Questions. I Have So Many … Questions!

By John Zmirak Published on July 22, 2020

The members of America’s elite talk what sounds like sense to them, but to everyone else it’s mangled, quasi-gibberish. Whenever the Woke speak of “racism,” “injustice,” “racial injustice,” or any related topics, they fall into nonsense. It’s as if they were speaking in tongues, but the spirits speaking aren’t Holy and their wagging tongues are forked.

I’ve spent many thousands of words here trying to string together some sense out of what they’re saying. For today, I’m taking a break. Instead of offering answers, I want to air the questions that this week’s word salad and violent street theater raise. I invite you to ponder them yourselves, see if you can do better than I at figuring any of … all this … out.

Please Help Me Make Sense of All This

  • Why don’t the police forces of cities like New York, Chicago, and Minneapolis arrest their mayors and hold them incommunicado in secret locations? When mayors license rioters to take over the streets and abuse helpless, disarmed citizens, those mayors lose all claim to legitimacy. At the worst, such a “Latin American” strategy would provoke state governors to send their  national guards in to try to locate and “rescue” the mayors. They’d have little choice then but to impose order. If they won’t do that, President Trump can federalize the guards and do so himself. The police might get dissolved a few months earlier, but at least they would leave with their honor intact.
  • What is the political message the Democrats are sending by trying to imprison the McCloskeys in St. Louis? Can it be anything other than: “We will send mobs to terrorize you at home. Resist, and we’ll send your husband to get raped in prison”? Is there some other meaning we can take away from this? Can Trump  possibly lose in November if his campaign takes this message and rams it home for the next three and a half months?

Structuring Incentives for Rioters

  • Italian-American citizens of Baltimore plan to replace the statue of Columbus destroyed by “peaceful protesters.” Should the electric charge that pulses through the new statue be:

a) Mild, to serve as a deterrent.
b) Moderate, to incapacitate looters.
c) Lethal, to make the statue a thug-zapper?

  • The wife of George Stephanopolous, former White House Communications Director and TV news host, just called on parents not to block porn on their kids’ smartphones. Instead, they should … watch porn with them. Will this proposal be:

a) Part of the Democratic 2020 platform.
b) Incorporated in national Common Core curricula.
c) Incorporated in 1619 curricula.
d) Added to homeschooling requirements by a Biden Department of Education?

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  • Planned Parenthood of New York City just finally distanced itself from its own founder, Margaret Sanger. Apparently, it took attacks on Ulysses Grant and Abraham Lincoln to get this abortion business to show a little shame about Sanger’s close and long-lasting ties to eugenicist racists and Nazis. Will the organization take other steps to diminish its “disparate impact” on the non-white unborn community? Will the percentage of black children aborted in New York City ever fall below 50% again?
  • If The New York Times publishes the home address of Tucker Carlson, who has been menaced before by leftist terrorists, should Carlson use his own venue to publish the home addresses of The Times’ editors and corporate board members? Is it time to escalate to Mutually Assured Destruction in this so far one-sided civil war?
  • Since Anthony Fauci has cited Andrew Cuomo as the governor whose response to the virus was exemplary, do we decide that Fauci is now simply siding with the virus? How else to explain his praise for a governor who seeded nursing homes with virus patients, killing thousands of old people?

In Civil Wars, Both Sides Get to Fight

  • Since mayors and governors are showing us that violence and mayhem work, will pro-lifers at some point decide that the civil peace is already gone, and abortion clinics are now legitimate targets? Would that provoke a sudden, desperate call for law and order?
  • What is the meaning of this video, apparently aired on the Cartoon Network? It depicts black-clad figures torturing and sacrificing babies on altars, animated as if it’s meant to be funny. Is this an instance of the Culture of Death becoming even more shameless, because its partisans are confident of triumph? Or is it just a Planned Parenthood training and motivation video that got leaked? Is there any reason Republicans shouldn’t air it in every swing district in the country, linking it to Democrats?

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John Zmirak is a senior editor at The Stream, and author or co-author of ten books, including The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism.

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