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Jude Eden is a Senior Contributor to The Stream. She served in the Marines from 2004-2008 as an 0651, Data Communications, and was stationed at Camp Lejeune with 8th Comm Bn. She deployed for 8 months over 2005-2006 to support Camp Fallujah’s communications network and was also assigned entry checkpoint duty working with the Marine Infantry and frisking women for explosives on Fallujah’s outskirts. She earned her B.A. from Hillsdale College. An IT Systems Admin by day, Jude also writes at PoliticalAnimalBlog.com with a focus on women in combat. Follow her on Twitter @Jude_Eden.

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Opinion, Politics, Military | 5 years ago

What Does It Mean to Serve in Combat?

The difference between supporting and fighting roles in combat has reared its head in two New Hampshire primaries. All the contenders are veterans and three served in Iraq or Afghanistan. The Democrats of District 1 are Terence O’Rourke (Army) and…

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