Are and Andrew Torba “Anti-Semitic” or Just … Disobedient to the Woke Mob?

Karen and Obadiah square off to talk over free speech, “hate” speech, and the limits of online discourse.

By John Zmirak Published on April 14, 2021

The Stream is running a series of fanciful political dialogues between a white female Democrat, “Karen,” a Manhattan native, and a white male Republican from Lubbock, Texas, “Obadiah.” Since Obadiah has been banned from Twitter and Facebook thanks to Karen’s complaints, the exchange takes place on — a free speech platform which Karen has joined with the intent of monitoring it for “hate speech.”

This time, Gab isn’t just the medium for the exchange, but the topic of it. Karen came across the eloquent defense of free speech by Gab’s CEO Andrew Torba, and why Christians should support it … along with the rare medium such as Gab that actually practices it.

And of course, she was triggered. Obadiah, as is his wont, decided to turn the microaggression of which she complained all the way up to 11, to make it a full-fledged macroaggression.


“He’s Spartacus! That Guy Over There!”

KAREN: Well I guess should no longer be surprised that tolerates you venting your hate. Its CEO just demonstrated that it’s actually a hate platform. Even the Governor of Texas agrees. That’s a Red State, isn’t it?

OBADIAH: Not for long, if Greg Abbott has his way. From one side of his mouth, he bloviates about fighting “Big Tech Censorship.” From the other, he begs Amazon for crumbs (a fulfillment facility in Texas with a few hundred lousy non-union jobs). Amazon, the same monopoly that broke Parler’s back by holding its servers hostage, unless Parler agreed to silence free speech about the 2020 election fraud. Thanks a lot, Governor! As if we really need to elect Republicans to lure in massive leftist corporations, so they can dictate to us which laws to make. You know, as they do in South Dakota, and try to in Arkansas and Georgia. I wish Tulsi Gabbard would move here and primary Abbott. She’s twice the man he is.

KAREN: I notice you’re dodging the anti-Semitism issue. What’s the matter? Are you afraid that the “Jews in the Media” will come after you?

OBADIAH: Maybe I travel in limited circles, but the last time I heard anyone of any consequence spread that conspiracy theory was in 2002. That was when left-wing Cardinal Oscar Maradiaga denied that the Catholic Church had a problem with sex abuse. He said it was an invention of “media Jews,” to punish the Vatican for helping the Palestinians. Last I heard, your favorite Woke pundit Pope Francis had promoted Maradiaga to become one of his closest advisors. I don’t know any conservatives who indulge in that stupid prejudice. I don’t count Richard Spencer as a conservative, since he denies that he is one, supports abortion, and voted for Joe Biden. Just like you. Why don’t you two get together?

Political Zealots Hiding Behind their Race or Religion

KAREN: As a gentile, I don’t make myself the judge of who’s anti-Semitic. But when leading Jewish organizations agree on something, as they have on Gab, I listen.

OBADIAH: When leading Christian organizations agree, do you listen to that? Do you agree that the Equality Act is a threat to religious liberty?

KAREN: No, because they’re just right-wing religious zealots hiding behind the Bible.

OBADIAH: And maybe the select list of organizations attacking Gab are just left-wing secular zealots weaponizing the Holocaust. Which is even more disgraceful, in my opinion. Those millions of mostly pious Jews didn’t die to help American leftists promote polyamory, election fraud, or abortion for handicapped kids. They were murdered, in fact, by totalitarian, anti-Christian, Darwinian materialists like you. Just of a different variety. Again, have you considered hooking up with Richard Spencer? He’s available, I bet.

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KAREN: Any platform or organization that enables hate speech is responsible for that hate, period.

OBADIAH: Okay, so then the US Constitution is a hate document, since it protects all free speech indiscriminately, apart from calls to violence, libel, and plans for the violent overthrow of the government. Those are the same standards Gab follows. So is the Constitution a piece of hate speech, or just an “enabler?”

KAREN: Well it was written by white male slaveowners … .

OBADIAH: That’s right, I forgot. You believe that the US was founded in 1619 solely as a haven for slavery. (Even though that already existed almost everywhere.) And that the Colonies declared independence in 1776 to stop King George III from freeing the slaves. (Even though he had freed no slaves, didn’t want to free any, and never did free any slaves before his death.) If you’ll believe in the Protocols of the Elders of Jamestown, I’m not surprised you believe whatever a few secular Democrats with ethnic names are willing to say about their enemies.

The Best Disinfectant: Sunlight, or the Inquisition?

KAREN: If you’re supposed to be so Christian, why do you think it’s healthy to permit hatemongers a platform to spew their venom?

OBADIAH: Because I don’t favor a theocracy, a government that imposes an official religion on everyone and silences any dissenters. I don’t want my church running an Inquisition, nor do I want the government running one, in the name of the new Woke cult you losers have cobbled together from stolen pieces of Christian ethics, mutated in the lab.

KAREN: So you will use and support a platform that lets conspiracy theorists, bigots, and Holocaust deniers recruit new followers?

OBADIAH: I don’t believe in random natural selection as the origin of man. But I do think that healthy competition in the marketplace of ideas is the best way to keep our discourse healthy. Stupid and false ideas, such as anti-Semitism, tend to die in the sunlight. It’s the best disinfectant. Let dim-bulb Jew-baiters get smacked down by bright people with better arguments, and the facts on their side. If someone gets too obnoxious or persistent, then you can choose to block him.

You know, the way “neutral platforms” such as Twitter once worked, before they decided to let badly-educated 22-year-olds in Portland regulate all public discourse, with help from Communist China.

KAREN: [Again blocks Obadiah, which means she’ll have to unblock him eventually so that she can carry on “monitoring” him. She also starts following Richard Spencer, and finds herself strangely intrigued by his Woke opinions on “Palestine.”]


John Zmirak is a senior editor at The Stream, and author or co-author of ten books, including The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism. He is co-author with Jason Jones of “God, Guns, & the Government.”

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