Will the Taliban Prove More Merciful Than the Bidenist Occupational Government?

By John Zmirak Published on August 18, 2021

Unrepentant adherents of the “Invade the World/Invite the World” ideology are trying to make the most of the Afghan catastrophe they set in motion. The American public gave them trillions of dollars and twenty years of American soldiers’ sacrifices to play with. Still, the GOP establishment’s pet geniuses failed to turn Afghanistan into New Hampshire. We now see how absolute and total that failure was.

Invade the World, Invite the World

But now these people have a plan B. Move Afghanistan to New Hampshire.

Or at least admit hundreds of thousands of Afghans, on the claim that they were part of the US military effort. And we can find no safe country — nowhere on God’s green earth between Kabul and Lewiston, Maine — where they can live as Sunni Muslims. Not in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Algeria or Morocco. Nope, we’ve got to fly them all to the US, and put them on US welfare.

Now this makes the left happy. These patriarchal Muslims can “diversify” communities all across the country, as Somali refugees “enriched” Rust Belt cities in New England, and formed a whole congressional district for Ilhan Omar to represent in Minnesota. If Omar is any indicator, within a few years these refugees’ “gratitude” to the US will yield an Afghan Islamist in Congress. “The gentleman from the Taliban is recognized … .” 

More Future Boston Marathon Bombers Are Flying in as You Read This

The neocons’ Plan B goes further than flooding American cities with parents whose kids are primed to turn out like the Boston Marathon bombers. (They were grateful children of Muslim asylum seekers we welcomed from Russia.) It also entails weaponizing the chaos, viciousness, and cruelty endemic to Afghan-style Islam to ensure future US invasions and occupations.

Watch as Reps. Crenshaw, and Cheney, and Kinzinger gently chide Biden for muffing the transition (as he did), but really pile on Donald Trump for daring to decide that enough American blood had been wasted in the sand. They’ll try to drag Trump and other antiwar conservatives through the muck of Biden’s bungling. Fox News and National Review will doubtless assist in the smear.

Should We Have Stayed in Afghanistan for 100 Years?

The Machiavellian dilettantes of the globalist “right” will use the bloody chaos of their policy’s implosion to … prove that the US needs to keep on invading Islamist hellholes, but remain there forever. Or else bloody chaos will result. John McCain once said that he didn’t care if the US stayed in Iraq “for a hundred years.” He has gone to his rich, rich reward in the next life, but the US withdrawal from Kabul has messed up my plan, to rename the conflict over there the “Senator John McCain Memorial Eternal War.” Aw, shucks.

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Liz Cheney and other shameless members of the bipartisan War Party will trumpet sad stories from Kabul, and exploit the suffering of Afghans who served a foreign, occupying army, fully aware of the risks if we finally failed.

How About Americans Persecuted by Radical Extremists?

You know who these RINOs have zero sympathy for? The Americans who peacefully protested on January 6 the theft of the 2020 election. They languish in a DC gulag in solitary confinement, held indefinitely without trial or access to exculpatory evidence. But Ben Shapiro has said that they deserve to be “rotting in prison,” and who am I to argue with a pundit who demands $60,000 for each campus speech he makes? That’s more than the annual salary of the blue-collar workers who lost their jobs to outsourcing and mass immigration, whom Ben habitually mocks as “losers” hostile to capitalism. They lack “virtue,” as he wrote in National Review.

I have no reason to trust the pre-medieval thugs of the Taliban. But they’re offering amnesty to any Afghans who served the US occupation. I say that we take them up on the deal, with one condition: The Biden administration will offer an identical amnesty to the non-violent January 6 protestors. (Most of the violent ones weren’t prosecuted anyway, since they turned out to be FBI instigators.)

Let observers from the Biden regime visit Afghanistan to supervise the Taliban amnesty, and Taliban observers come to Washington to supervise the Bidenist amnesty — even steven.

Let the Extremists Police Each Other

Neither the Biden regime nor the Taliban has any democratic legitimacy. Each is a vehicle for autocratic extremists. Each views large swathes of the country it rules as dangerous domestic enemies. Neither can be trusted. Let them keep each other honest, if there’s any honor among thieves.

I’ll end by quoting a Tweet that sums up the moral parallels between the Bidenist and the Taliban juntas better than I can:


John Zmirak is a senior editor at The Stream and author or co-author of ten books, including The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism. He is co-author with Jason Jones of “God, Guns, & the Government.”

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