The Biden Family Crime Wave

By John Zmirak Published on October 27, 2020

I really was puzzled months ago. Remember when rioters pretending to speak for black victims of overzealous policing decided to tear down large parts of our country? That happened in cities run by and mostly inhabited by Democrats.

Blue city mayors and blue state governors colluded with nationally organized and internationally funded domestic terror groups like Antifa. They told their police to stand down, and arrested private citizens who tried to defend their livelihoods. These public authorities played catch and release with arsonists who tried to burn cops live. When the Marxists of Black Lives Matter demanded the end of the nuclear family, capitalism, and law-enforcement in our cities, these “leaders” backed that madness.

Joe Biden Let Our Cities Burn

And Joe Biden said nothing. For months and months, as billions of dollars of Americans’ savings went up in smoke. As dozens of struggling neighborhoods saw family-owned businesses get burned out and robbed. Teenager Kyle Rittenhouse went out and risked his neck to protect some stranger’s car dealership. (Now he sits in prison facing murder charges for shooting a pedophile who tried to kill him.) Joe Biden wouldn’t even pick up the phone to call for order.

The one good question Chris Wallace asked at the first presidential debate should have knocked Biden out of the race. Why didn’t you, as the Democratic nominee, call those governors and tell them to use their National Guards? Biden turned suddenly modest, and said, “I wasn’t in public office.” This is the same guy who in the same debate waved off the radicalism of the Green New Deal and the whole Democratic platform. “I AM the Democratic party now,” he preened.

I shouted at the television, “Which is it, Joe? You’ve got to pick one. Either you ARE the Democratic party, or you’re some hapless retiree watching our cities burn like a Golden Girls marathon. You can’t be both!”

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Biden

But I was wrong. Joe Biden is both. He is the incarnation and purest distillation of today’s Democratic party. He is also a one-man crime wave. To cite the old Saturday Night Live, he’s a floor wax and a dessert topping.

Joe Biden is a flexible man. He can be the son of coal-miners from Scranton, if that’s what would please the crowd. He’ll just lift the details from another man’s autobiography. Joe can be a double-major who finished near the top of his class, if that’s what you want to hear. (Who bothers with dusty old transcripts, anyway?) Joe can even be a dropout of an historically black college, if that’s what makes you happy. 

Praise for White Supremacists

Joe Biden was happy to gladhand rabid white segregationists. Just one year ago, he was praising the late Democratic Senator John Eastland, speaking nostalgically about him, in fact. This is the same Senator Eastland who called civil rights activists “black, slimy, juicy, unbearably stinking n****rs.” Here’s another Eastland classic:

When in the course of human events it becomes necessary to abolish the Negro race, proper methods should be used. Among these are guns, bows and arrows, slingshots and knives.

Has anybody asked Biden to disavow John Eastland, whom he praised as an icon of “civility”?

Biden is perfectly comfortable with racial politics and racist politicians, black or white. Because Joe Biden has never met a political principle. Period.

How about Biden’s statement warning that the wrong kind of desegregation efforts would leave his children “to grow up in a racial jungle”? Anybody care to ask Joe about that one? Or about the endorsement he got from white nationalist Richard Spencer?

A Tool for Credit Card Companies … and Marxists

But this is the very same Joe Biden who didn’t care enough to call a single Democrat governor or mayor to stop black Marxists and white anarchists from trashing entire cities. Long the supple tool for Delaware-based credit card companies trying to strip their creditors of bankruptcy protection, now he’s happy to empower rabid socialists.

The same guy who built up icons like Senator Eastland? He shrugs as statues of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass get torn down. Biden is perfectly comfortable with racial politics and racist politicians, black or white. Because Joe Biden has never met a political principle. Period. Full stop. Gaining power for him is nothing personal, it’s just business.

Hunter Bagman

The family business. The Hunter Biden emails are drip-drip-dripping on, exposing how Joe used his addict son as the bagman for massive payoffs from evil foreign institutions. Crooked energy companies. Chinese-Communist front companies. Russian oligarchs. As Hunter complained in one of his emails, Joe claimed half the salaries which Hunter collected in jobs for which he was not remotely qualified. (How many crackheads do you know serving on multibillion dollar corporate boards?) If Joe wasn’t “the Big Guy” referenced in those emails, who was — Nicholas Sandmann?

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There was nothing personal or patriotic about Joe Biden’s response to the Chinese bioattack against the rest of the world and America. China had locked down Wuhan and most of China, but was sending virus patients all around the rest of the world. Donald Trump stopped those flights. Joe Biden condemned that as “xenophobia.” His friends and benefactors in China no doubt approved. When Democrat efforts failed to impeach Trump for even asking Ukraine about Joe’s corruption, the party pivoted nicely. They moved in unison from the message, “Come party in Chinatown!” to “Lock down everyone indefinitely or else we’re all going to die!” Biden rode that, happy to see the Trump boom hit the wall.

By Any Means Necessary

Maybe a new Great Depression would put Biden in office, and help the family business. That’s all he ever cared about. Likewise, when leftist radicals whipped up chaos and violence all across our country, Biden didn’t make the phone calls that would have stopped it. Why? He calculated that riots and fires everywhere would make Trump look weak and helpless. Or else that Trump would overreact, and launch a wave of Kent-State style shootings. Either one might … help put Biden in office, and help the family business.

At this point, in the wake of the Biden email revelations, it looks more and more as if only a Biden win will keep one or more Bidens out of prison. So expect Joe to endorse any cheating, fraud, riots, or other measures intended to do that, at whatever cost to our country.

That is the kind of man he is. Nothing’s personal. It’s just business.


John Zmirak is a senior editor at The Stream, and author or co-author of ten books, including The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism. He is co-author with Jason Jones of “God, Guns, & the Government.”


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