Three January 6 Red Pills for Your Friends and Family, Part 2: GITMO on the Potomac

Joe Biden is running a gulag in Washington, D.C., and your Republican representatives don't care enough to complain.

By John Zmirak Published on October 29, 2021

You know how much to trust what Stream columnist Mark Judge has aptly dubbed the “Stasi media.” As courageous reporter Mollie Hemingway told the Philadelphia Society this past weekend in Fort Worth, the mainstream media have long been openly biased toward the left.

But with the election of Donald Trump, she explained, as a matter of policy they abandoned any pretense. “Objectivity” became “irresponsible.” Presenting multiple perspectives on political issues left voters prone to … committing civic crimes like voting for Donald Trump. Readers could no longer be trusted with arguments and facts. They must be spoon-fed pre-chewed conclusions in every paragraph of their “news.”

Witness the feeding frenzy that overtook so-called reporters on the entirely faked Russia Collusion story. It originated in worthless, partisan “opposition research” funded by the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton. It rested on second- and third-hand hearsay. But our own Deep State agencies pretended to give it credence. That gave biased journalists the pretext to treat these baseless accusations as if they were likely true. In turn, FBI officials used the evidence of the stories they themselves had planted to convince federal FISA court judges to expand their surveillance of innocent Trump associates. The vicious cycle sped on and on, crippling Trump in office.

More Slop for the Media Hogs

We saw similar orgies of reckless rumor-publishing about Mark Judge himself, and Brett Kavanaugh. And about Nick Sandmann, then Kyle Rittenhouse and Jake Gardner. In each case, we saw reporters who served massive corporations aligned with Democrats. They cooperated hand in glove with leftist politicians and politicized public officials. All to bulldoze and victimize innocent Americans. How many more victims will we leave to the tender mercies of this hydra-headed, coordinated media-government complex?

Hundreds more, it seems. Every American citizen who protested on January 6 and now sits in jail should be assumed to be as much an innocent victim as Nick Sandmann or Brett Kavanaugh. Donald Trump invited them to protest. And he should be personally funding their defenses. That’s what deep-pocketed leftists did for the genuinely violent George Floyd rioters. Kamala Harris endorsed a fund that bailed out Antifa rioters who set fire to cop cars, for instance.

A Trump family helicopter should have carried the best criminal defense lawyers to D.C. on January 7. But we on the right are infamous for abandoning our wounded. And that’s what happened to the almost universally peaceful protestors of January 6. Most aren’t wealthy enough to afford their own attorneys. So they’re forced to rely on left-wing public defenders. Those in turn pressure them to cut bad deals to get out of prolonged imprisonment, often in solitary confinement, for minor charges like “parading.”

Are We Still in America?

Do you really care about free speech in America? Then you ought to be assiduously reading the hard-hitting, brave reporting of Julie Kelly at American Greatness. (That’s the publication which has replaced sold-out National Review as conservative standard-bearer.)

Kelly, almost alone among American journalists, is asking the tough questions:

  • Why are these protestors denied bail, unlike violent rioters who tried to burn down a federal courthouse?
  • Why are their trial dates for relatively minor crimes still unfixed? What about the Constitutional guarantee of swift, speedy justice?
  • Why have seriously ill defendants been denied proper medical care?
  • Why are many of these Americans held in solitary confinement, only allowed brief meetings with their attorneys?
  • Why is the federal government withholding evidence from defense attorneys and even judges?
  • Why keep thousands of hours of videotapes secret, under the pretext that the floor layout of the U.S. Capitol is some kind of state secret?
  • Worst, perhaps, of all, why is political “rehabilitation” now an open goal of these people’s imprisonment — with political testimonies renouncing Trump support now apparently a condition for lighter sentencing?

Kelly reported on an elderly lady who entered the Capitol — walking past idle Capitol police, who didn’t dissuade or warn her — who accepted re-education by “diversity” trainers as a condition of leaving jail. She was forced to read accounts of the Nazi Holocaust, as if she’d been a U.S. prisoner in 1945 undergoing de-nazification.

GITMO on the Potomac

If any of the George Floyd rioters had been treated this way — as political prisoners — the entire legal profession would be trooping to the courthouse to serve as pro bono defense attorneys. Our media would be enduring grand mal epileptic seizures of indignation. Congressional Democrats would be hosting fundraisers for those Antifa rioters at Martha’s Vineyard.

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But Establishment Republicans, and cowardly “conservative” media, have chosen to go along with the scapegoating. Their instinct, as ever, is to seize the person immediately to their right and toss him to the crocodiles, in hope of getting eaten last. I guess some people really value the chance to eat at the servants’ table at the Oligarchy’s victory feast. The sight of “people power” on the right fills them with visceral loathing, as George W. Bush made clear when he compared the January 6 protestors to al Qaeda terrorists.

Any political figure, or pundit, who isn’t speaking out against the vicious double standard applied to these protestors, compared to the treatment of city-torching leftist rioters, isn’t our friend. In fact, we ought to conclude that he is an enemy within.

Pray for the brave Americans who stood up for election integrity, then fell into a trap set by the Democrats who control our nation’s capital. If their persecution stands, you and your family will be next. Frankly, if we don’t stand with these people, we will deserve it.

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John Zmirak is a senior editor at The Stream and author or co-author of ten books, including The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism. He is co-author with Jason Jones of “God, Guns, & the Government.”

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