Will Tyranny Prevail by Fraud in America?

Praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition.

By John Zmirak Published on November 6, 2020

The former Vatican ambassador to the U.S., a whistleblower on cover-ups of sex abuse, Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano has played a prophetic role in the past few years. In our centralized Church, any bishop who opposes Pope Francis’ new doctrines and new gospel can be instantly removed. It takes the retired Vigano to speak for millions of outraged, betrayed faithful Catholics.

Vigano demanded that the Vatican reveal what Pope Francis knew and when he knew it about then Cardinal Theodore McCarrick. He is the now-defrocked pedophile who molested a boy he’d baptized as a baby. Pope Francis knew all this, but plucked McCarrick from disgrace, and sent him to negotiate the Vatican’s alliance with Communist China. 

The Vatican-Biden Axis of Evil

Vigano warned us about Pope Francis’ overt efforts to help the pro-abortion Joe Biden win this election, and the role that election plays in the “Great Reset.” That’s an open globalist conspiracy to strip us of private property rights, national sovereignty, and other basic human rights.

Vigano warned us that he believes President Trump plays a providential role in today’s global events. With Trump in the White House, the U.S. can play the role of a restraining force against the manifestly antichristian initiatives to liquidate religious freedom, democratic governance, and individual rights. With Biden in office, the U.S. would throw its weight fully behind such efforts.

The GOP establishment may be breathing a sigh of relief. It thinks it has coughed out of its throat the bone of populism and nationalism.

There would be no major power on the side of religious freedom, and nations like Poland, Hungary, and others that seek to protect innocent life and the family might quickly be crushed. The persecuted in China would see the U.S. taken over by a man subject to Chinese Communist bribery and blackmail. Sex traffickers in Mexico would see the end of efforts to stop their trade in vulnerable immigrants. The terror masters in Iran would see a friend in Biden, who backed the Obama administration’s craven cave-in and payoff scheme.

A Time to Pray

Now Archbishop Vigano calls on us to resist and expose the massive vote fraud the Democratic party is attempting against President Trump. Read his appeal to prayer in full at Lifesitenews. To answer it, I just joined a Zoom call with Catholic friends from New York City, to ask God for protection over our country.

Make no mistake: Only God’s direct, almost miraculous help can avail us now. One by one, the opportunists who saw fit to throw in with President Trump have begun to abandon him. The Murdoch family has apparently thrown Trump under the bus. Overnight, its New York Post went from reporting on Hunter Biden’s ties to China, to denouncing Trump for questioning obvious cases of election fraud. Fox News on television called states for Joe Biden more aggressively than even CNN.

Opportunists Switching Sides

Senator Rick Santorum, who once endorsed candidate Trump, is now joining Bernie Sanders and Ilhan Omar in denouncing him for resisting this squalid coup. We read reports that Senate Republicans are already negotiating with Biden, as if he’d won legitimately.

The GOP establishment may be breathing a sigh of relief. It thinks it has coughed out of its throat the bone of populism and nationalism. Now it can go back to pushing for low taxes, cheap labor, open borders, and reckless foreign wars. After all, it still has the Senate. Trump even helped it gain a few seats in the House.

Now that grubby, vulgar man from Queens can get tossed over the side, and they can work with “Good Ol’ Joe” Biden, who once worked closely with open segregationists. Joe will keep the extremists who have taken over his party under control, won’t he?

Oh yeah, just the way the not-nearly-so-senile President von Hindenburg kept the Nazis from going too far. Remember that?

Biden Will Do Nothing to Restrain the Rioters Party

In fact, Joe Biden did nothing to call off the coordinated riots the Democratic party supported, which Democrat governors and mayors refused to use the police to control. Biden has caved on every rational position he ever had. Even during the heat of a presidential election, he wouldn’t renounce the Green New Deal, or abortion up through birth, or massive gun confiscation.

Why should he? Biden knew (and even once said, in an apparent blooper) that he didn’t need the voters to get him elected. What he needed were the zealous, fervent left-wing activists who’d collect the votes, and count the votes, and where need be manufacture the votes.

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On top of that, he needed a lockstep media that wouldn’t report on his fraud. And now with Fox switching sides and social media silencing more of his critics — Steve Bannon’s YouTube show got cut off midstream, a few hours ago — Biden has all he needs, on a purely human level, to pull off this blatant, banana-republic coup.

A Deep State Coup, Like Poland’s in 1981

I remember watching in horror as the Polish Communist government wielded its monopoly of violence and media to crush Solidarity in 1981. I never dreamed I’d experience something like that in my own country. But I think I’m seeing it right here, right now. And all the “respectable” people, even in our own party, are unwilling to risk a thing to try to stop it. 

How many Republican lawmakers are even speaking out about this outrage? The President’s son Tweeted about this:

Our Last Free Election?

Let’s remember which Republicans rolled over and collaborated with this fascist takeover by Big Tech, Big Media, and the bottomlessly corrupt Democratic political machine. Then punish them at their next elections with primary challengers and even third party candidates. No it is not better to have treacherous, back-stabbing fake friends in office for 30 or 40 years, than to take a single loss in a general election, and come back stronger next time.

Of course, I’m assuming we even have meaningful elections again after this one. If the Democrats can install a doddering, senile nonentity with proven financial ties to Communist China — which sent us the COVID virus, intentionally — why would they ever stop? Reward such behavior with the massive prize of the presidency, and it only gets worse from here.

Samson in the Temple

We should do all we can to support the president in his efforts to fight this last, most sickening Deep State coup. We must rely on the power of prayer, but also prepare ourselves to resist by any means necessary attacks on our basic rights, especially our religious rights and gun rights — which history shows us are inextricably linked.

In the 20th century, secular governments murdered some 170 million civilians, not including war casualties. The one thing they had in common? They’d all been stripped of their guns. So the time to fight is when you still have your guns, and anyone tries to take them.

In the words of the old song, “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.”



John Zmirak is a senior editor at The Stream, and author or co-author of ten books, including The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism. He is co-author with Jason Jones of “God, Guns, & the Government.”

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