SCOTUS Is Now the Thin Red, White, and Blue Line Holding Back Subhumanism and Tyranny

By Jason Scott Jones Published on July 4, 2023

Who would have thought back in 1973 that the U.S. Supreme Court would be the last defender of America’s founding principles, as laid out in the Declaration signed 247 years ago? But in the wake of the dodgy 2020 election, and given the failure of House Republicans to use the power of the purse to rein in the Deep State, that’s where we are. No wonder the left is screaming about packing the court, imposing term limits, even impeaching justices who won’t do its bidding.

Today I want to celebrate some of the courageous stands the Supreme Court has taken in the past few years, not so much because they favor my causes politically. No, I laud the court because it’s proving at last true to its mission: to advocate the truths made self-evident in the Declaration and the God-given rights hard-wired into our Constitution.

The American Vision of Man

The Court’s reversal of Roe v. Wade and all its illegitimate spawn was of course the most crucial decision, freeing the states to protect preborn life from destruction. Of comparable importance is the courts’ decisions reaffirming the Second Amendment: If man has intrinsic dignity, he has the right to defend himself against both crime and tyranny. More recently, the Court has defended free speech and religious liberty against the LGBTQ bullies. And just last week it rejected the tribalist practice of affirmative action in college admissions.

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In each case, the court’s majority reasserted the vision of man that suffuses our founding documents: of man as metaphysically dignified and morally responsible. That’s a far cry from the degraded picture of humanity that pervades the left, which for all its Transhumanist and Transgender fantasies, views us all as trousered apes who need to be organized and subjugated by elites, like ants or termites. 

Down the Memory Hole We Go

It’s no accident that the left wants to tear down all our statues, deface our monuments, and pretend that the U.S. began not in 1776 as a new hope for liberty, but in 1619 as a slaveowners’ conspiracy. In part, this effort to airbrush our past and retcon our founding is a simple grab for power. As my friend John Zmirak wrote:

The angry activists and elitists who drive the Democrat agenda … don’t want us to learn from history. Like the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, they want to hit the “reset” button. To start the calendar again at Year Zero. To paint the past as a dark and appalling void from which we can learn absolutely nothing, except the pre-cooked and pre-packaged mini-lessons that our new masters distribute to us. They’ve read their George Orwell. They know that to control the past is to dominate the future.

They want to shove the past, the entire past, into the memory hole. To delete it. To leave the pedestals empty, the statues beheaded or wrecked, the inscriptions sandblasted and vacant. In that bleak empty space where history once stood, they’ll scrawl instead the crude and easily memorized slogans they would force us to live by.

But there’s even more to it than that. The left has a radically different anthropology — theory of human nature — than the one our founders treasured, and on which our country was built. Those founders were Christian humanists — most of them members of orthodox Christian churches. They believed that man was created with dignity and freedom. That he was indeed fallen and flawed, but had been redeemed and renewed. Precisely because he was only “a little lower than the angels,” man had by his nature certain fundamental rights. No government could rightly take them away.

The Principles of Human Dignity

In The Race to Save Our Century (2014) we looked at the five core principles of any decent, humane politics — and  diagnosed the “ideologies of evil” which had threatened them in the blood-soaked 20th century. Those timeless truths must be defended and put into practice:

  • The innate dignity of every human person, regardless of race, age, or handicap.
  • The existence of a transcendent moral order, by which we judge the justice of all laws and policies.
  • The need for a humane economy that embraces freedom in a context of social responsibility.
  • The crucial importance of decentralized, responsive government that preserves civil society and freedom.
  • The need for solidarity, for a sense of fellow feeling and common obligation toward each and every member of the human race.

Man stripped of his dignity and rights is something unnatural and wrong, like a fish gasping for air, or a bird drowning in water. That deep realization is what led our founders to agonize about slavery, an evil institution which had tainted virtually all human history. They hoped that it would die out, though they failed to take action to abolish it. Just as every other nation in the history of the world had failed before them. (Great Britain in 1830 would shame us by doing so first.)

Rebelling Against a Senseless, Meaningless Universe

But the left’s embrace of Darwinian materialism and Marxist class conflict produces a starkly different picture of man. For the left, we are accidental by-products of biochemical happenstance and ruthless competition. We have no intrinsic dignity, and never will. The best we can do in such a grim universe is to rebel. To assert our libidos with no reference to reproducing the species, to follow our fantasies and whims with no respect for moral or biological limits. Transhumanism, you see, is just another form of Subhumanism, one that whistles its way through the graveyard.

Evolution may have dumped us out as mammals with just two sexes and limited lifespans, who naturally compete with each other as much as we cooperate, and love our own family members and countrymen more than strangers. But we can spit in Nature’s face, and assert our will against it. We can insist that 47 genders are available to us, and re-engineer our bodies to last indefinitely (even if it means using spare parts from unborn babies). We can recondition the human race to overcome its natural self-seeking, patriotism and love of family, and produce the Globalist/Socialist man, who takes positive pleasure in obeying the dictates of our elites. The goal is a race of worker ants, who serve the elites without complaining.

A Slim Majority on SCOTUS: All We Have Left

Those who cling to the old, outdated Christian humanist picture of man? They can be demonized, censored, canceled, and marginalized. Maybe eventually locked up, like the January 6 prisoners, for daring to assert their expired “rights.” It’s not as if for the Left there were any objective moral code forbidding such things. That died with God.

A slim and fragile majority (elections have consequences) is the last legal barrier between Americans and the Subhumanists, who scoff at God and spit on man. But then, America’s War for Independence at several points walked the knife edge between success and catastrophe. At each turn, something close to a miracle saved our nation from a first-trimester abortion. I pray and believe that God isn’t done with us, that He doesn’t wish to see the truths our nation embodies perish from the earth.


Jason Jones is a senior contributor to The Stream. He is a film producer, author, activist and human rights worker.

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