika Brzezinski on Morning Joe. After Conway told the press that Blasey Ford was being treated “like a Faberge egg by all of us, beginning with me and the president,” Mika went berserk. “So tell us your story,” she sneered at the camera. “Who is your attacker? Who broke the law? Who hurt you? You seemed really uncomfortable when you let that slip out. Your voice got small. Your voice cracked.” This vicious behavior elicits a great response form Conway: “Does the MeToo movement or the so-called ‘Sisterhood’ go where the law does not, deciding who deserves respect, justice, and compassion based on her politics or day job?”

As Conway notes in Here’s the Deal, feminists and the left cared about politics, not personal pain:

In fact, [Blasey Ford] had been deified by the usual loudmouths, all of whom had no basis to know whether her decades-old claims were true. Those same people couldn’t and wouldn’t have cared less about my own painful experience, because ‘but Trump.’

To the American Stasi, hatred of Trump is more important than anything else.

The Mafia Politics of Our Oligarchy and its Stasi

So yes, to answer Mike’s question, MeToo goes where the law does not. It’s why Brett and I were declared guilty. It’s why I got extortionate phone calls and hostile message demanding I lie about Brett (”do it for humanity”).

MeToo shifts it’s ground depending on the politics of the victim — and will create a victim where there is no proof. It then deploys vile sleazebags like Michael Avenatti, who accused me and Brett of participating in or witnessing ten gang rapes.

This sentence from Here’s the Deal, where Conway is at a party and meets Michael Avenatti, says a lot: “Don Lemon pushed me towards Avenatti, who had been touted by Lemon’s CNN colleague Brian Stelter as a serious presidential candidate.”

Who’s the Dumbest Reporter? A New Reality Show

The only person in the book dumber than Lemon and Stelter is John Heilemann, the virtue-signaling lummox who broadcast Avenatti’s horror stories. Heilemann also accused me of buying and selling cocaine, which I have never done. In Here’s the Deal, Conway recounts that Heilemann passionately made the case that she was “Anonymous,” a supposed Trump administration insider who published a piece in the New York Times heralding his work as part of “the resistance.” Anonymous turned out to be a nobody. Conway sums up listening to Heilemann perfectly: “Your brain might hurt, but you’ll feel supersmart that you’re not this guy.”

A final word here should be said for someone who is not mentioned in Here’s the Deal: Leland Ingraham. She is the lifelong friend of Christine Blasey Ford. Ford claimed that Ingraham was there the night that Ford was assaulted. When Ingraham denied it, Ford threw her under the bus, claiming that Ingraham had “significant health challenges” and this could not be trusted. It was a despicable and politically motivated smear coming from an leftist operative who may have set the cause of women back fifty years.


Mark Judge is a writer and filmmaker in Washington, D.C.

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