Our Masters in Washington Are Panicking Over the Possible Slave Revolt Coming in November

By John Zmirak Published on May 16, 2024

I don’t know if we can do it. There are too many open questions. Predicting the outcome of the upcoming presidential election is like forecasting the weather a century from now — either a fool’s errand or a fraudster’s. No more than the Climate Cult can use computer models to really see how a fundamentally chaotic system will respond to carbon emissions long after we’re dead can we determine what will happen on Election Day this year. All we can do is commit ourselves to do the right thing and then pray.

We don’t know how desperately the Biden gang will cling to power. Nor what crimes against the country or even humanity they’ll prove willing to commit. The long sentences handed out to harmless, peaceful protestors from January 6 (after rigged trials have convicted every single defendant of at least one crime) tell us one thing: They’re pretty desperate. These people know they won’t just end up out of power, but some will go to prison. And that can’t happen, not to the Best and Brightest, who were born to rule the rest.

Is It Even Safe to Beat the Democrats Now?

So in a sense, I’m almost afraid of a huge turnout for Republicans this November. If the vote fraud machine can’t be kicked into high enough gear — if not enough illegals, dead people, and fictional characters from literature can be shuffled through the polls, and the software isn’t robust enough to rig the subsequent totals — what will the Establishment actually do?

Remember, these people are actively defending their willingness to cut off children’s genitals, abort babies in the ninth month of gestation, trash American cities, and open the borders to thousands of unvetted, unvettable foreigners who come in and squat in our homes. I put literally nothing past the herd of Gadarene Swine on their way downhill to the sea — including claiming that Russia rigged the vote, refusing to certify it, and starting World War III to “retaliate” and “save democracy” from populism (that is, the people). (Of course, in the Mad Max post-apocalyptic hellscape that would follow a nuclear war, the woke won’t fare very well, since they don’t believe in the right to bear arms for personal self-defense.) 

I almost feel reckless in urging people to canvass, campaign, and volunteer in various ways to help fight election fraud, as one-time Stream writer Rachel Alexander urges. Am I being inadvertently a warmonger? Is it wise to risk the destruction which the likes of Barack Obama, John Brennan, Peter Strozk, and whoever else is operating the puppet called “Joe Biden” will rain down upon us if they feel like cornered rats?

Our Enemies Are Terrified

Whether it’s wise or not, we have to do it. Better to die on your feet than live on your knees. But we know one thing for sure: However desperate the people who are bent on destroying America are at this point, they are absolutely scared.

I’m not going to point you to opinion polls, which are notoriously fickle. Nor to anecdotal evidence of well-attended Trump rallies. We had those four years ago. What good did they do in the middle of the night in Maricopa and Fulton counties, while the votes were being (cough) “counted”?

Instead, let’s listen when two members of the ruling elite tell the truth by accident and say the quiet part out loud. Here’s Fareed Zakaria — whom I knew personally in college — barely restraining his panic over the fact that voters are turning against Joe Biden on issue after issue. They’re not obeying orders, responding to the dog whistles, or doffing their hats to their betters. He even admits that the legal cases being cobbled together against Donald Trump all across the country are meritless lawfare:

When the Spaghetti Refuses to Stick to the Wall

So much for the smoothest, smuggest voice in the commentariat. Now check out this public rage fest by former Clinton campaign advisor James Carville:

Oops, wrong clip! Sorry. Here you go:

What Carville is saying (beyond “The Precious is ours, ours!” … fast forward through that part) is actually staggering:

Trump’s more ahead than he’s ever been. Fewer people think January 6 is what it was … an assault on the Constitution, the Temple of Democracy, I dunno whatever the f*** you wanna say … . It’s gone the wrong way. It’s not working! Everything we’re throwing is spaghetti at a wall, and none of it is sticking.

Did you catch that? Carville is admitting that the narrative of January 6 is a cynically concocted fable — he can’t even bring himself to repeat the Official Story’s pearl-clutching rhetoric without profanities and sarcasm. In fact, in his own words, that story is “spaghetti” his side is “throwing … at a wall.” And none of it is sticking.

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At this point one might be tempted to chuckle, even sneer. But then you have to step back. In fact, when we talk about January 6, we’re not speaking of strands of boiled whole wheat pasta. We’re talking about Americans, real human beings with immortal souls, families, and inalienable rights who are serving time as political prisoners. (Or they’ve just been arrested, since the J6 manhunt continues.)

They have names. They had hopes and dreams. And now they’re in orange jumpsuits getting terrorized by violent felons, for the crime of resisting the left’s vicious hunger for power. Read Julie Kelly’s Substack for updates on these Americans’ quest for justice. Watch my interview with one of them, Nicholas Ochs, the day before he reported to prison.

Those “strands of spaghetti” are sometimes having breakdowns, committing suicide. Others are wasting away for lack of proper medical treatment. But many of them are still strong, and still gather every night to sing “The Star-Spangled Banner,” as David Clements documented in his recent film Let My People Go.

Let’s sing it right alongside them, come what may. And leave the rest in the hands of God.


John Zmirak is a senior editor at The Stream and author or coauthor of ten books, including The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism. His newest book is No Second Amendment, No First.

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