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Lila Rose is President of Live Action, an educational nonprofit dedicated to inspiring a culture of life in America and beyond.

Lila founded Live Action when she was fifteen years old. Live Action changes hearts and minds about abortion and promotes respect for human dignity through national media campaigns, investigative reporting and targeted youth education programs.

Live Action hosts the largest online platform for the pro-life movement, hosting Live Action News, a widely read pro-life news site, and serving a social media following of over 1.3 million Facebook likes and more than 100,000 Twitter followers. Lila also leads national undercover investigations of the abortion industry and lobby, exposing sex-selection abortion, the cover-up of sexual abuse and sex trafficking, medical misinformation, infanticide, racism, and other lawbreaking and abusive activities.

Lila’s media appearances include the CNN’s Crossfire, The O’Reilly Factor, Hannity, The Kelly File, as well as many other national TV and radio programs. Her work has been featured on most major news outlets, including CBS, ABC, the Los Angeles Times and the Washington Post. Lila has also written for USA Today, First Things, Politico and others.

Lila has been named among Red Alert’s “30 under 30,” National Journal’s “25 Most Influential Washington Women Under 35,” and Christianity Today’s “33 under Thirty-Three.” Lila serves on the board of the Queen of Angels Charitable Trust Foundation. She is an international public speaker on family and culture issues.

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