Our Government: Gone to the Dogs?

By Timothy Furnish Published on April 11, 2022

As a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool repeats his folly. The writer of Proverbs (in this case, 26:11) would have recognized our Homeland Security director right away. Alejandro Mayorkas makes my dog look smart. (Admittedly, she is a Swiss Shepherd.) Last week, at a conference hosted by Al Sharpton, the DHS Secretary claimed that “white supremacist extremists” are our greatest threat. He adduced the bomb threats against a number of historically black colleges from earlier this year as evidence.

Repeating the Lie About ‘White Terrorism’

This makes the fifth time the Biden Regime has trotted out this propaganda. The first example was right after the bloody Boulder jihad. That had to be erased from the headlines. The second was during Joe’s 2021 State of the Union diatribe. The third? See the Bidenistas’ laughable “National Strategy for Attacking Traditional Americans.” Er, “Countering Domestic Terrorism.” Least (but probably not last): the administration’s announcement of a new unit to fight “domestic terrorists.” But only if they’re white and conservative. (And for yet more of my prognostication on this topic, from 2019, see this article.)

But of course the DHS Secretary is just a running dog, trained well by whomever runs the Biden Administration.

Another Fake Hate Crime?

First, regarding the bomb threats called in to the likes of Howard University on the first of February (Black History Month). Shortly thereafter “six juveniles” were “identified as persons of interest in the case.” Allegedly they “used sophisticated methods of technology to disguise the origin of their calls.” And no explosives of any kind were found at any of the HBCUs. Furthermore, no further information has appeared on this “dangerous” example of “white supremacist terrorism.” No one has been arrested. Could it be that this was yet another hate crime hoax? There have been 19 of them since Biden became President.

Why Democrats Lie About ‘White Terrorism’

The larger issue, of course, is the Democrats’ obsession with a non-existent threat. The why is rather obvious. To vilify and, indeed, criminalize non-Leftist political thought as “extremist.” That means whites, since they are overwhelmingly conservative. Republican voters are 81% white. Democrats only 59%. 

How Democrats Get Away With It

But how can the Democrat administration, and its enablers in the media, get away with this rank deceitfulness, when it’s obvious to most Americans that there is no rash of “white supremacist terrorism?” By unquestioned reliance on the likes of the SPLC and ADL. The Southern Poverty Law Center was founded in the 1970s to fight for civil rights. In recent years, however, it’s transmogrified into a greedy purveyor of fake “hate groups.” (Like D. James Kennedy Ministries.) That group has been exposed already.

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The Anti-Defamation League has been around for over a century, protecting the rights of Jewish Americans. But it, too, has fallen into very bad habits. This had been noted back in 2015. The government claimed to have stopped using both organizations’ data five years ago. But last year reports surfaced that Biden & Co. were going to bring them back as resources. And based on the fervency with which pawns like Mayorkas spout the “white supremacist threat” nonsense, I’d wager that’s already been done.

The ADL: Totally Unreliable on This Topic

Consider the ADL’s latest relevant report, “Murder & Extremism in the United States 2021.” Although the term “extremism” is used repeatedly throughout the document’s 38 pages, it is never defined. It simply seems to mean anything, or anyone, whom the “researchers” at the ADL don’t like. Which means, of course, mostly “right-wingers.”

The report claims that last year “domestic extremists” killed 29 people. And that 26 of those victims fell to “right-wing extremists,” two to “Black nationalists,” and one to an “Islamic extremist.” The report then goes on, further in, to note that five of the 26 were killed in prison. And that 15 of them were for “non-ideological reasons.” So 20 of the 26 — that’s 77% — really had nothing to do with “white supremacist terrorism.” They simply consisted of white perps killing other white folks. Maybe there were swastikas or MAGA hats involved. But then again, maybe not. However, when in doubt, adduce the party line. In addition, some of those killings were ones of domestic violence. Which further dilutes any ideological motive, methinks — since terrorism is defined as “violence with a political motive.”

Ignoring Boulder and Waukesha

Perhaps even more telling is what the ADL document doesn’t say. It totally ignores the two deadliest events of 2021. The aforementioned Boulder jihad, which saw Ahmad al-Issa shoot and kill 10 people. And the Waukesha (WI) Christmas Parade attack, in which Darrell Brooks intentionally ran over and killed six people with his SUV. That’s 16 terrorism deaths not counted. The ADL somehow thinks neither of these episodes qualifies as murder, much less as extremism. Curious, is it not? This despite the fact that al-Issa’s social media presence was clearly pro-Islam, and Brooks’ called for anti-white violence. If Biden’s lackies are not directly relying on the likes of the ADL, they certainly have adopted the same dishonest approach.

Our Government Has Gone to the Dogs

Far from “the adults being back in charge,” knaves like Mayorkas are childishly betraying Americans by ginning up idle dangers and disregarding very real ones. Like the good chance that our southern border will be overwhelmed with immigrants next month to an even further degree. And that at least some of that throng will be individuals on the terrorist watch list — as turned out to be the case last year.

But of course the DHS Secretary is just a running dog, trained well by whomever runs the Biden Administration. That pack of curs, as long as they’re in power, will keep on proving the truth of King Solomon’s wry comment. God willing, in 2024 we can evict them from the White House and send them back to the doghouse. Where they belong.


Timothy Furnish holds a Ph.D. in Islamic, World and African history from Ohio State University and a M.A. in Theology from Concordia Seminary. He is a former U.S. Army Arabic linguist and, later, civilian consultant to U.S. Special Operations Command. He’s the author of books on the Middle East and Middle-earth, a history professor and sometime media opiner (as, for example, on Fox News Channel’s War Stories: Fighting ISIS).

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