Will Beagles Be the Avenging Angels Who Finally Topple Fauci?

Finnegan and Rayne Zmirak

By John Zmirak Published on October 26, 2021

This one is hard for me to write, my friends. It deals with subjects so dark that it might be hard for you to read. But that’s part of the point. Some things are so blazingly evil that we can’t wrap our minds around them. They blind us, like the sun. They force us to cringe and look away, or deny that they’re even true. After the first few sentences, our minds start babbling “LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA!” And then we turn our gaze to the next bright, shiny object.

Thus the worst crimes often go unrecognized, much less punished. Because hearing about them is so awful, those who talk about them get ignored — or worse yet, scapegoated as crazy. We don’t want to hear about genocide, so we lash out and kill the messenger — just figuratively, most of the time.

Al Capone Only Went to Prison for Tax Evasion

Then some other, lesser evil comes up on our radar — something bad, really bad, but bearably bad. Something that doesn’t overwhelm our capacity for horror, and drive us into distraction and denial. Because we can stand keeping this information inside our heads, we’re able to act against it. We’re willing to share our outrage with our friends — as maybe we couldn’t with the first, worst kind of evil. Because this second, lesser thing is within our capacities and theirs.

The poet Friedrich Schiller distinguished sharply between the “sublime” and the “beautiful.” Something sublime exceeds our human capacity to appreciate or represent it. The vastness and grandeur of space, as seen through a telescope. The sheer overwhelming power of Niagara Falls, when viewed up close with the spray hitting your face. The love of Jesus, displayed on the Cross.

Some Evils Are as Vast as the Grand Canyon

There are also evil things that fit this description, acts so monstrous and massive we might call them “sublime evil.” Or perhaps more simply, “atrocities.”

We cannot really conceive of what it means when we say that modern governments murdered 170 million citizens between 1914 and 1990. So we focus on individuals, like Anne Frank. Nor can we fathom the 60 million American children aborted thanks to conscious lies by justices of the U.S. Supreme Court. If we really pondered the sheer, epic scale of the evil, it would paralyze us. It might drive us to despair of our nation’s future, since God is just. So we focus on “partial birth” abortions, or eugenic abortions, or racially motivated abortions — like Planned Parenthood’s. It’s all our minds can handle.

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If a person in power commits full-scale atrocities, he might very well get away with it. If his evil is on a sufficiently vast scale that it boggles the mind, overwhelms the heart, and exceeds our normal capacities for judgment … his chances are pretty good. For one thing, the more outrageous it is, the harder it is to persuade people it’s real.

Well into 1943, the Western Allies doubted the reports of the Holocaust. So did Jewish-owned newspapers like the New York Times. Nobody wanted to believe such horrors, so it was easier to wave off real reports as exaggerations or propaganda. But lesser crimes of the Nazis seemed more plausible, so they got reported.

Andrew Cuomo’s Mass Slaughter of Grandmas

In the same spirit, then, Andrew Cuomo left the USS Comfort, the Javits Center, and Samaritan’s Purse hospitals empty. But he dumped contagious COVID patients in nursing homes, where the most vulnerable grandmas and veterans coughed out their lungs and died in agony. Not by the hundreds but by the tens of thousands. They perished like forgotten shelter pets, cut off from their families, denied last prayers with their pastors, and deprived of Christian burial. Instead, Cuomo cremated them en masse like dogs and cats at the city pound.

Meanwhile, Cuomo blathered on television about his concern for his own elderly mother, Matilda. His motive? We really don’t know. Maybe to maximize federal death bounties for COVID. Maybe to spike the death stats, to help justify the lockdown that was tanking the economy and hurting Donald Trump. Maybe he agreed with Joe Biden’s chief COVID advisor, Ezekiel Immanuel, that nobody over 70 deserves life-saving medicine. Like the Muslim suicide bomber who dies screaming “Allahu akbar!” we may never know Cuomo’s motives.

Cuomo got away with all of that, brazened it out. Because it was so big, so monstrous, so heinous, that people like me sounded like maniacs when we talked about it. But then Cuomo lost his office, and might face criminal charges … for groping women on his staff, like a male baboon in rut. Then again, Al Capone only went to prison for tax evasion.

Fauci Tortured Snoopy

And public health dictator Anthony Fauci may fall from his seat of power for sanctioning the useless torture of beagle puppies. As Lifesitenews reports:

National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) head Dr. Anthony Fauci is under fire after a nonprofit organization reported that he funded research to infect beagle puppies with parasites in order to test an experimental drug.

The allegations were raised by the White Coat Waste Project, a nonprofit watchdog organization that raised the alarm about the NIH sending U.S. taxpayer dollars to the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) for research on bat coronaviruses.

The NIH has since admitted that it funded “gain of function” research to artificially enhance bat coronaviruses and make them more transmissible to humans, despite Fauci’s repeated statements under oath that taxpayer money was not going toward the research.

The nonprofit alleges that a study funded by Fauci in Tunisia, North Africa in 2018 and 2019 involved deliberately infecting 44 beagle puppies with flesh-eating parasites for the purpose of testing out an experimental treatment, The Hill reported.

“Our investigators show that Fauci’s NIH division shipped part of a $375,800 grant to a lab in Tunisia to drug beagles and lock their heads in mesh cages filled with hungry sand flies so that the insects could eat them alive,” White Coat Waste told The Hill.

“They also locked beagles alone in cages in the desert overnight for nine consecutive nights to use them as bait to attract infectious sand flies,” the report states.

An Evil of the Right Size to Destroy Him

I find it hard to write about this, as I sit here next to Finnegan and Rayne, two abused beagle siblings whom I rescued at nine months old, five years and one noise eviction ago. My hands were literally trembling with rage as I read the details. My personal feelings and daydreams of lawless vengeance aside, this evil is not an atrocity. It’s on a manageable scale. Even liberals — used to averting their eyes from atrocities — can get outraged over this. So the beagle studies Fauci funded might be the thing that brings him down. As Steve Bannon said on TV, the beagles might prove to be our avenging angels.

We see the same irony here as we did in Cuomo’s case. We have proof now that Fauci evaded U.S. law to fund the kind of “gain of function” research in Wuhan that likely produced the COVID virus. And lied about it under oath before Congress. But that is an evil so huge, so ghastly, so worthy of a James Bond villain, that he might just get away with it. (Just as China is getting away with unleashing the virus on the world, while locking China down.)

We have proof, too, that Fauci, along with putative Christian Francis Collins, funded organ theft via partial birth abortions, ripped out of children whose hearts were still beating. With no anesthetic. For use in experiments, for things like vaccines. We know that the current COVID vaccines relied on a kidney cut out in some such gruesome procedure in 1972. (It’s the only way to get live, usable tissue.)

But these evils are too vast, too plainly Satanic, too much like something from a horror movie. So Fauci and Collins will likely get away with them. Because we can’t deal with such things.

But the tinpot public health dictator who barks out our orders in Bugs Bunny’s voice might well go down for … torturing Snoopy. Finnegan and Rayne approve.


John Zmirak is a senior editor at The Stream and author or co-author of ten books, including The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism. He is co-author with Jason Jones of “God, Guns, & the Government.”

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