I Believe Joe Biden Has Legitimately Won This Election

By Al Perrotta Published on November 5, 2020

Here is some of what you need to believe to believe this election has been legitimate:


I believe Joe Biden is winning this election fair and square.

I believe that the man I have been calling a racist and misogynist for four years suddenly lost support among white men and white men only.

I believe that Donald Trump can double his support among blacks, dramatically increase his support among Latinos, and lose.

I believe Joe Biden earned seven million votes more than Barack Obama did in his massive 2008 landslide, despite not campaigning and making a mess of things when he did campaign.

I believe it is perfectly logical that swing states with GOP governors could get their votes counted election night, but there’s nothing suspicious about states run by Democrats being incapable of finishing their counts even days after the election.

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I believe there is nothing suspicious at all about several of these Democratic states suddenly shutting down their counting for the night before midnight. Even though that has never happened before.

I believe there is nothing suspicious at all about races being called quickly for Biden, but not called for Trump.

I believe there is nothing suspicious at all about Fox News’ decision desk chief (a Democratic supporter) declaring Arizona — a 2016 Trump state where his supporters have just held a 100 mile long car rally — for Biden before the votes had barely begun being counted.

I believe it is possible for there to be a 130K dump of votes at 4 a.m. for Joe Biden in Michigan without a single vote going to Donald Trump or anybody else.

I believe it is possible that 100,000 votes for Joe Biden could pop up at 4 a.m in Wisconsin.

I believe that it is completely legit that the longer vote counts go, the more ballots seem to show up marked for Joe Biden.

I believe ballots marked for Joe Biden and not a single other candidate in any other race are totally legit.

I believe it is okay for the dead to vote.

I believe it is not suspicious at all that a Pennsylvania voting official ordered workers to backdate new mail-ins to Election Day. Or that all Democrats voted against legislation that would have made that illegal. 

I believe the Democratic voting officials in Detroit had a perfectly good explanation for boarding up their windows.

I believe there is a perfectly good explanation for folks seen rolling in wagons and coolers into a Detroit counting facility in the dead dark of night. (Three vehicles loaded with at least 130,000 ballots, according to one observer.) Maybe they were just bringing in cookies and milk.

I believe there is a perfectly good explanation for why Democratic officials are hellbent on stopping Trump supporters from overseeing vote counts and examining ballots.

I believe it is perfectly fine for Philadelphia officials to ignore a court order to allow Trump observers.

I believe there is nothing at all wrong with these officials blocking the doors and pushing observers out.

I believe this registered Democrat and poll watcher is a lying liar.

I believe it is not suspicious that Twitter doesn’t want you to listen to this guy. 

I believe the family of five in Nevada who say they all voted for Trump but are now being told they are not registered voters and didn’t vote are lying liars.

I believe James O’Keefe made up all his videos, including the new one showing a USPS carrier pledging to commit voter fraud to remove Trump.

I believe it is horrible to even think that certain members of the USPS union that pledged its support to Biden would do anything to help him. 

I believe it makes sense that 56% of Americans can say they are better off now than they were four years ago — in the middle of the COVID shutdown — but want to replace Trump with the #2 guy in the previous administration.

I believe it is logical for there to be over 100,000 more votes for Biden for president than there are votes for Democratic congressional candidates in Wisconsin. In other words…

I believe 100,000 people would vote straight Republican, but vote for Biden over Trump.

I believe that almost 100,000 more people in Virginia’s District 1 voted for Joe Biden, but didn’t vote for the Democratic congressional candidate.

I believe Joe Biden could win the presidency, but not bring more Democratic House members with him; that there could be a small red wave in House races but Trump is losing.

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I believe there is nothing sinister about voting officials in Arizona forcing voters in GOP districts to use sharpie pens, which can and did invalidate their ballots.

I believe it is completely on the up-and-up that the same people who fought against cleaning up voter registration rolls used those voter registration rolls to send out ballots.

I believe there is nothing suspicious about there being more ballots cast than there are registered voters in many swing states. That even if you add in late registrations, the voter turnout would be far above historic highs. When voter enthusiasm for Biden is non-existent.

I believe Biden benefited from late voter registrations, even though more new Republicans registered.

I believe Facebook is perfectly justified shutting down a #StopTheSteal page started by concerned women.

I believe Twitter is right to suspend John Doyle for promoting protests in favor of fair vote counts.

I believe the same media that told me that Trump-Russia Collusion was a fact.

I believe the same media that trumpeted the impeachment of Trump for his call to Ukraine, then censored stories proving Trump’s concern about the Biden family corruption was legit.

I believe America would, indeed, elect a man whose two previous efforts failed in disgrace, and only got his nomination in this election because the DNC arranged it.

I believe a man who refused to campaign, and thinks I don’t deserve to know his positions, has earned the presidency.

I believe America would give the most powerful job on the planet to a man who has fallen into such a mental state that he forgets what office he’s running for, who he is running against, and what state he’s in.

However, I do not believe Joe Biden himself when he said, “We have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of politics.”


Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Stream and co-author, with @JZmirak, of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration. You can follow him at @StreamingAl. And if you aren’t already, please follow The Stream at @Streamdotorg.

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