Mike Flynn, Patient Zero for the Tyrannovirus, Recovers. Can He Give America the Vaccine?

By John Zmirak Published on May 8, 2020

Why was General Mike Flynn targeted for destruction and false imprisonment? For the details, see The Stream’s Al Perrotta. He did a masterful job navigating the weeds of a complex, squalid abuse of government power. But underlying the details of lying prosecutors and scheming FBI hacks, lazy or crooked defense lawyers and MSM piranhas? The answer is simple. To annul the results of the 2016 election.

We Rejected Their Messiah

I’ve laid it out here before. The left put literal salvific, eschatological hope in Barack Obama. They depicted him with messianic words and imagery. He incarnated “Hope” (if not so much Faith and Love). His campaign rallies ran more like revival meetings, with everything but altar calls. When he arrived in D.C. in 2009 for his inauguration, the city pulsed with a Palm Sunday vibe. America’s cognitive elite greeted their savior as the crowds met Our Lord in Jesus Christ Superstar. Just watch the clip below, and plug in the 2009 lyrics:

O-Bama-Hey, Bama-Bama-Bama O
Bama-Hey Bamo-O-Bama
Hey B.O. B.O. Won’t You Cleanse Our Souls?
Bama-O, Bama-Hey Superstar!



The Fundamental Transformation, Interrupted

We pro-lifers, Christians, and other conservatives? We skulked off on the sides like mumbling Sadducees, envious and resentful. Or so we’ve been depicted.

Obama would save us. His presence in the White House would allow his wife Michelle to feel “proud of America” for the first time in her life. He would usher in “post-racist America.” He promised to start “fundamentally transforming” America into a “normal country” like Belgium, ashamed of its past, timid on the world stage, and enthusiastically euthanizing the sick and the handicapped.

I was in fact surprised the left didn’t try to amend the Constitution, so he could be elected “President for Life.” But that didn’t happen. Nothing close to it happened. The fat, sullen housecat that is the Democratic establishment coughed up the corrupt, autocratic and misanthropic elitist Hillary Clinton like a glistening furball. Then served it up to us on a silver platter and expected us to pretend she was Trout Amandine.

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The voters didn’t bite. By the narrowest of margins, despite a Mainstream Media that emulated Polish State Media circa 1977. Despite a GOP establishment committed to playing like the Washington Generals: losing gracefully, and making the Globetrotters look good.

Trump Stuffed the Left’s Savior Back in His Tomb

Thus ended the left’s dream of a smooth, seamless liquidation of the remnants of the old America. Barack Obama left the White House and had to surrender power to … a conservative populist. This was monstrous, inconceivable, even blasphemous. The Sadducees had managed to stuff this savior back into his tomb.

And the left refused to accept it. They cycled through one deranged conspiracy theory after another. That began with Russia hacking the voting machines, continued to fictitious “Russian collusion,” and ended with a joke impeachment. Instead of seceding, as the Democrats did over Lincoln’s election in 1860, they hunkered down to a campaign of “resistance.” Which is what you do when the Nazis march in. And the media did their best to pretend that Trump was one. The Deep State committed itself to sabotaging the governing of the country, and destroying key Trump allies. Flynn was one. In fact, as Andrew McCarthy wrote, Flynn as Director of National Security would have cleaned out their fetid ranks.

So instead they tried to send the man to prison, based on lies.

The Worst Act of Treason Since the Civil War

This campaign of unpatriotic subversion, this attempted Deep State coup, is worlds apart from Watergate. That just covered up low-level campaign shenanigans with presidential lies. The anti-Trump coup, in which Obama seems complicit, is orders of magnitude worse. It’s treason much more comparable to the secessions of 1861.

This election can’t be about a virus. It must be about America.

So how shall we punish it? More importantly, since it virtually wasted three of Trump’s four years, how do we punish the party that enthusiastically backed it? Yes, the worst conspirators deserve prison time and crushing lawsuits. But the country is what’s at stake, so it can’t end there.

The president must weaponize Flynn’s persecution to beat the Democrats in November. He must wrench the public attention from face masks and virus shedding to the much deadlier threat: the Tyrannovirus which Democrats are coughing onto us all across the country, from shuttered churches and stores to thriving abortion clinics. And nursing homes full of elderly people dying alone from Democrats’ crackpot policies.

Will We Turn into a Huge Venezuela with Nukes?

This election can’t be about a virus. It must be about America. Are we a country where deals get made in secret to annul the people’s elections? Where the secret police conspires with the president to prevent the peaceful transfer of power? Where the media (already half in hock to Communist China) manufactures consent and silences the opposition parties?

We must say “No!” in thunder. We must expose the left as those who whisper “Yes …” behind velvet curtains, on sibilant forked tongues.

And to make the campaign go that way, President Trump needs to vindicate General Flynn completely, by re-appointing him to some high-level government job. Maybe as FBI director, to clean out the stables himself? Or maybe save that job for Flynn’s heroic second defense counsel, Sidney Powell. Let her serve that role till an opening arises on the U.S. Supreme Court. We certainly need such a tribune of the people.

And we need to keep the left squealing, obsessing, and whining over how their coup d’etat failed. While Joe Biden skulks and gibbers in his basement, dodging rape accusations and sniffing stolen locks of little girls’ hair.


John Zmirak is a senior editor at The Stream, and author or co-author of ten books, including The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism.



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