I Am a Single Issue Voter. You Should Be Too

By Rob Schwarzwalder Published on November 14, 2018

I am a single-issue voter. My type is derided regularly. Too narrow. Too extreme. Unable to see the other side. Too limited in vision. Not sufficiently “nuanced.” Insensitive.

Am I? No. The destruction of persons in the womb is the single greatest moral issue of our time. It surmounts every other issue. The ongoing killing of the unborn is far more important than tax reduction or fuel efficiency standards.

Narrow? Insensitive? That is the jargon of moral rationalization. Of not wanting to be associated with people who are too rambunctious or uncouth for your taste. And worse: of confusion regarding what matters most.

How Will You Vote?

This means I vote Republican. An imperfect party run by imperfect people who imperfectly implement the GOP’s commitment to the sanctity of life. But the party of Lincoln remains the party that affirms human value from conception onward. The overwhelming majority of its statewide and national office holders are pro-life.

My stomach tightens when I read things like this: “Michael Wear, who conducted faith outreach for the Obama White House and serves as a Democrats for Life board member,” said before the election that “I want for Christians to be able to affirm what is good and reject what is bad in both parties. That’s the type of conversation I want to see more of in 2018 and going into 2020.”

Michael Wear is a brother in Christ. He is also a very young man who enabled a statist president to pursue sexual radicalism in public life. A weakened military. Massive government intrusion into healthcare. And an adamant dedication not only to abortion-on-demand but federal subsidies of the procedure. And mandating that religious institutions and private companies provide through their insurance contraceptives that can kill unborn children.

Politics is about choices. It’s fine to “affirm” good things in the Democratic party, but it all comes down to one thing: For whom will you vote?

Pro-Life Democrats: An Endangered Species

The handful of Democratic pro-life politicians have not done well at the polls. “Pro-life” Democrats like senators Joe Manchin and Bob Casey are PLINOs — pro-life in name only. “After a decade in the Senate, Casey has become an increasingly reliable vote in support of abortion rights — scoring as high as 100 percent on NARAL Pro-Choice America’s vote tally in 2016 and 2017,” reported Politico earlier this year. 

Joe Manchin? A 33 percent lifetime voting average from National Right to Life. Makes me want to cheer. Very quietly.

There is one truly pro-life Democrat in Congress: Illinois Congressman Dan Lipinski. With a 75 percent rating from National Right to Life, his own party wouldn’t endorse him in this year’s primary. President Obama’s former aides even held a news conference attacking him. Why? Lipinski did not vote for Obamacare due to that measure’s requirement that “private companies to pay for birth control within their health insurance offerings.” Including such organizations as the Little Sisters of the Poor. 

Thankfully, Lipinski won his primary. But he will be an isolated voice in the Democratic Congress.

Are There Other Important Issues?

Are other issues critical to the moral well-being of our society? Yes. Racism and racial divisions are profound among them. So is the sexualization of our culture, ranging from the angry homosexual left to indiscriminate sex among many youth to the gruesome twin epidemics of pornography and sexually-transmitted disease.

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Yet abortion is unique, in that it is irreversible. Racial bigotry can be fought. Pornography can be resisted. Death is final. There is no resurrection to life once a baby is dismembered in her mother’s womb.

We should talk about and address, consistently, bravely, and biblically, these other vital issues. We can walk and chew gum at the same time.

What we shouldn’t do, though, is render a number of things morally equivalent. They are not. One rises above all the rest.

Moral Courage and the Need for Endurance

Abortion is never mundane to the women preyed upon by the abortion industry. Or to the little ones destroyed, without anesthesia, within their mothers.

It is uncool. How much more righteous one might feel marching for the popular, media-approved theme of the moment.

This is where long-term moral courage kicks-in. At a meeting of Evangelical leaders we attended several years ago, my friend Ryan Bomberger, himself African-American, asked this: No one, in the 1860s, would have said there was any issue in our country more critical than ending slavery. Should anyone now say there is any issue more critical than ending abortion-on-demand?

His question echoes still. It should resonate in every Christian heart. It should inform our votes and our prayers and our willingness to take compassionate but unpopular stands.

Does it in yours?

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  • Gene Deveney

    I too am a one issue voter. How anyone, especially a Catholic can vote for pro abortion people boggles my mind.
    Keep the faith; we shall overcome. God bless you.

  • Paul

    As a California voter with the top-two system, I an often left with two pro abortion candidates. So while abortion disgusts me, at times I need to vote based on other issues.

    • bfast

      I don’t. If I cannot support a pro-life candidate, I formally scratch my ballot.

      • Paul

        That’s your prerogative of course. When it comes to voting my first consideration is all the graves of all those who have died so that I can cast a vote. So even when I’m stuck with two bad options I will still make a selection. Sitting it out has never been an option for me.

  • tz1

    But the problem is the PLINOs – Pro Life in Name Only.

    We had Jeb! (please clap) pass “Terri’s Law”, and Dubya flying home to sign a useless piece of paper instead of doing an Elian Gonzales type “rescue” so instead we all watched as Terri Schiavo was horribly tortured to death.


    Romneycare spoke to Planned Parenthood as governor, and Ron Paul was 100% pro-life and as an Obstetrician known as Dr. No because he always voted on principle? Oh, but the REAL pro-life candidate was “unelectable”.

    The RINO PLINOs keep funding Planned Parenthood even now, through December 7. I’m waiting for Trump to put his foot down.

    So you have the pro-abort v.s. the fake pro-life “we can’t do anything” candidates, but you keep supporting the PLINOs.

    Maybe Trump and a few more judges will overturn Roe so they will have to take a stand. I suspect they will retire and become lobbyists like Paul Ryno.

  • tz1

    Perhaps more importantly, are you a single issue jury nullifier?

    Scott Roder killed one person in their church – George Tiller.
    George Tiller literally had the blood of 20 thousand dead babies on his hands as he was a late term abortionist and IIRC invented partial birth abortion.

    If you were on the jury…? Single issue?

    Meanwhile there are drone strikes, commando raids, and other extra-judicial, no due process killings and the same people that are horrified at an abortionist being killed cheer.

    Guns are pro-life because they are the main form of self defense – of life.

    • Andrew Mason

      Without knowing anything about the Roder v Tiller case what you describe sounds like murder as defined by Scripture.

      • tz1

        Do you consider Abortion as murder? Morally if not legally?
        And “Without knowing” is intentional ignorance. Google, Wikipedia (infogalactic) or others are so hard as to be beyond your intellect or will?

        • Baronsamedi1925

          That doesn’t make shooting someone right. By your definition a terrorist group could kill our politicians because they are avenging something .

          • Will you change that damned name to something not satanic?

          • Baronsamedi1925

            I will.

          • Woobiefuntime


          • Thank you.

          • tz1

            It doesn’t make shooting someone INNOCENT right.
            If someone is trying to kill me or a third party, is it right to shoot them to prevent them from killing someone innocent?

        • Andrew Mason

          Morally yes. Obviously legally depends on jurisdiction. While I frequently check sources I don’t see the need in this instance. The issue is that unless you intervene in the midst of the act you have no grounds to claim self defence or defence of others. And if you do intervene in the midst of the act why treat the ‘doctor’ differently to the mother given both are guilty of conspiracy to commit murder? This is getting into a step beyond a step too far territory IMHO.

          • tz1

            Based on the “red flag” gun laws, I’m justified in doing far worse to a woman who wishes to kill her baby or the doctor who will do the evil deed.

            How about a “red flag” law to take all the deadly equipment from abortionists at some whimsical accusation like they do for guns?

      • murder is killing of innocents. Not at all.

    • Paul

      I wonder how many countries would have invaded Germany if the only thing they did was murder all the jews in Germany and didn’t invade any other countries.

      • tz1

        Or if they didn’t ally with Tojo and didn’t themselves declare war after Pearl Harbor, and left England alone or continually sued for peace including the then status quo peace with Russia?

    • reg45

      George Tiller should not have been killed. He should have been put in jail. By the way, his sister is a friend of mine. She doesn’t talk about him very much.

      • tz1

        So if he was kidnapped and incarcerated – the existing authorites woudn’t but say something “extrajudicial” like we use when we want to do a drone assassinaton – it would have been okay?

  • Baronsamedi1925

    I don’t think voting based on a single issue makes sense because there other issues might nullify the reason you voted for them. I believe that the government should be used to help the most number of people.

    • Ken Abbott

      For the overall benefit of the people, the least government practicable is best. We are at present over-governed, smothered.

  • pablocruize

    Abortion masquerading as anything but killing the helpless is propagating and defending a lie of unimaginable consequence for an individual or nation. It places a person at the bottom of the moral food chain and any depravity after that is generally insignificant compared to defending and participating in unborn-child sacrifice

  • The Evangelical

    I used to be a single issue voter, but not anymore. After watching Jeff Durbin and Rand Paul reveal how little Republicans care about the abortion issue, I had to reevaluate my position. We currently have over 20 states that have Republican controlled governments. How many of them have passed legislation banning abortion in their state? How many have simply declared that abortion is murder?

    Vote strategically. Vote democrat until Republicans decide to appreciate the gravity of the abortion issue. Maybe they will listen and realize that they can’t count on the pro-life, single issue vote if they won’t do anything.

  • reg45

    One does not need to be Christian in order to agree with you. I am not Christian but I am in total agreement on this subject. My cousin, who claims to be Christian, is on the other side of this subject.

  • flyslinger2

    In many areas of the country the opportunity to be a single-issue voter is not possible. In my extremely liberal state and county candidates don’t even exist to support those issues. I usually hold my nose and pull the lever for the least offending of the bunch. I can’t justify not voting as that is just reckless abandonment of my civic responsibility.

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