Not One More Muslim ‘Refugee.’ If Need Be, Shut Down the Government.

By Jason Jones & John Zmirak Published on November 16, 2015

There is no reason for the U.S. or any Western country to accept a single Muslim refugee ever again. The very meaning of “refugee” that justifies accepting people outside of our normal immigration quotas and without regard to our national interests depends on the fact that someone’s life is directly in danger. That danger vanishes the moment he sets foot in what international law recognizes as the “first safe country.” There are no countries bordering the U.S. where Muslims are persecuted, so the proper number of Muslim refugees for the U.S. to take is zero. For almost 100 percent of so-called refugees who claim to be from Syria, that first safe country is Turkey — a vast and comparatively wealthy Sunni Muslim nation that could easily accept and assimilate all real refugees from Syria.

Likewise, Algeria or Egypt could accept any real refugees from Libya. Instead Turkey is dumping those economic migrants on the West, cannily predicting that they will increase Islamic influence in Europe.

Any migrant who passes through Turkey, or ignores the road to Cairo and instead sets forth on a boat for Greece or Italy is not a real refugee in search of asylum from chaos and persecution. He is an economic migrant, looking for either a job or a berth on European or American welfare programs, and there is no moral or legal reason to accept him. We say “him” because a shockingly high percentage of these migrants are young men of military age — while the real, Christian and Yazidi refugees from Iraq and Syria huddle in miserable transit camps replete with old people, women and children.

No, what the world is seeing is not a refugee crisis but an Islamic colonization, led (like the Spanish conquest of Mexico) by young, able men who have come to scout out territory and claim it. These are not desperate civilians fleeing a war; they are the new conquistadors.

And we have seen their first massacres of the natives: in Paris last week, in Boston at the Marathon, at Fort Hood, and in a hundred other Western cities. We know that there will be more. ISIS has promised us more, and has boasted that it seeded the “refugees” with its operatives to commit them.

Much worse than that, every Islamic population is a breeding ground for jihad, the holy war that stands at the heart of the Islamic faith, as the cross does at the heart of Christianity. Jesus died for our sins; Muhammad conquered infidels for Allah. The contrast is that stark and basic.

When a young Muslim man is disgruntled, or feels “humiliated” by the need to adapt to Western ways, there is always a Saudi-funded mosque where he can go to find other young men who share his rage. They will have direct connections to terrorist organizations, and will be guided to the vast literature of jihad that explains why killing infidels and subjugating their countries is the duty of every Muslim.

To understand how seriously to take this threat, please watch this video by former military intel operative Frank Wuco, who has debriefed Islamists and worked with U.S. interrogators, learned what made terrorists tick, and reproduced it in dramatic form — playing the jihadist himself. Prepare for the scariest film you have ever seen:


President Obama has ignored the clear message of the latest massacre in Paris, and doubled down on his anti-Christian policy — which accepts tens of thousands of migrants who are Sunni Muslims, just like ISIS, while denying that the hunted Iraqi and Syrian Christians are the victims of genocide. He is scoffing at the governors of states who are demanding an end to the influx — which so far include Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Texas — and lecturing our citizens that it’s “un-American” to favor Christian refugees who have no safe refuge anywhere in the Middle East, over Muslims who could safely resettle in more than a dozen Sunni Arab countries.

Even though the reason for the mass persecution of more than a million Christians is explicitly religious, we cannot take religion into account when welcoming refugees. That’s like saying it would have been “racist” to favor Jewish émigrés from Hitler’s Europe. (Alas, FDR’s State Department refused to accept those persecuted Jewish émigrés, letting thousands perish.)

Worse, we aren’t even taking in a proportionate share of Christian refugees from Syria and Iraq. Ten percent of Syrians are Christians but only about 2.5% of the refugees we’ve taken are Christian. There’s a twisted reason for this, and don’t expect President Obama to do anything about it on his own initiative.

This cannot stand. Obama is not a caliph, but the president of a republic. It is Congress’ plain duty to avert this clear and present danger to the safety of every American, by using the next crucial legislation to force Obama to change his refugee policy so that it favors persecuted Christians over Muslim economic migrants.

Senator Jeff Sessions has already stepped forth courageously on this issue, and we are confident that other Republicans will follow.

How does the GOP move work? By attaching the legislation to a larger bill that Obama will want passed, Obama will be made to pick his poison. He can either sign the legislation attached to the major bill and thus keep the government fully open and simultaneously bring to an end his misguided plan to bring in thousands of Muslim economic migrants to our shores. Or he can refuse to sign the legislation and thus force a partial government shutdown. The essential elements of the federal government would continue during this period, but it would be a royal pain for some Americans, and during the shutdown Americans would be invited to ask, why is President Obama hell bent on enabling Muslim economic migrants to pour into America the way they flowed into Paris. Why is he so hell bent on it that he’s willing to shut down parts of the federal government in a game of chicken with Congress?

This is smart politics for the GOP, but it’s far more than smart politics; it is profoundly important to our freedom and our safety. If Congress won’t risk a shutdown for that, why bother to have a legislature at all?

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