Police State Warns That We’re Five Minutes From Midnight in America

"If they came for me, they’re coming for you."

By John Zmirak Published on October 23, 2023

Do you have friends and family members who think that you’re an alarmist? Who wave you off when you warn about the CIA and FBI cooperating with social media giants to censor medical information and free political speech? Who “don’t see a problem” with the FBI designating almost half of America as potential “extremists”? Whose Trump Derangement Syndrome is so advanced, they don’t really care if he’s unjustly persecuted by the federal government and rogue state prosecutors? Do they scoff when you talk about pro-lifers raided by heavily armed FBI agents over minor shoving incidents outside abortion mills?

Worst of all, are you still speaking to anyone who repeats the fascist propaganda dubbing the 99% peaceful January 6 election integrity demonstrators “insurrectionists”? Who echoes George W. Bush in declaring those Americans equivalent to the 9/11 hijackers?

The Last Red Pill You Might Ever Be Offered

Well now I have the tool you need to offer those people a lifeline. There’s no guarantee it will rescue them, of course. Some of these people might really be in need of your prayer and fasting, because they’ve given over their free will and intellect to the principalities and powers that are taking control of our country. You know, the deathless malevolent spirits who rejoice whenever a baby is aborted, a child sterilized, or a group of innocent ten-year-olds corrupted by obscene schoolbooks. Those spirits that will not rest until they have shuttered and silenced our churches.

But for those who are simply ignorant, or indolent, or sunk in pastel denial in their gated neighborhoods, Dinesh D’Souza’s brilliant new film Police State might turn them around. If crudely retyped copies of The Gulag Archipelago could make their way to the West and help discredit Communism among deluded intellectuals, then the expertly made and moving Police State might wake the sleepers today. In just two hours, D’Souza manages to make the same points I’ve been hammering home in my columns for seven years.

We Gave Our Freedom Away With Both Hands

The film covers the rapid, inexorable surrender of our God-given freedoms that began in the early 90s, when most of us shrugged or winked at violent government raids against “oddballs” and “extremists” such as Randy Weaver and David Koresh. The filmmakers show how well-intentioned anti-terrorist measures such as the FISA law and Patriot Act demolished crucial protections against the abuse of government power. We see how such laws at first were abused to entrap innocent Muslims via FBI recruiters with bags of cash. That might not bother us (though it should).

Next we see how the intelligence community, which Barack Obama remade to suit his far-left agenda, was turned against the Tea Party. And how it was primed and ready to undermine and falsely impeach and prosecute a duly elected President, Donald Trump.

The tyranny quotient kept rising, as men with no God and no internal moral compass targeted and persecuted the most non-violent, unassuming, cooperative-with-police demonstrators from January 6 — imposing on them invented crimes and vicious sentences, even as the arsonists and looters from the George Floyd riots walked free — and sometimes won judgments from cities and police.

Your Local RINO Is Effectively a Fed

Do the local self-styled Republicans and conservatives whom you vote for collaborate with these tyrants? Are they just as happy to see lawless Democrat prosecutors try to imprison their populist rivals? If you don’t know the answer to that, you need to find out, and fast. Witness the chaos on Capitol Hill, as opponents of the Police State within the House GOP are undermined by sellouts, turncoats, and wannabe federal informants. Remember that Kevin McCarthy promised to release the January 6 footage, which contains exculpatory evidence of Americans unjustly imprisoned. One of the main reasons we turfed him out as Speaker was for flagrantly breaking that promise.

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Police State interviews the victims of our burgeoning Anarcho-Tyranny, which lets leftist mobs run riot, and targets PTA moms as “domestic extremists.” You’ll hear from pro-lifer Mark Houck, from election watchdog Sharronna Bishop, and from the aunt of a peaceful J6 protestor who was driven to suicide by fake “terrorism” charges. You’ll see the actual footage of the lawless raid on Houck’s home, which terrorized his children — and powerful re-enactments of other all-too-real assaults on the basic rights of Americans. You’ll hear from FBI and Big Tech whistleblowers about the insidious high-tech tracking of Americans who dare to exercise their rights. Courageous reporters Darren Beattie and Julie Kelly weigh in with the facts they exposed.

For instance, did you know that anyone who’d traveled to Washington, D.C., around January 6 2021 for any reason is still being tracked by federal air marshals — even if she went there for a wedding? That’s just one of a thousand crucial truths you’ll learn from this film.

And if you have a heart for America, you’ll be weeping as I did, long before the film concludes with orange-jump- suited January 6 protestors singing “The Star-Spangled Banner” … as they do every night in their gulag on the Potomac.

Go see Police State tonight or Wednesday night, or live-stream it Friday, and make it a hit. (Tickets available only online at this website.) For more on why, see D’Souza’s interview with Steve Bannon.

This is the most important conservative film ever made in America. And if we don’t wake up and fight, it really might be the last one. For tickets and other information, go here.


John Zmirak is a senior editor at The Stream and author or co-author of ten books, including The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism. He is co-author with Jason Jones of “God, Guns, & the Government.”

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