Why I Will Vote for Donald Trump

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton respond to questions during the town hall debate at Washington University on Oct. 9, 2016 in St. Louis, Missouri.

By Michael Brown Published on October 23, 2016

Before you applaud me for my integrity or condemn me for selling out, allow me to explain my decision to vote for Donald Trump on November 8.

First, I’m writing this because I have been asked incessantly for months how I would be voting, not because I think I’m someone special or that what I do should influence you.

Second, I’m not endorsing Donald Trump. In my mind, there’s a world of difference between endorsing a candidate and voting for a candidate.

Third, I respect those in the #NeverTrump camp and I share many of their concerns, including the possibility of his further vulgarizing and degrading the nation, the possibility of him deepening our ethnic and racial divides, and the possibility of him alienating our allies and unnecessarily provoking our enemies, just to name a few. Among the #NeverTrump voices I respect are columnists like David French and Ben Shapiro, bloggers like Matt Walsh, and evangelical leaders like Russell Moore and Beth Moore.

Fourth, I take strong exception to evangelicals who have fawned over Trump as if he were some kind of savior figure, supporting him as if he was Saint Donald. I also take issue with evangelical leaders who want us to minimize some of Trump’s failings, constantly saying, “Let him who is without sin cast the first one” (see John 8:7). This is not a question of condemning the man but rather a question of making a moral assessment as to his readiness to serve our nation.

Fifth, my decision to vote for Trump, barring something earth-shattering between now and November 8, is consistent with my position which has been: 1) During the primaries, I issued strong warnings against voting for Trump while we had other excellent choices. I did this in writing, on video and on the radio, but always stating that, if Trump won the nomination, I would reevaluate my position. 2) Once Trump became the Republican candidate, I wrote that I was rooting for him to take steps in the right direction and thereby win my vote. 3) I have stated repeatedly that under no circumstances would I vote for Hillary. (For two strong warnings about Hillary, see here and here.)

So, what has convinced me that I should now vote for Donald Trump?

First, I believe that he actually is serious about appointing pro-life, pro-Constitution Supreme Court justices. When he said during the last debate that, if you’re pro-life, you want to see Roe v. Wade overturned, and when he reiterated at his Gettysburg speech that he will be drawing from his list of 20 potential appointees, he helped me feel more confident that he would not suddenly flip-flop if elected.

Second, one reason I endorsed Sen. Cruz was because he took on the political establishment, both Democrat and Republican, to the point of calling it the Washington cartel. Trump is an absolute wrecking ball to the negative parts of the political system (although, unfortunately, he’s been a wrecking ball to some of the good parts of the system), so my vote for him is also a protest vote.

Third, I am voting for the Republican platform, not the Republican party, which means I’m in agreement with the platform while at the same time having very little confidence in the party as a whole.

Fourth, while I have always felt that the line, “We’re electing a president, not a pastor,” was overstated and superficial, if we rephrased it to say, “We’re electing a general to train hand-to-hand combat warriors, not a pastor,” it might have more relevance. In other words, we are not looking for Trump to be a moral reformer (even if he does appoint righteous judges), and, at this point, he certainly is anything but a moral example (although we pray he will be truly converted and become one). Rather, out of our choices for president, which are stark, we are voting for the one most likely to defeat Hillary and make some good decisions for the nation, not be the savior. And with things so messed up in America, the hand-to-hand combat analogy is closer to home.

Fifth, within the first few minutes of the last debate, the massive differences between Hillary and Trump were there for the world to see, she a pro-abortion radical and an extreme supporter of the LGBT agenda, and he unashamedly speaking out against late-term abortions and wanting to appoint justices who would defend our essential liberties. Since I have the opportunity to vote, I feel that I should vote for Trump.

Sixth, Trump continues to be drawn to conservative Christians, and not just ones who tickle his ears. One of my dear friends has spent hours with Trump and members of his family, and he has told me that in 55 years of ministry, no one has received him as openly and graciously as has Trump. Yet my friend continues to speak the truth to him in the clearest possible terms. While I am not one of those claiming that Trump is a born-again Christian (I see absolutely no evidence of this), the fact that he continues to listen to godly men and open the door to their counsel indicates that something positive could possibly be going on. It also indicates that these godly leaders might be a positive influence on him if he was elected president.

Seventh, although I’m quite aware that a president could do great harm or good to the nation, I’m far more concerned with what we as God’s people do with our own lives and witnesses, and for me, the state of the church of America is much more important than the state of the White House. In that context, I echo the words (and warning) of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: “The church must be reminded that it is not the master or the servant of the state, but rather the conscience of the state. It must be the guide and the critic of the state, and never its tool. If the church does not recapture its prophetic zeal, it will become an irrelevant social club without moral or spiritual authority.”

So, in sum: 1) my hope is in God, not Donald Trump, and I do recognize that either Hillary or Trump has the potential to do great harm to America; 2) my urgent call is for us as followers of Jesus to get our own act together so we can be the salt and light of the nation; 3) I will continue to urge all believers not to vote for Hillary Clinton, whose policies will certainly do us great harm; 4) ultimately, the most effective way to defeat Hillary is to vote for Trump, while also praying that God will use him for good, not for evil.

In the end, if he gets elected and fails miserably, I will be grieved but not devastated. If he does well, I will rejoice.

Either way, though, my vote is just that: a vote. My greater role is to live a life pleasing to God with the hope of advancing a gospel-based moral and cultural revolution.

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  • spadestick

    this is fanstastic! new hashtag #VoteTrumpNotEndorse

    • Natalie Jones

      Voting Trump is endorsing him, you tit. He’s not going to be analysing every individual vote – he’s just just going to be glad it’s one more point that brings him closer to the White House and the big red button!

      • David Jones

        Voting is not an endorsement. However, announcing it in a public forum is.

    • Daryl Kelly

      Was voting for Obama endorsing him? Will voting for Clinton be endorsing her? Sorry, but “you buy it…you own it”!

  • Chip Crawford

    The platforms are black and white. Thankfully, we are still in a place of being able to not only vote for, but to endorse one of the platforms. Choose life. When you obey God, you are in the place where he wants you to be, where he can cover you spiritually. There was light in the land of Goshen. What the heck are you talking about? Read the Bible sometime. (The children of Israel had light in their dwellings when the plague of total darkness covered the rest of the land.) The plagues of Egypt came on the disobedient. Those who simply did what he said escaped the judgment on those who didn’t. Awaken to the fact that God is able to take care of you even if the turkeys in the governing houses don’t. Look to him; not them. The whole idea of the personalities, even the character, of the parties in play have nothing to do with it. It’s not up to you to determine whether or not they will carry all of that out. Do your part especially on the foremost issue of standing with saving unborn life in agreement with the one you say you follow, and you can have confidence in looking to him for the rest. Go free. It is so tedious trying to be your own God.

    • I would only add this, Chip: Go down to the corner, and lift up the blanket, and let your heart be broken as you look, lovingly, into the eyes you uncover. Then let them come inside out of the weather. Matthew 25:31-46

      • Chip Crawford

        Yes, that is our calling! Absolutely.
        The passage in Exodus of course is past the outreach stage onto judgment on pharoh and Egypt. However, as we know, there was a mixed multitude that left with Israel’s Exodus, which would include those experiencing their influence.

  • Danielle A. Tucker

    Dr. Brown I did some research yesterday on the SCOTUS and it doesn’t make sense to vote for a party that will appoint more conservative justices. Because in all reality the Republican Party out numbered the Democratic Party (with the Chief Justice being the 9th) last year when the ruling of Gay marriage happened. So, even though there were MORE conservative justices on that board…it didn’t EVEN matter because something like THAT still happened!

    • spadestick

      Danielle, do you know what a RINO is? A lot of the republican party is made up of RINOs, a cesspool of them. and Trump intends to #DrainTheSwamp which means clean house, which means get rid of these RINOs.

      • Jim Walker

        Republicans and Democrats are Peas in a Pod and most of these people are wolves in sheep’s skin.
        Why do you see every single authorities of power amd influence coming down on Trump ? From all MSM, Newspapers, GOPs, celebrities, etc, all sensationalized Trump’s stories with the only intent to made him look bad, but not the Log on Hillary’s eye, WikiLeaks, Project Veritas, etc.
        The populace that supports Hillary seemed to be so immersed in their daily lives, like zombies under mass hypnotism, while those who support Trump showed concern and love for their country and behaved rational and practical and are well read.

        • spadestick

          Not all republicans. RINOs and Democrats are peas in a pod.

    • Danielle, there have not been 5 conservative justices on the court in a very, very long time. Justice Kennedy has NEVER been a conservative, rather, he is, and always has been, a wet noodle swinging in the winds of popular opinion, and the constitution be damned.

  • Lisa DeSherlia

    Dr. Brown, I respect your decision but I think you’re sadly mistaken in voting for this man instead of a good third party candidate like Tom Hoefling or Darrell Castle, of the Constitutional Party. Research indicates that if enough of us voted for one of these third party candidates, we could deny both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton the 270 electoral votes they need to get the White House, and it would be put to the House to select the next President. We Christians are tragically hurting our credibility and our witness by overwhelmingly lining up behind Donald Trump instead of a good Third Party candidate.

    • Jim Walker

      “Research indicates that if enough of us voted for one of these third party candidates, we could deny both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton the 270 electoral votes they need to get the White House, and it would be put to the House to select the next President”

      The WH will give Obama the 3rd term and he will gain 4 more years to wreck havoc.

      • Reality

        Um… I mean, really?

        In the event no candidate receives enough electoral votes to reach 270, the House of Representatives chooses the winner from the three top performers. Not the White House.


        • spadestick

          So…. are you not voting for Pence?

          • Reality

            Of course not. Haven’t you heard? Reality has a well known liberal bias.

          • spadestick

            Reality must be a hypocritical bigot then

          • Reality

            Name-calling has always been the most rhetorically sound and intellectually stimulating of the ripostes. Bravo.

          • spadestick

            Well done genius

          • Reality

            Your arguments have proven ironclad and far too strong for someone with my limited intelligence and shaky grasp on punctuation to overcome. I am defeated.

  • krinks

    I think Dr Brown is misguided in respecting the Never-Trump’ers. They are in fact shills for Hillary. Hillary and the DNC will over turn the First Amendment to the Constitution as well as the Second. They have traded emails to this end that Wiki Leaks has exposed.

    Ronald Reagan wasn’t a Bible Believing Christian by any stretch but he respected us and listened to us. In the end he was our best friend, who aligned with the Pope and helped bring down the Iron Curtain making the gospel legal again to millions. Trump is our Ronald Reagan which is why he is so hated, even by the traitorous Never -Trump’ers.

  • Joe Rodriguez

    Dr. Brown, I applaud your decision to model for the many people who look up to you on how to navigate through the difficulties of rendering to Ceasar that which belongs to Ceasar. For a person to tell you that they respect your careful decision, only to follow the statement with a barrage of reasons as to why you’re wrong says something strange about the individual’s definition of the term respect. You’re no stranger to debate and dissension and I truly thank yo for doing the one thing so many congregations are lacking. Many church leaders are NOT having this conversation with their church members. You help to fill in the void so many church leaders have created by keeping the electorial process a very private issue in their lives. There are people in the church who are very confused and you certainly help to solidify what a Christian should consider when taking part of our political process and Constitutional rights. Thank you brother.

  • NickRepublic

    How else can one vote when the opposition is on record as stating that Christians “must change their beliefs”?

  • Javier Taylor

    Thank you for the explaination. I am also voting for Trump although I initially supported Ted Cruz. I also vote for Donald with some reservations, but I can not support Mrs. Clinton! I say that as a lifelong resident of Arkansas and a political independent.

  • Natalie Jones

    Voting trump IS endorsing him!!!
    The end result is the same, it’s just a convenient way to wash your hands of any guilt should Trump get in and do what everyone fears he will do. Fine if you don’t agree with Hillary, don’t vote for her but if you have reservations about Trump (and who bloody doesn’t) don’t vote for him either!! Vote for someone else!!
    People not voting or voting for the more inflammatory candidate as a protest is how extremists win.
    The most effective way to ensure neither Hillary nor Trump do any damage to America is to vote for neither one of them!

    • Jim Walker

      Kudos to Dr Brown !
      Vote Trump : Pro-Life
      Vote Hillary : Pro-Choice
      Vote Trump : Religious freedom
      Vote Hillary : Religion need to change to obey what LGBTQ and Atheists want.
      Vote Trump : Small Government and uphold your rights.
      Vote Hillary : Big Government and have your rights reduced.
      Their policies are basically north and south poles apart and only Trump’s policies are guided by wise men.

      • Charlton Wilson

        Whilst I vehemently disagree that ‘Trump’s policies are guided by wise men’…

        May I add:

        Vote Hillary : Global unrest and a POSSIBLE global war. [She is backed/funded by the Israel and the Saudis | She has stated that the downfall of Assad is in the best interests of Israel | She is complicit in the the Russia/Ukraine conflict | She has threatened to attack Iran]

        The woman is a warmongering psycho. :/

      • Derrick Richards

        Hmm, I did what you asked in your previous post and there was no contest. HRC was superior to Trump in almost every category. Why is everyone not realizing this. I am not saying that she is who I would like in the White House but upon comparison, her qualifications trump his, amen!

        • Jim Walker

          You are saying she has 30 years experience?
          What has she achieved?
          Nothing, in fact everything she touches turns into destruction.
          USA can have a woman president, but not this nasty woman.

    • Charlton Wilson

      I hope you’re not saying that they shouldn’t vote at all.
      Unless one is voting for a third candidate, to vote for neither is a vote for whoever is likely to have the greater number of votes for those who DO vote (at this stage it appears to be Hillary).

      • Natalie Jones

        No I’m not saying that. I said ‘vote for someone else’ -ie another candidate…
        My main point was don’t just vote for Trump because he feels like the lesser of two evils – vote for someone else (there are other candidates apart from Hillary and Trump). It doesn’t matter if they haven’t got a chance, you’re still using your vote and it means neither Hillary or Trump get it.
        I couldn’t agree more that not voting is basically a vote for the person that wins.

        • Paul

          Voting for anyone but Trump is a vote for Hillary.

          I don’t like it either, Trump pretty much disgusts me personally, but Hillary disgusts me more. The main reason I care so much to keep Hillary out is the Supreme Court, we’ll be living under their rulings for decades and the balance of the court will swing quickly with the Scalia replacement.

          The other parties have absolutely no chance at this point, it’s either Hillary or Donald. Choose whoever you want, write in your pastors name if it makes you feel better, but come election day it will be Hillary or Donald winning the contest whether we like it or not.

        • Jim Walker

          Let’s be objective and look at the policies rather than the person.
          Write down the policies of Trump or Hillary that you are for and against and also include those 3rd,4th candidates and see who comes out top, than vote.

        • David Jones

          It’s worse than that. Not voting is not only a vote for the person that wins but is a vote not given to the person who could have won.


      That last sentence is idiotic.

      • Natalie Jones

        How is it? There are other candidates to vote for apart from the main two?

        • David Jones

          and they sound like idiots.

    • Cindy

      If a vote for Clinton or Trump is an endorsement of their sin, then a vote for anyone else is an endorsement of THEIR sin. We ARE ALL sinful human beings. We have ALL sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. We are voting for imperfect human beings, regardless of who it is. I am never going to say that I agree with everything that a person has done or said when I cast a vote for him or her. Not even Reagan, whom I respected.

      I can’t sit back an let Hillary win by not voting, or voting for one of the candidates who are not even on the ballot. When the Republican vote is split, Hillary wins. She has shown clearly that she would like to expand abortion to include every child in the womb, no matter the gestational age. That is more egregious to me than any foul thing Trump has said. Do I like it? No. Do I wish he was more God honoring? Yes. However, I am hopeful that he will change. And I do have hope with Trump. With Hillary, there is no hope.

      We have to make the best of the situation at this point. We can’t cry over spilled milk. The fact is that if Christians had taken the opportunity to try to make a better choice in the primaries, we may have been able to make a difference. Did everyone here that is angry about having Trump on the ballot vote in the primaries? I was there, along with about 40 other people from my precinct. That’s a mere fraction of the people who will be voting in November. My candidate didn’t win, but at least I tried to make a difference. Hopefully I hope we are learning the lesson that the time to put a more respectable candidate on the ballot is in the primaries. After that, my vote is simply a vote for the platform, because that’s the best I can do. There is no way that there will be enough protest votes to get someone else. Those other candidates aren’t even on the ballot in all states. Hillary winning would be more devastating than Trump winning. Hands down.

      • spadestick

        Yes, Vote for the Platform!

  • Johan

    Voting for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton is a sin.

    • JClarke


    • spadestick

      Yes if you vote for Hillary it is a sin. Trump stands for truth, and he is airing the dirty laundry for all to see with the help of Assange who is now dead. If you can’t see that HIllary has killed him, then you are completely hopeless.

      • Charlton Wilson

        I think you meant to say that Gavin MacFadyen is dead. Julian Assange is still alive and kicking in the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

        Perhaps a check of your sources is in order. Né pas?

        • spadestick

          sorry wrong, until proven otherwise, he is deader than than a dead duck

          • Charlton Wilson

            Seriously? I always thought it was the other way around… :/

    • Cindy

      We are voting for human beings, and all human beings have sinned. A vote for a human being is not saying that we endorse everything they have said and done – it’s saying that we agree more with what they want to do when they are in office. I couldn’t vote for any person under that thinking, no matter how respectable they are – because they have all sinned. I couldn’t even vote for the third party candidates Johnson or Stein, even if they are more “respectable.” (And, by the way, they are also pro-abortion.)

      I can agree with you if what the candidates want to do is sinful. We should never help put someone in office who has an agenda to do something that God has spoken out against. Hillary has said that babies have no rights until they are born. She has also championed a woman’s right to have an abortion through the third trimester. Planned Parenthood is on record saying that she is the most pro-abortion candidate they have ever seen. That, alone, has huge implications for a Hillary presidency. She will choose Supreme Court justices who will go along with her agenda, and she said that very thing in the debate. She will try to gain more tax funding for abortions, because she is firm in her belief that women have a “right” to an abortion. There are lives at stake here. Trump has stood firm about who he will nominate to the Supreme Court, and stood firm on his pro-life stance, even after he received the nomination. Pundits have predicted that he will lose votes for being so firm on the subject. Most Republican candidates waffle after they win the nomination, afraid to lose votes. Trump hasn’t.

      When Christians have a way to stop something that God hates and yet they stay silent or do nothing, that is sinful. If the Republican vote is split, Hillary will win. Evil wins when good people do nothing.

      In the end, God has a plan and His plan will be carried out – whether that is Hillary winning or Trump winning. No one knows the outcome yet, or what His plans are for America. I do know that I can’t stand by and watch in this election cycle, with my hands in my pockets doing nothing, because too much is at stake. Obviously, I do know that others think differently. I accept that, but certainly choose to respectfully disagree.

    • Mo86

      Anything to say on the content of this article?

  • Daniel J Kaplan

    Mr. Brown, I must respectfully disagree. You are putting a lot of faith on somebody who seems to not help himself but flip on issues and break promises at first resistence. To make matters worse, you have Ben Carson on record telling folks that we should basicly put our Christian beliefs and standards at home till after November.

    I understand that this election has put all of us in a position that we don’t want to be in with no real solution as to how we must vote. We must all vote in a way that match are principles and what we believe. I don’t believe one can vote for either of these candidates on the hope that one of them will be held to their word.

    • spadestick

      Vote the Platform Not the Person

    • Xrucianus

      Bless you, DJK. I appreciate the way Dr. Brown has broken the issues down here. At the end of the day, the importance of our vote can’t cost us the integrity of our voice. Not in this hour. I’m w you, before God, appealing to the hope that our fidelity to Him will count more for our nation’s good than our single vote.

  • Which is the better choice, to vote for a possibly Diaper Christian, or an obviously fully armored and fully determined Enemy minion? One candidate is consistently and nearly constantly listening to good, solid Christian counsel, while the other is publicly demanding that Christians change their beliefs. Voting for the former could possibly end up as a mistake, while voting for the latter cannot be else but open adherence to the Enemy of all righteousness.

    I will leave it to the readers to choose.

    Thank you, Michael, for your open and clear reasoning. You will be a great help to many.

    • Pablo Gabriel Mendieta

      Your comment is excellent. Thank you for your solid and sound mind of Christ.

    • Matt Felumlee

      Hyperbole. Self-righteousness.

  • Charlton Wilson

    As my American wife stated”

    If Trump wins, there could be a civil war
    If Hillary wins, there is likely to be a global war.

    As a non-America, I pray Hillary does not win.

    But seriously folks.. from a population of around 320+ million, THIS is the best you’ve got? :/

    • David Jones

      What makes you think the presidency is the most important position in a country? The President carries a lot of power but is not the beginning or end of all power in the nation.

      • Matt Felumlee

        So what office or position is more important?

        • spadestick

          The people who control the Federal Reserve (Private) Bank. That is more important.

      • ScarletPimpernel

        “The President carries a lot of power but is not the beginning or end of all power in the nation.”

        Maybe, maybe not, but when a Republican majority Congress and Senate do not stand up to someone like Obama, that gives Obama a huge amount of power. And he has gotten away with almost everything he set out to do. That said, I believe God is allowing this.

        • Charlton Wilson

          I doubt God is ‘allowing’ anything. He’s more likely to be shaking His head in disbelief…

      • Charlton Wilson

        I’m not fully familiar with American politics, but as I understand it, the POTUS has three things that make him/her the MOST important person in the country.
        1. The power to sign an ‘executive order’; and
        2. The power to veto congress.
        3. …is the SUPREME commander of the armed forces of the USA.

        Maybe someone can correct me. 🙂

        • Derrick Richards

          And people want to allow Trump to accomplish these three powers, who pride does come before a ____.

          • Charlton Wilson

            You’d rather have a president in Clinton who will almost certainly take this planet to war? [:o(

  • John Anthony Virgilio

    When Hillary wants to increase the number of impossible to vet well Syrian refugees, which ISIS has promised four times to infiltrate, I seriously doubt her judgment for our safety. ( She already has proven her disregard for security with her personal server! )
    Rudy Giuliani said we have to be out of our minds to continue this way.

  • Heather Koeppen

    Thank you for your clear, honest reasoning. While I cannot go against my conscious and vote for either candidate, the reasoning you have presented, along with your call to Christians to do more within their own lives and personal ministry to make this nation more Godly, gives me hope. I’m glad that I’m seeing more Christians than expected display such maturity to say that, essentially, even though we disagree on action, we can understand each others motivations and respect that. This election has, if nothing else, shown us where we have gone off the rails and what we should probably be doing in our own hearts, if not churches, to grow in Christ and reach out to others.
    So thank you sir.

    • Hallie7

      Sadly, many people have confused “accused” with “proven” in the attacks on Trump. Leaked emails show there is extreme corruption and malfeasance in the works: (This is powerful quote by Podesta)

      The Podesta emails confess that: “The only way Clinton will win this election is to portray Donald Trump as a sexual predator.”

      “And when all 6 media moguls control what America hears, it’s a slam dunk that Trump will be destroyed.”

      Strategy is to bombard the public with accusation after accusation, the press will report it to give Trump a “perverted” image. No time for him to defend before the election. People will be disgusted and Clinton will win.

      Pray truth is revealed.

  • spadestick


    • ScarletPimpernel

      I agree, and thank you. I have not seen anyone else say this, nor do I hear Christians saying they have prayed about their decision.

  • imamazed

    Trump/PENCE 2016….. neverclinton

  • Xrucianus

    Although, in the final analysis, I am not able to vote for Mr. Trump (certainly not Hillary either), you have elucidated the points of my concerns very very well. Thank you. I agree. There is indeed a distinction between voting for Trump and serving as an apologist for Trump. I bless the wisdom that has kept you from the latter. Regardless of how we (believers) vote, it cannot keep us from applying the integrity our prophetic voice to our storm-tossed nation. Not in this hour. The Father’s goodness and favor to you Dr. Brown!

    • spadestick

      America is at stake. A non vote is a vote for Hillary – early voting has started, and hundreds of complaints coming in about the tickets automatically changing to Clinton. Checks and re-checks must be done to ensure that the vote is locked in without this rigged narrative. #VotePlatformNotPerson.

      • Xrucianus

        If you need to vote for Trump, I bless your zeal for the preeminence of Jesus’ Kingdom. Do it w integrity to His ways. Don’t allow the enemy turn your much needed prophetic anointing into partisan apologies for Trump. Blessings to you, friend.

  • Drj

    Dr. Brown pls allow me to first thank you for your many insightful, & thought provoking articles, that you have posted on various topics. I can truly say that our Christian community appreciates the difference you make for the Kingdom of God through social outlets. I too have found this election extremely challenging when trying to decide on a candidate. I totally understand the deep thought process that you mentioned above concerning Mr. Trump. I’ve find myself going through the same thing. As much as I respect your reason’s for voting for Mr. Trump. I have come to the conclusion that Mr. Trump is a risk I can not take. I have no intentions of voting for Mrs. Clinton because I KNOW her candidacy will be a threat to my life as a Christian. I do not Make my decision lightly because I know what’s at stake. I do not believe that you can vote his SUPPOSED conservative positions without getting man with it. His extremely disturbing comments about….. just about everything. As a black man and constantly hearing Mr. Trump Phrase ” the blacks”, spoke volumes to me. I don’t know any white person that has friends that are black, and relates to them ” the blacks” REAL RE

  • Mike Inks

    Dr. Brown I’m very saddened to see you decided to personally and publicly make an argument for voting for Trump. I was proud-of and thankful for your previous youtube videos in which you laid out the opposite argument. Your recent arguments are no different than what we’ve heard from the likes of Franklin Graham and others. To say, “I’m voting for Mr. Trump but I don’t endorse him,” is double talk. They are virtually one in the same no matter what qualifiers you attach to them, because they are a means to the same end. I’m not familiar with a scriptural reference for turning to evil to fight evil and you haven’t offered one, nor has anyone else… because there is no such scripture. In your closing couple of paragraphs in this article, you mention the importance of our “witness.” How can the world see our light at the same time they see us aligning with darkness? Mr. Trump is a very dark, corrupt, morally bankrupt, dishonest man and he is manipulating the church to win the election. He knows very well he can not win without a good portion of our vote. He has claimed to be a Christian, which calls into question how you can justify your new decision with 1Corinthians 5.

    • Derrick Richards

      Yes, Mike, you corralled him on his position. What is everyone thinking in their election choices, it seems simple to me. After Tuesday, a lot of people in this country are going to come to the realization that they also had poor judgment!

  • A vote for neither is a vote for Clinton. Unlike many Christians, I think Trump is a flawed but decent human being. I think he has a tremendous amount of common sense and even wisdom. And I think he has the perfect temperament to be Commander and Chief of the United States of America. So I don’t agree with the tenor of Mr. Brown’s piece, but I’m glad he’s come to the right conclusion.

  • Aaron Brown

    Well, since everyone is giving their view on the presidential race allow me to give my take. Here is my argument for voting for Mr. Trump from one who is really a NeverHillary voter. Understand that this is a very generalized argument on what I think Trump will do, but I still think that it should hold some value when deciding your vote.

    1. Donald Trump will do what is best for him personally.
    This first premise is probably not as debated among those who do not feel like they can’t vote for Trump. Trump has basically done what pleasures him his entire life.

    2. Going along with the GOP will help Trump the most personally.
    Now this is probably more controversial. But I can’t believe that trying to please the people who can’t hear his name without going hysterical is going to help him much. Why would he ditch his devoted(I would say too much so) supporters to try to win over people who hate him? Now, one could say that he might take the moderate position on issues which is reasonable. But this would still be much better than Clinton.

    3. It follows that Trump will go along with the GOP(generally)

    The reality of the situation is, even if you don’t vote for president,(or vote third party) a main concern of ours should be keeping the Senate because as long as we have the House and Senate we can minimize the damage done by our next president.

  • porcupineman1454

    I’m almost tempted to write a response article called Why I Will NOT Vote For Trump, but it would be very short, only one sentence long: “Because no self-respecting, God-fearing, common-sense-having man would do so.”

    • Mo86

      And yet this article lays out an argument for doing so.

  • Mo86

    “One of my dear friends has spent hours with Trump and members of his family, and he has told me that in 55 years of ministry, no one has received him as openly and graciously as has Trump. Yet my friend continues to speak the truth to him in the clearest possible terms. ”

    I am as of yet undecided. (Though I would NEVER vote for that Clinton woman!) But this is good to hear.

  • Derrick Richards

    I came back to this thread because this morning we had a major discussion on this subject. The person who made the most impact, explained it well. If Clinton was the Republican candidate, was a real estate magnet who had overseen her own TV show, ran an businesslike empire and exhibited a good populist message. Then if Trump was the Democratic candidate whose wife was the President in the 90’s and had confided and lived with him through this era, had started his career championing family values, then was elected to the Senate in NY and went though the World Trade Center disaster and the onslaught of the Iraq war, then was chosen to be the Secretary of State after running a tough long campaign against his rival who chose him for this diplomatic role. Well, how would you vote now after this comparison. I mean it isn’t even a contest, this is not John McCain or Mitt Romney. You have to choose the most qualified with the most experience, if not, then, like I posted earlier, you must live with your delirious decision. RD

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