Christian Nationalism or Gay Sharia: There Really is No ‘Option C’

Monkeypox superspreader gay orgies are "essential," but church gatherings aren't.

By John Zmirak Published on August 1, 2022

The left has invented a dog whistle. It’s meant to rile up and goad into action rabid secularists, to shame timid Christians, and shame the brave ones into silence. The term was clearly workshopped by political professionals, and crafted not to convey any genuine meaning, but rather to smear the innocent with guilt by association. And it just might work, if we don’t respond to it with gospel-inspired boldness.

Christian Nationalism. What does it mean? Nobody knows, and that’s part of the point. If the term were precisely defined, we could talk about it rationally, and decide whether it represents something that’s good, neutral, or evil. Or maybe not even evil, but outmoded, unwise, ill-conceived, or otherwise imprudent for this moment in history.

On the Merits, They Lose

The left doesn’t want us thinking like that, any more than it wishes voters to compare the merits of Joe Biden’s actions in office with those of Donald Trump. The brainiest, most Machiavellian leftists out there — people like Marc Elias, Rahm Emmanuel, and others whose names don’t make the papers — realized on election night 2016 that on the merits … they lose. Every time.

Voters don’t want to abolish fossil fuels, open the borders, abort nine-month fetuses for any reason at all, chemically castrate children, groom tweens in school, fill important jobs with unqualified oddballs just because they belong to exotic minorities, or trash the Second Amendment.

But the big money is behind all these ideas. Likewise the most profoundly possessed, fanatical activists, and the “street muscle” they can command. So the left is going to shove all these policies down people’s throats. It will do so by using the tools of psychological conditioning, by reaching behind or under our rational faculties, and training us like lab rats.

Equate Pro-Lifers with Klan Bigots

If we let them. If we don’t dismantle their weapons of psychological manipulation, even turn them on their makers. For that we need what Jesus called the wisdom of serpents, to reject the honeyed poison the Serpent whispers, as it did in Eden.

Whichever Ivy League wordsmith came up with “Christian Nationalism,” he knew what he was doing. What’s the ugliest, most justly unpopular ideology in America? White Nationalism. Decent people reject it, without the need for argument. It calls up countless shameful memories and images: police dogs menacing peaceful protestors, sheriffs spraying church people with firehoses, rural churches burning. If you want to stop faithful Christians from getting involved with politics, the best way to do that is to shame and bully them, by comparing them to Klansmen.

So you drop out the “white” from “white nationalist” and plug in “Christian.” You suggest, without quite saying it, that pro-lifers and pro-family voters are somehow smeared with the hate and injustice we associate with racism.

Election and Holocaust Deniers

Likewise if you want to silence questions about massive Democrat voter fraud. You don’t refer to skeptics like Dinesh D’Souza and Peter Navarro as “election integrity” activists, or even “ballot hawks.” No, you call them “election deniers,” to evoke “Holocaust deniers.” Now you’ve linked (on a subconscious, non-rational level) the January 6 protestors with … neo-Nazi cranks who claim that 6 million Jews committed suicide or something. That helps justify arresting such dangerous cranks and leaving them to rot in solitary for trespassing.

See how easy that is?

Nazi Smear Tactics, Right Here in America

When French traitors collaborated with Nazi occupiers, they wished to delegitimize French patriots in the Resistance. So they invented a label for them. They called these opponents of fascism and defenders of France’s Jews “Judeo-Bolsheviks.” The Nazis loved the term, and used it widely, to convince people that there was something intrinsically Jewish about Communism, and pro-Communist about Jews. So Frenchmen should help to round them up and gas them.

Today our God-hating left wants to see faithful Christians marginalized, politically powerless, silenced and ashamed. They’re burning our churches and pro-life pregnancy centers, and trying to assassinate our candidates and Supreme Court allies. During the COVID panic, vaccine fanatics regularly wished death on those of us who refused their experimental DNA therapy derived from aborted babies. They demonized pastors who wouldn’t shutter their churches, and called assemblies to worship “super-spreader events.”

None of that was really about preventing the spread of COVID. In blue states, liquor stores, abortion clinics, and casinos kept right on humming. They were “essential.” Churches weren’t.

Gay Orgies Are “Essential,” But Church Services Aren’t

Now that gay men are spreading a new pandemic, monkeypox, throughout the country, the left and the squish-coward right aren’t calling for an end to real super-spreader events: mass orgies of male strangers having sex. Watch this exchange on Fox News, of all places, where conservative Ned Ryun dared to suggest that:

The host and the other guests pounced on him as if he’d called for burning witches.

Can you imagine such an exchange during COVID if the topic were cancelling church services? Of course not, and certainly not on a leftist network like CNN, as Fox is nominally a center-right network.

That tells you all you need to know. Gay orgies are sacred, and may not be canceled for any reason, not even a dawning pandemic. Church services are marginal, and must be suspended if “public health” authorities deem them “inessential.” If you dissent from that orthodoxy, as Ned Ryun did, don’t expect to be invited back on television.

The Creed of Caesar, Mammon, and Sodom

Which group is it that’s wielding power ruthlessly in America? The Christians, or the LGBT machine? Do we spend a whole month celebrating Easter, like Pride month? Do billion-dollar corporations during the “Holiday Season” even mention “Christmas”? Do we see nativity scenes on our emails from Uber and Amazon? Of course not. We don’t face a dangerous movement towards an intolerant “Christian nation.” If anything, we’re fighting off the imposition of Gay Sharia.

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Here’s a balanced, intelligent look at what the words “Christian Nationalism” really mean, from the Washington Times. At most, such a term refers to American civic religion circa 1960, where broadly Christian ideas about human nature, marriage, and life prevailed. That’s before our courts started perverting and simply lying about the documents of our Founding, to impose on us a radical secularism that leads back to the French Revolution, not ours. (See Mark David Hall for the history of this organized hijacking.)

To flummox our enemies, let’s embrace the term “Christian Nationalism” and make it our own. (As the gays did with “Queer.”) Force our foes to admit what they really want: a radically secular government that opposes religious belief and speech, and wishes to “rescue” kids from their church-going parents. Then groom them to be sexually active, obsessed with questioning their “gender,” and indoctrinated with the new beliefs favored by Caesar, Mammon, and Sodom.


John Zmirak is a senior editor at The Stream and author or co-author of ten books, including The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism. He is co-author with Jason Jones of “God, Guns, & the Government.”

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