Was I Wrong About Donald Trump?

The jury is still out, but there’s evidence that there has been “dramatic divine intervention” in his life.

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump arrive for a rally, Tuesday, July 25, 2017, at the Covelli Centre in Youngstown, Ohio.

By Michael Brown Published on July 26, 2017

A few days ago, I came across an article I wrote in April, 2016 titled, “Donald Trump Is Not Your Protector: A Warning To Conservative Christians.” Was I wrong to issue this warning? Hasn’t President Trump proven himself to be a friend and protector of conservative Christians?

Without a doubt, I wanted my warning to be wrong. I’m far more concerned with our religious freedoms than with being right. In fact, as soon as it became clear that Trump would be the Republican candidate, I wrote an article titled, “Why I’m Actually Rooting for Donald Trump,” making clear that I hoped to be wrong in my many warnings.

That’s also why I voted for him on election day, albeit with trepidation. I was not only voting against Hillary Clinton. I was voting for Donald Trump, with the hope that my fellow-evangelicals who knew him and spoke well of him were right. I wanted my warnings to be wrong then, and I want them to be wrong now, for the good of the country and the world.

Why I Issued My Warning

In the April, 2016 article, I wrote that “when the rubber meets the road, [Trump] is anything but the defender of conservative Christians and their values.”

Here’s why.

  1. The day before, on the Today show, he had said without hesitation that he wanted to change the Republican Platform on abortion, adding in three exceptions.
  2. He had been critical of North Carolina’s HB2.
  3. He said that Bruce (Caitlyn) Jenner would be free to use the ladies’ room in one of his buildings.

I didn’t trust his character or his track record or his promises (especially in contrast with the positions of Senator Ted Cruz, whom I had endorsed). So I cautioned my fellow Christian conservatives against putting their trust in him.

Indeed, regarding Trump’s criticism of HB2, Cruz had said:

Donald Trump is no different from politically correct leftist elites. Today, he joined them in calling for grown men to be allowed to use little girls’ public restrooms. As the dad of young daughters, I dread what this will mean for our daughters — and for our sisters and our wives. It is a reckless policy that will endanger our loved ones. 

 Yet Donald stands up for this irresponsible policy while at the same time caving in on defending individual freedoms and religious liberty. He has succumbed to the Left’s agenda, which is to force Americans to leave God out of public life while paying lip service to false tolerance.

That’s why I closed my article with a strong warning:

Please don’t look to him to be a defender of conservative Christian values or a protector of religious freedoms.

Barring dramatic divine intervention in his life, you will be sadly disappointed.

Be forewarned.

How wrong was I in penning these words? Or has there been, in fact, divine intervention in his life?

Ongoing Concerns, But Growing Encouragement

Obviously, there are many things I (and others) were concerned about. I still have some of those concerns.

I wish that he would not launch twitter attacks against a good man like Jeff Sessions, his attorney general. I wish that he would not stoop to the name-calling of hostile journalists. I wish that he did not issue an executive order reinforcing President Obama’s transgender guidelines for federal employees. (The list could easily be multiplied.)

While we always make a mistake when we put our trust in a person, it does appear God has been working in our President’s life.

At the same time, it seems clear that President Trump greatly esteems the conservative Christian leaders who have become close to him. He seems to realize that he was elected with the help of conservative evangelicals, that he wants to defend our liberties, and that he has become a strong pro-life ally. (Need I say more than “Neil Gorsuch”?) Could it be that he even has a growing fear of the Lord?

On my radio show this week, I talked to Dr. Richard Land, who has been to the White House with other evangelical leaders. He told me that a number of times, President Trump has prayed with Vice President Pence before making major decisions. This is a far cry from the Trump of just a year or two ago.

Ready for More Surprises

Lifesite News reported on April 28, “U.S. Vice President Mike Pence along with eight other members of President Trump’s cabinet are gathering every week to pray and to study the Bible.” Surely Trump knows of this. I assume he has positive feelings about it, which also speaks well of him.

We always make a mistake when we put our trust in a person — even the president of the United States. And Trump’s shortcomings are there for the world to see. Still God does seem to be working in his life.

Was I wrong, then, about Donald Trump? The jury is still out. But there’s evidence that there has been “dramatic divine intervention” in his life. That’s all the more reason for us to pray that God will get hold of him even more powerfully and profoundly in the days to come.

I, for one, am ready for more surprises.


Update: Within hours of my article being written, President Trump announced that after consulting with his generals, transgender-identified individuals would not be allowed to serve in the military. This was not only a common-sense, pragmatic military decision but an important pushback against an overly aggressive, LGBT agenda. The decision will draw praise from conservative Christians and wrath from LGBT activists.

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  • eddiestardust

    Denying healthcare to millions of Americans is NOT Christian , though….But his Transgender ruling today is hopeful!

    • Paul

      Charity is not defined by giving away other peoples money

    • Jim

      Socialized medicine first of all steals hard earned income from one person to give benefits to another which is theft. Theft is what is not Christian. Second, it has never been successful. When government pays the bills, it neither cares about the cost or the quality. The result is very expensive low quality services. Reference: VA, Medicaid, Medicare.

    • fights

      Sorry but Obamacare is a bomb. I have friend who are paying $12,000 a year in premiums because he is self-employed. It’s unAmerican to try to redistribute, that’s socialism. Poor people have Medicaid.

    • Jennifer Grace Coley

      I agree that denying healthcare to people is wrong, especially when you deny it to the poor and needy. I am disabled, on a feeding tube, and on medications that keep me alive. Without the help of medicare and medicaid, I would not be here. Is it really Christian to deny people healthcare that can save peoples lives? I would say no, it is not.

      • fights

        Nobody is denying healthcare. That’s why we have Medicaid.

    • Andrew Mason

      But where does the Bible teach that government has a duty to tax residents to pay for the healthcare of the citizenry? What individuals and churches are called to do differs to what a government is called to do.

  • Marcie Anderson

    I also voted for Trump. A vote against Clinton. God heard the prayers of many who wanted a better country & another chance to right the last 8yrs which were a disgrace. God moved in a miraculous way! Divine intervention on display for which I will be so grateful for His blessings on this nation once against. God is still turning things around so we must be patient. God rules & reigns & is seated on the throne. God is in control! Period.

  • Xrucianus

    I guess I missed the “surprise”. Was it that he’s prayed with VP Pence on a couple of occasions? Or that he seems to esteem a cadre of evangelical leader/friends…? Respectfully, neither sounds worthy of a “dramatic divine intervention” billing.

  • Dean Bruckner

    Dr. Brown, thanks for asking the right question, but please do it in private. No one wants to read another article like this, that comes across as self-centered and self-referential. It’s not all about you!

    Some advice: please just wait until it’s clear and done, one way or the other, and then tell us where you succeeded and failed. In 2020 or 2024. Until then, let’s not hear about whether or not you were right or wrong, wise or foolish. We have already made up our own minds.

    In the meantime, prayers and wishes for your success!

  • Joy (that’s me)

    Another awesome article, expressing so well what many of us (especially those of us who were not in favor of Mr. Trump becoming our President) have been feeling. You’re such a blessing, both in print and over the airwaves. I believe our prayers are being answered. President Trump is saving our military from transgenders. Now, for our schools to be saved. Keep telling it like it is, Dr. Brown. Many people need to hear it.

  • Matthew Wade

    Trump is not, never was and never will be a saint….or a spiritual leader. I didn’t vote for him to enhance my spirituality at all. He is a flawed man, as we all are. He has lived, what most would agree, is a worldly lifestyle. His personal relationship with God at this point in his life is between him and God and shouldn’t be judged by any of us. All that being said, God can, and certainly has, used men and women of all sorts of backgrounds and at varying points in their spiritual walk to establish, promote and protect The Gospel and religious liberties. President Trump has done a number of things to assist and even promote the religious liberties we evangelicals desire. There is still plenty more he can do within the realm of the Constitution. I applaud him for what he has done. I pray he will do more. And I THANK GOD he is in office over……..well Lucifer herself!!

    • Michael Smith

      His fruit before 20 Jan. 2017 I would have agreed with you because I did not think that he was the LORD’s. Now I believe he is based on his fruit. Now if he is the LORD’s he is a saint. All believers who put their trust in JESUS are saints. The WORD calls us that.

      • Matthew Wade

        Yes, I understand what you mean. I’m using saint in the generic, worldly definition of the word. I meant, President Trump, like all of us, is not perfect.

    • Debbie Ebert

      Read the story of Cyrus in Isaiah

    • Xrucianus

      Where do you hear our evangelical leaders challenging Trump for the many many words, antics and policies that ARE cross-purposes with the Kingdom? Indeed, we’re called to pray for him, and honor him. It’s fine if you even want to applaud him from time to time. But the bearers of the cross can never afford to become any president’s lap-dog apologists.

      • Matthew Wade

        How did anything I say make me a “lap-dog apologist”???

      • Xrucianus

        How are you maintaining the distinction between the way of the cross and the ways of Trump? – his many many words, antics and policies that ARE cross-purposes with the Kingdom? Where are you challenging Trump on account of this distinction? Our lost culture hears our one-sided cheering and hears no distinction. Blessings.

  • Michael Smith

    I had the same reservations as you did Dr. Brown, so much so I wrote in Ted Cruz on my ballot. Since his inauguration his fruit says something completely different. I have been pleasantly surprised by what he has done and is doing. All I can say is “Praise YAH!”

    • Wayne Cook

      Funny, no pictures of the daily prayers, nor the gathering of ministers to advise on returning our faith. Funny no one sees the President humbling himself to laying on of hands…Is that being suppressed too? I know Dr Jeffers, Marcus Lamb, TD Jakes and a bunch of others who make regular trips to the WH…maybe the excluded ones are in need of an attitude adjust ment

      Paula White led him to the Lord…but no one but Dr Jeffers reported it…This site’s own James Robison knew…where id his voice?

      • Debbie Ebert

        A picture of President Trump with his back to the camera was all over fb. Pastors were laying their hands on him just a few days ago.. It is probably still on Rodney Howard-Browne’s site.

        • Wayne Cook

          Dr Jeffers and my boss both came back to Dallas with stories of praying and how President’s Trump’s life has changed and you hear him publicly ask for prayer..he did NOT do that during his campaign until the last two weeks…that’s when Jeffers told us bout his conversion.

      • Hmmm…

        James Dobson reported the conversion prayer, saying he knew who prayed with him, but did not mention who it was. I heard James Robison at a Kenneth Copeland convention speak of it, that he spent about 1.5 hours opening his heart candidly with Mr. Trump while a candidate, and was heard and heeded he felt.

      • Paul

        Thanks, I hadn’t heard of this, very encouraging and changes much.

  • whowhat1

    IWhat concerns me more is the lack of hearing God by the so-called elders of the faith.

    • Wayne Cook


  • O’Pinyon

    Whatever the current state of a president’s spiritual life, they need our prayers in order to do any real good.

  • Hmmm…

    It is an absorbing issue and as you tracked your impressions, it is a fluid situation with him. I continue to register his impression with Christianity through the Christians he has met through campaign channels, but even though someone prayed with him, there is no indication to me that Jesus is now his lord. I notice he has worked it out to refer to God as everyone’s creator and other such speech to walk the broad path. Prayer is of course appropriate and specific prayer for his personal conversion of the inner man that evidences a commitment to God, his word and the things of God. I think what we are seeing and experiencing of the positive is God using him to answer our prayers. How long that will remain viable may depend on how challenged he becomes on matters before him.

  • Accurite

    God is using this President to destroy the self serving corrupted establishment. God new Christians are to self righteous to do what Donald the street fighter knows must be done. God bless you Donald Trump from a totally sold out to Jesus Christian

    • Chip Crawford

      I’m not so hard on my brethren, especially as I cannot see their hearts. Mr. Trump’s self promotion pretty much surpasses what most have seen in the governmental leadership role. The ire that he draws to himself due to his bombast can easily be transferred to Christians in increasing levels. His tendency to self interest competes with his calling on a regular basis. We must continue to look to our God, regardless of who is our president or senator, etc.
      You, of course, are aware that the word accurate is spelled differently from the word you use as your username. I admit to not being aware of the significance of the one you have chosen.

  • Kevin Gross

    Trump: Hey Jeff love the job you are doing ignore anything I tweet or say and watch this!…….

  • Kevin Gross

    As for the election i was told to use two items to validate the Lords choice. Abortion and Israel…made it pretty easy.

    • Royce E. Van Blaricome

      Too bad you didn’t use Scripture,. Particular the passages that give God’s instructions on how to choose leaders and being of the Kingdom first rather than this kingdom.

      And no, before you ask, I did NOT vote for Hillary.

  • “…Just a month into his presidency, Trump has delivered some Cyrus accomplishments. However, it must not be overlooked that even if Trump proves himself more of a Cyrus than a Nimrod, but still doesn’t become a David, all the good he accomplishes can just as easily be undone by a future President and Congress. This demonstrates the incredible volatility of the Constitutional Republic.

    “As contrasted with Yahweh’s immutable moral law as the standard for government and society, there’s no enduring continuity in such capricious traditions. They provide a never-ending cycle that invariably will send America over the precipice. Alleged conservative Presidents like Trump periodically keep other alleged conservatives happy just long enough to keep them from searching for the real solutions for society’s woes.

    “America needs more than just a Cyrus. She needs a David who will look to Yahweh as sovereign and His law as supreme. In order for Trump to be a David, he’ll need to give another inaugural speech that includes something akin to the following:

    “Today marks the beginning of a return to what made America great: Our 17th-century Christian Colonial roots when they formed governments of, by, and for God established upon His immutable moral law, as contrasted with the humanistic government of, by, and for the people based upon capricious Enlightenment and Masonic traditions, responsible for America’s fall into degradation and disrepair.

    “I, therefore, Donald J. Trump, renounce my oath to support and defend the biblically seditious Constitution of the United States Republic, and in its place I now look to Yahweh God of the Bible as the only sovereign per 1 Timothy 6:15, His son as my Savior per John 14:6, and, in turn, I swear to uphold only His moral law as the supreme law of the land per Psalm 19:7-11.

    “May America bless God again!”….”

    For more, see four-part blog series “Donald J. Trump: Cyrus or Nimrod? Letting Trump Speak for Himself: Biblically Examining Trump’s Inaugural Speech.” Click on my name, then our website. Go to our Blog and scroll down to Part 1.

    Part 1 of two-part audio series by the same title can be found on our Audio Messages page. Scroll down to near the bottom of the page for Part 1.

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